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Charms by Acmelle
Chapter 5 : Maybe They'll End Up Like the Potters
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Disclaimer: I am not J.K.Rowling and I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters.

Chapter 4

Maybe They’ll End up Like the Potters

After Lily finished eating she went to look for James and found him talking to a small girl.

“Yeah, Jamesie. The muggles were so scared. They have legends about witches being green and ugly and riding brooms. I had to do it. I’m gonna be just like you someday,” the little girl told Jamesie.

Lily wondered what this could be about. Scaring muggles? Had she learned it from James?

“Tonks, it isn’t a good idea to scare the muggles,” James said.

“But you do pranks all the time.”

“It’s different. The muggles are being attacked and we shouldn’t cause anymore trouble.”

Lily had never seen him like this. Was this the real James? Yes, the real James, the one- Oh brain you really have to stop. What would you do without me this summer? You need me. Her thoughts were interrupted.

“Lils, I want you to meet Andromeda Tonks. Tonks this is Lily Evans.”

“Oh, nice to meet you,” she said with a giggle. “You’re beautiful, just like James said you were.”

“Thank you,” Lily said. “So are you.”

“You don’t have to lie,” Tonks said.

“I wasn’t.”

“No, I know. I’m weird,” Tonks said crying.

It must have been one of those tween moments. Lily tried to give her a hug, but she just ran away.

“Do you think we should go after her?” Lily asked James.

“She’ll be okay. Look, she just found her other friends. Let’s go.”

Lily didn’t want to leave. But James grabbed her hand and pulled her along. He really had incredible force.

He led her into the inn. “We can Floo to my house upstairs.”


She landed after him in a marble fireplace in a museum she thought.

“Welcome Lily, I’m Melanie Potter, James’s mother, Auror Charms Expert Extraordinaire. We’ll get you all settled and then show you around. Don’t worry we won’t start until tomorrow so you can get oriented,” she said. She had beautiful black hair and hazel eyes and was about Lily’s height, 5'7. James towered over both of them, 6'2.

“Hello. I’m Lily Evans, nice to make your acquaintance.”

“Lili will take you’re stuff to your room so just follow her. Lily this is Lili one of our house elves.”

Lili smiled and looked at James and then Lily. Lily looked at James and then Lili. What was that? She thought. Lili was cute; she wore little boots and a hat.

“Lili, why are you dressed so funny?” Lily asked as she walked towards her room.

“Master gave me these clothes, but I’s couldn’t leave them. So I’s helps around the house while they let me live here.”

“Hmm...” Lily said. That was really weird. After several stairs, they finally made it to a spiral staircase. Her room was at the very top of the house, and was almost all windows even the ceiling. Her closet and bathroom seem to be the only private places. The colors were of course red and gold.

“I’s leaves you to unpack, miss. Can I say the Potters are very good wizards? The best and they love you, so please be very kind,” Lili smiled again and said before leaving. “Let me know if you need anything. I’m going downstairs. Come too when you’re done,” Lili yelled from down the stairs.

Well James certainly talked about her at home, why else would Lili ask her to be kind and that name... before or after... She would have to ask.

She came downstairs and Melanie gave her an hour long tour of the estate. Lily’s favorite was the Charm room. It was an adept practice room with all the basics and more. Melanie had elegant style.

Out back their forest had all sort of animals even unicorns. Lily’s wand had unicorn hair in it, but she had never seen a live unicorn before.

They called this place the Potter Mansion in Godric’s Hollow and they were descendants of Gryffindor, no wander James was so puffed up, but James had never told her that.

At dinner she met James’ father, William James Potter. He was a replica of James except his eyes were green like hers.

“Lily Evans, what do your parents do?” Will asked

“My mom is a teacher and my dad is an archaeologist.”

“Interesting, from England?”

“Yeah, they live outside of Oxford.”

“That quaint muggle school town?”


“Are there magic people in your family?”

“Just me.”

“James tells us you’re at the head of your class.”

She was startled by that. “Actually James and I are tied in most class except Transfiguration and Charms.” Lily felt she had to say this in front of his parents.

“He gets that from me. I was terrible at Charms, which is why I married Melanie.”

Melanie smiled, “Yeah, our study dates were legendary before trips to Hogsmeade.”

Wow. His parents we’re still in love. How sweet. They were blushing.

James looked annoyed at his parents and said, “Mum, Sirius will be back tomorrow.”

“Of course. Where is he now?”

“At Remus’. I was planning on going there tonight. Is that okay with you?”

“Oh course, tell Remus he is welcome to come by as well.”

Lily knew. She had known since 5th year. Tonight was full moon; Remus would transform; why was Sirius there, and why was James going?

“What is Peter up to?” Melanie said.

“He’s visiting relatives in Bulgaria.” James said.

After dinner Lily went into the Potter library to look over some books when James walked in. “I just wanted to say, good night. I probably won’t see you tomorrow so I hope everything goes okay."

Lily had certainly been shocked by his behavior all day, “Thanks. You’re parents are really sweet,” she said remembering how in love they still were. She wondered how that had affected James over the years. She would never have imagined his parents were such good people.

James was about to leave when Lily said, “James?”


“What do you guys do on full moons?”

He looked at her trying to judge what she meant.

“James, I know.”

“Know what?”

“It’s reckless. Something horrible could happen. Just don’t get hurt.”

“We never do, and why are you so concerned anyway?”

“It's just I know that Remus is... I know he transforms and I don't think it’s a good idea for you and Sirius to go by."

"Remus transforms?"

"He told me. I know you know, too. What are you guys doing tonight? I don't want you to be seriously mangled or worse killed."

"Are you saying you care about us?"

Lily realized how this must look and so quickly covered it up with, "Just think how distraught your mother would be; you shouldn't put her through that."

He never answered her question, instead he just smiled and said, “Sure, Lils, it's my mother your worried about." He could see her squirm and he loved when she did that, "Trust me on this; I've known him a lot longer than you. He won't hurt me.”

With that he quickly left. He knew that Lily was intelligent; she must have cornered Remus about it. At least she didn't know they were animagi (that was certain), but thinking about that he realized she must think they were crazy. Either that or maybe she'd give the Marauders some credit for once.

She didn’t know how they did it. She didn’t know about their transformations. She had always thought the Marauders were quite stupid and this was just more evidence to it. She didn’t sleep peacefully that night. She awoke up after a nightmare. Remus had bitten Sirius and James was in a corner. She looked up at the stars and saw the moon. There were just too many reminders of it all. Did his parents know?

Think happy thoughts, Lils. She really didn’t realize how much James had affected her. She didn’t realize she was calling herself Lils. Yes think about Alice. She’s spending her summer probably dating Frank. Ha ha. They were so cute. Maybe they’d end up like the Potters. Awww... and with that she fell back to sleep.

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