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Turning Back by CrabPerson
Chapter 2 : The Honor of a Last Letter
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((AN: Ok this is where it begins to get a bit more detailed... Confusing I mean. It would be best to read this all together considering I reference other chapters often. But I'm working on making it less confusing so get off of me........ Kidding!))

Chapter 2
The Honor of a Last Letter

It was week after Ron's discovery in the Time Room. Now was around the time he sat in the living room... Doing nothing. Ron usually just fell asleep in front of the fire. He planned on doing something exactly like this.... If it wasn't for the little bird cheeping at plucking at his arm. Even if it was 2 years, Pig hadn't aged at all, he was still annoying as ever. Ron untied the letter from his leg, which was hard considering Pig's uncontrollable frenzy. He lazily opened the plain white envelope. To his relish he found a letter, with familiarly neat handwriting. He almost didn't want to read it....

Why does it seem that every time we try to get together, you're busy?
I just wanted to let you know that this is our last chance too meet, because
after tomorrow I will be moving.. If you must know where, then we should meet up.
Meet me tomorrow at the Leaky Cauldron, this is our last chance to meet,
so it wold be in my best interest if you showed up

- Hermione

Ron couldn't help but notice a few odd things about Hermione's letter. It had gotten to the point when Ron didn't have to see her, just hear about her to know just how mad she was. This was one of those times. Another odd thing was what ended the letter. Any other letter he had saved of hers had always ended "Love Hermione". Her just signing her name didn't seem good.... Ron had nothing too lose, and a lot to gain.

The bell on the tavern door rung like it always had. He had always loved that bell for some reason. He looked around and saw her. He was glad she was the only one their, otherwise he wouldn't have recognized her. It had only been 2 years and she had changed. Ron fought the awkward thoughts from his brain, if you need me explain what I mean by "changed" without articulating. He sat down across from her. She looked at him surprised. He had changed, but not in the way Hermione did. You see, he didn't have breasts..................
"Hey.." Ron said.
"hey? Is that it?" she asked.
"I don't know what else to say.."
"Well let me start... How have things been going."
"..... Great.. Just great." Ron sighed.
"... Head of magical games and sports.. Suits you..."
"Ginny told you?"
"Of course... Well her and Harryy, last weekend when I had breakfast with them." Hermione said. The couple had been visiting Hermione, regularly.
"What are you doing?" Ron asked.
".... Nothing."
"What? I thought you were moving."
"I am moving.. To Amsterdam... Get a fresh start." she explained.
"why Amsterdam?" He asked seemingly more curious.
"Since when did you care?" she asked getting a bit angry.
"... Well I don't." Ron lied. Hermione laughed an annoyed laugh.
"There you go again.. Pretending you don't love me..." she sighed.
"... I'm.. Not pretending."
"That's bollocks, and I know it... Everyone knows it! Harry, Ginny, your entire family!!" Hermione yelled.
"..... Well... I guess they're wrong."
"Shut up!! I'm sick of dealing with this? What are you afraid of?!"
"I don't know!"
"You don't know?!...... I'm going to ask you this once and for all.... Do you love me?"
"......... No." Ron hung his head. Hermione got up in a rage. Her drink spilled over, and her chair hit the floor.
"I don't know why I expected different from you.... you're still the same Ron... Afraid... Well I'm not afraid..." she left tears streaming. Ron let his head hit the table. He couldn't believe that it was possible... He fell out of love with her... But what did she mean when she said she wasn't afraid... Ron had grown even more worried.

Today, Hermione would be leaving for Amsterdam. Ron couldn't help but feel depressed. At least Ginny came to visit him and Harry.
"So how was you're meeting with Hermione?" Ginny asked. Ron didn't answer.
"He didn't tell her, and now she hates him." Harry informed her before biting into the sandwich Ginny had brought him.
"...Oh.. I'm sorry." Ginny said pulling out her copy of the Daily Prophet.
"I'm still not sure exactly what happened." Ron explained.
"Did you say anything else to her?" Ginny asked.
"Nothing really..." Ron sighed. Ginny didn't ask any more question. Harry ate his sandwich, Ginny read her paper, and Ron rubbed his forehead. None of them knew it... But the legendary team of four..
".... Oh my god.." Ginny whispered tears trickling down her face.
"ginny?" Harry put down his sandwich. Ginny left her paper and ran out of the room, tears now streaming. Harry picked up her paper.
"....... What the hell did you say to her?" Harry asked from behind the paper.
".. What" Ron asked puzzled. Harry dropped down the paper in front of Ron.
"She fucking killed herself....." Harry said, as if in a daze.
".... No..." Ron whispered to himself.


17 Years Old

Summers at the Burrow, were great. Especially for people like Harry. Only yesterday, had Bill and Fleur been wed. Harry was laying on the couch, reading something. Enjoying the few days he had until he went out for Voldemort. It was just a simple day. But, people get hungry.. So Harry got up for the kitchen. He saw Ron in the middle of the kitchen.. Looking very strange.
".... What the hell's going on?" Ron said looking at his hands. When he saw Harry, he jumped back. When Ron did jump back his back came close to a thick stick of incense, instead he just bounced off the counter.
"Ron?... Are you okay?" Harry asked. Ron looked up at Harry, in utter awe.
"Ron?" Harry asked again. Ron then bolted up.
"Shockley?!!" Ron yelled. He sped past Harry, he was in full run, when suddenly his body seemed to give way as he tumble over himself on the floor. Harry rushed over too him.
"Ron, are you okay." Harry asked. Ron stood up and looked around confused.
"..." He still looked around.
"What were you doing?" Harry asked.
"..... I don't remember."


Today, she would be in Amsterdam. But thanks to Ron she wasn't. In a way, Ron had killed her. He, Ginny, and Harry made a silent agreement to not tell anyone exactly what had made Hermione do it. Their parent's didn't need to know their son caused something like this. It was hard enough, just going to the funeral. It was a dreadfully damp, and dark day. Everyone that knew Hermione had shown up, even Malfoy made it in his wheel-chair (Don't worry... It'll make sense in a little while). Everyone found themselves crying.. But once again, for osme reason, Ron wasn't as normal as he would like to think. He just found himself with his eyes fixated on the coffin. everything went in super speed around him as he kept his hands down in his pockets. In 2 hours, or 3 minutes to Ron, her coffin was 6 feet under and it was only him, and her. He couldn't cry, he knew he wanted too.... But he couldn't. He couldn't believe she was just ...Gone. And there was nothing he could do. Ron left last, the most hurt.

He spent the next few days completely depressed. Ginny and Harry stayed away from him most of the time. Like this certain Thursday. Ron didn't eat, so most of the time he spent in his office. But this certain Thursday, he had gotten a fateful case of cabin fever. He wanted to wallow around the ministry in depression, like a normal person. But certain things could never be normal for Ron. He wandered around almost everywhere. But then, he wandered up into the Department of mysteries. None of it was really intriguing, he didn't bother to read any of the doors.... But when he neared the staircase at the end of the hall he felt a sudden flash of euphoria. He stopped and saw the door. It was the Time Room.... It was crazy,... Ron gulped and opened the door. Luckily, it was once again lunch, and anybody working there wouldn't be back for another hour. He walked down that small corridor to find the room with the wall of Timeturner's, among other things. He ran his fingers over the glass case.
"Curious about time, are you?" Ron twirled around too see the same man from before.
"I'm sorry... I'll just-"
"I'm sorry about your friend... Hermione was she?"
".. Yeah... Listen, I'll just go." Ron headed out.
"... the other day you were looking at the Tractus." The man said. Ron stopped, since just the name of the Tractus made Ron's head dizzy.
"... What about it?" Ron turned around.
"... We're.. actually, I, am doing research on it."
"... Are you interested in time travel?" He asked. Ron paused.
"I have to admit that I was thinking over taking one of those Timeturners."
"To get her back?"
"You'll be disappointed to hear that Timeturners could only go back 1 day.." The man explained.
"Well, I figured I couldn't always get my way." Ron said sarcastically, heading for the door once again.
"If I told you there was another way.. Would you be interested?" Ron stopped again.
"Very." Ron said turning around once again.
"Well first of all.... My name is Paul Shockley." The man extended his hand. He was a tall man with piercing blue eyes. He wore powder blue robes.
"About the other ways?" Ron asked, a little unbelieving.
"... Well.. I'm afraid you'll need to learn a few things first."
"... Like.. What?" Ron said a little frustrated.
"Well for one, can you extract your memories? Like for a pensieve." Shockley asked.
"No, I can't."
"Well It's actually pretty easy. But you'll only be able to draw out earlier memories, so getting out anything before exactly 1 year ago
is going to require you learning the skill more thoroughly."
"... Wait, shouldn't it work the other way around?"
"And how in the hell would you know?" Shockley asked suddenly defensive.
"I guess I wouldn't.."
"If you must know why.. Well nobody knows why you can take earlier memories out.. Something to do with fresh, and ready to be taken out. I guess thoughts and memories are like garbage in your mind. If you don't clear them out you become a vegetable, and in your homes case, it becomes a breading ground for insects much LIKE a vegetable." Shocley explained.
"So what do I do?" Ron asked getting more annoyed.
"Just take your wand up to your temple..... Concentrate, and I mean CONCENTRATE, on that memory and you'll feel it... Coming out, I guess and just let it slither into your wand." Shockley said simply.
"That's really it?"
"I'm afraid so..."
"Aren't there like years and years of learning?"
"To get into a pensieve, sure." Shockley said heading for his cabinet. Ron had another flash when he opened it.
"Ok... go ahead and try to get one out." Paul said. Ron pulled out his wand and gripped it firmly. The wrong move, he might have made himself the second person to commit suicide in this story. He focused on a memory... It was a few summers ago, one before his seventh year at Hogwarts. He thought about it hard.... He was in the kitchen, Harry was in the living room.... And Hermione was outside... He soon felt a sensation of something slithering out of his ear, only it was slithering out of his temple. When it was over, he felt extremely out of breath.
"And?" Shockley asked.
".... Simple as hell..." Ron breathed.
"Very good.."
"Now... What do I do with it?" Ron said now holding his wand like it was a specimen jar.
"Well I'm sure you've already touched this..." He said pointing to the Tractus. It was the same wooden bottle that only seemed to greatly appeal to Ron.
"What about that?" Ron asked.
"Well you see the neck.. Ending with the curled lip?" Ron saw Shockley almost pointing inside of the bottle.
"What do you want me to do?"
"Well take your wand, with the memory in it.... And stick it into the bottle." He explained. ron came closer.
"What will happen?"
"I've never done it, myself. I haven't even touched the thing. Put the wand in it, and I'll explain everything later."
"Is it dangerous?"
"No. It used to belong to Dumbledore, when I questioned him about it he said that actually using it wasn't dangerous, but whatever the outcome could be extremely dangerous or extremely pleasant." He informed Ron. Ron thought it over until he figured he had nothing to lose. He took forth his wand, and slid it down into the neck of the bottle.......... Nothing happened. He looked around and saw still, nothing was happening. He opened his mouth to speak and found that he couldn't. He couldn't because the room was spinning and blurring all around him.

He opened his eyes back up. He was in the kitchen of his old home, the burrow. Everything looked as if it was glowing a bit. He looked around. He began to have a sort of shocked spasm about him.
".... What the hell's going on?" Ron said looking at his hands. When he saw Harry enter the kitchen, he jumped back. When Ron did jump back his back came close to a thick stick of incense, instead he just bounced off the counter.
"Ron?... Are you okay?" Harry asked. Ron looked up at Harry, in utter awe.
"Ron?" Harry asked again. Ron then bolted up.
"Shockley!!" Ron began walking awful fast, pushing Harry out of the way, as if running for an exit. As soon as he left the kitchen, things began spinning and fading again.

Ron kept on running, straight into a wall. His face became enthralled in pain.
"Ron!" Shcockley ran towards him.
"What the fuck happened?!" Ron yelled.
"Well back in the memory, were you running?" He asked. Ron thought about it.
"Yeah, actually."
"Well I'm guessing that your brain told you too keep running, even though you came into, practically, a different dimension."
".... Well what good did that do? It seems like all I did was relive a memory."
"... Go back one more time, and look around some more." Shockley suggested. Ron reluctantly put his wand into the bottle.

Ron was back in the kitchen, in the same spot as were he was when he came to the memory the first time. He looked around some more, this time without having a fit. He moved forward, then backed up. Seeing that he could control his body perfectly. The reality wasn't any different, it had only grown a little paler.
"Hey, Ron." Harry said. Ron stared at Harry in disbelief.
"... Is this really happening?" Ron asked.
"What do you mean?" Harry asked. Ron was shocked too see Harry reply. He was even more shocked by the scathing pain in his lower back. He jumped forward. When he had backed up, he backed up into the incense with had burned a hole in his shirt when he was talking to Harry, and had now burned his back.
"You okay?" Harry asked.
"Umm.. Uh I'm fine..." Ron fake smiled. Harry left looking at Ron weird. Ron sighed as the pain sort of left partially before thngs began spinning and blurring again.

"Anything different?" Shockley asked.
"Actually yeah.. I guess I wasn't just reliving it. Ron rubbed his back, then lifted up his shirt to rub it better.
"....... Well there's your proof." Shockley pointed to the scar on Ron's back from the incense.
"I guess I never told anyone about it..." Ron laughed.
"Holy shit...... Do you know what this means?!" Shockley asked.
"This is a new form of time travel! Oh we'll be rich!!" Shockley yelled. He then suddenly sped out of the room, apparently going too tell his colleagues.
"Wait, you're just going to leave me here?" Ron yelled. But Shockley still ran out of the door. He was right, they had found out a new method of time travel, but only to the past apparently. But this also meant, that if Ron could change the future.. He could save Hermione. He thought it over... Thinking of the perfect memory. Then he remembered her biggest complaint was his lack of bravery... That was it. If he helped Hermione after she was knocked out by Voldemort, or Harry rather, tat night at Godric's hollow, it would give him time to confess as well as show her his real courage. It wasn't like Harry needed Ron's help downstairs in the first place.

Ron concentrated hard on that night.... It was a bright night, considering the eery glow of the dark mark. He remembered Harry's possessed vice, his hate filled eyes. He remembered Ginny's fearful look as her boyfriend threatened her.... It was now into his wand. He stuck the wand into the bottle.... He had nothing to lose... And everything to gain.

"I can control him.. And me.... Isn't it wonderful?" Voldemort laughed. Ron could only figure this was something Voldemort had been working on for a while.....What did he do to get rid of Voldemort!! Think, Ron think!! Oh, yeah!! He hit Harry with a stunner.... It seemed to snap him out of it luckily. Voldemort only had a face small disgust. It was because Voldemort simply took Harry up and disapparated. Ron rushed over to Hermione.
"Come on!!!" He shook her. She stirred, she was awake. Ron breathed a sigh of relief. He picked up Hermione over his shoulder. Ginny took his lead and grabbed Luna. Somehow, he was able to get all four of them outside. To say the least he was exhausted. Luckily, droves of aurors, alerted earlier in the day across the globe had all shown up. Ron sent Luna and Ginny over to one of the groups of aurors. He still had the newly awoken Hermione with her arm over his shoulder. An auror from their ministry showed up in front of them.
"Ok, what happened?" He asked. Hermione answered since Ron was out of breath.
"I don't know, Harry had just knocked me out so-"
"Oh, all right that's we figured." He said gesturing for another drove of aurors to follow him up to the cottage. Ron leaned up.
".... Thanks." she said simply.
"No... No problem.." Ron said even more out of breath from the stunning appearance of Hermione that Ron missed so much. With all the breath he had left, he was able to endure an 8 second kiss before she left for Luna. Ron couldn't believe it... Had it worked. He was son to find out, because things began spinning once again.....

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