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Dear Lord Voldemort by LostMaeblleshire
Chapter 1 : A Letter Never Sent
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A/N: This is an extremely different piece from me. It's something I threw together in response to joliefille252's Dear Lord Voldemort challenge. Keep in mind the letter is written from a child's view, so it is very rough. This is meant to be sad. Please review!

Dear Lord Voldemort

She holds the paper in her hand, her fingers running along the worn lines of parchment where it has been folded and refolded many times over the years. The handwriting is the awkward script of a young child still learning how letters are meant to be formed. She knows she should throw it away, but knows that at the same time, she cannot. She does not even notice that the tears which trail along her cheeks also fall onto the words, blurring the ink. But they are words she knows by heartĖand so it matters notĖfrom a letter never sent.

Dear Lord Voldemort,

I donít think you know me, and I donít think you care, but you knew Mummy and Daddy and they knew you. At least, thatís what they told me before they went away. Gran says that they wonít be back for a while, and I know itís your fault. Gran doesnít say that out loud, but I know itís true.

Mummy was so scared when she told me to hide. I think she was crying, and maybe I was crying too. I donít really remember. All I remember is that Daddy wasnít there. Mummy said I should keep really quiet and then you wouldnít find me, because she said you wouldnít be looking. She said she loved me and said no to be scared. I donít know why. All I know is that she was scared because of you. Gran doesnít say this either, but I know itís true. It has to be, because I saw you and remembered you from a picture Iíd seen before. Mummy showed it to me and said you were a bad man. I think youíre a bad man, Mr. Voldemort.

It was so dark in the cupboard I could hardly see. Except, Mummy didnít close the door all the way when she said to stay, so I could look out of it a little. Thatís when I saw Daddy. He was shouting, and I covered my ears because I donít like it when he yells. Then he moved and I donít know where he went. Then he wasnít shouting anymore. I heard Mummy crying, but I donít know why. I donít like it when Daddyís really quiet either, and I hate it when Mummy cries. Mummy hardly ever cries, but when she does, it hurts.

I heard you laughing, and I donít know why. When Mummy cries, it makes me so sad because I know sheís sad too. Your laugh wasnít even a happy laugh. It was angry and mean, but you were smiling. Why were you smiling, Mr. Voldemort? Your smile doesnít make me feel all warm like when Daddy smiles and kisses my face. I was glad that I was hiding. Your smile made me feel scared, even though Mummy said it would be okay.

But thatís not what made me the most scared of all. I heard Mummy screaming, and it made my tummy feel sick and my skin feel cold. Did you hear her screaming, Mr. Voldemort? Because you were still laughing and I started to cry and I saw Mummy falling on to the ground. I think that maybe you hit her, but I couldnít really see because my eyes were all wet.

When it got quiet and you were gone, I came out just like Mummy said I could. But Mummy and Daddy were lying on the floor together and they didnít move when I talked to them. Their faces looked so scared and surprised it almost didnít look like them, but I knew it was because I saw Mummyís pretty black hair and Daddyís big brown eyes. They felt so cold. I put my head on Daddyís chest to listen to the thump thump thump of his heart, but I couldnít hear it anymore. Maybe his heart was sleeping.

Gran came later and she started to cry, too. I didnít know why. I thought Mummy and Daddy were just taking a nap like they make me do sometimes, but now I donít think so. I donít think theyíre ever coming back. Gran doesnít say it out loud, but I know itís true. I know that Mummy and Daddy are dead, and itís all your fault.

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Dear Lord Voldemort: A Letter Never Sent


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