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Muggle WHAT!? by DracoHermy4EVA
Chapter 8 : The Apartment
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Disclaimer: I own Poo Pastries that's all, please don't sue all I own is some Chinese food!

Chappie 8: The Apartment

Hermione walked out of the Great Hall with shopping bags weighing her down. Professor Dumbledore greeted her on her way back to her dorm. "Looks like you and Mr. Malfoy have everything you need."
"Yes, I have everything I will need Headmaster," Hermione replied.
"You will be leaving tomorrow at ten a.m."
"Ok I will be down here at ten a.m."
"Goodnight Miss Granger."
"Goodnight Professor." Hermione walked away rolling her eyes. "That man needs a vacation," she thought, "So damn uptight and formal." "Better yet, he needs a woman." Hermione laughed at the thought of Dumbledore and Professor Trelawney at the altar. Harry would be the best man and instead of saying, "I do" Professor Trelawney would predict Harry's death for all to hear. " That would be a wedding to go to," Hermione thought. Hermione went into her dorm for the first and last time in eight long months. (I donno bout Hogwarts but I go to school for nine months) It was ok. The layout was beautiful but the colors were not her favorite. The small common room was in the shape of an oval. The flooring was a light oak with a gold and red rug in the middle. There was a fireplace facing a gold love seat with red pillows. There was a small oak bookcase halfway filled with books. Hermione's letter that came to her aunt's house said that the books were hers to keep. "Great more books to carry around," she thought. Beside the bookcase was an oak desk with parchment and gold colored stationary with charmed little red lions running around the border. (They really run around the border cool huh?) The desk also had more quills that she could ever want. "Too bad I won't be needing any of this," Hermione thought. "Well maybe," she said as she proceeded to stuff it all in the stationary box charmed to hold parchment and quills. "Can hold up to 600 quills and an endless supply of parchment," the box said. Hermione sat the box on top of the desk so she could pack it later. The ceiling was a HUGE painting of the Griffindor lion with Hogwarts in the background. It was charmed to open its mouth in a silent roar. Hermione thought that the room had way too much red and gold. " O well I am leaving tomorrow." Hermione opened the door that she thought led to her bedroom, but instead led to her bathroom. "More RED!" It was big but not huge. There was a shower in one corner that to Hermione's delight (and dismay cuz she was leaving) would give you whatever sent of water and shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, bodywash, Etc, that you asked for. Hermione couldn't wait to try it out in the morning. The medium bathtub was the same except it also gave you bubbles. There was a huge mirror on the wall above a gold sink. Hermione walked out of the bathroom and into another door. This was her bedroom. It was the damn red that Hermione was getting sick of again. "Well when I come back I will change it," she thought. The bed was a queen sized four poster decked out in red. (cough slytherin cough colors cough are cough better cough! Well sorry bout that I had something in ma throat!) There was a closet that rotated you clothes around and a big bay window with a window seat that lifted up for schoolbook storage. Hermione quickly packed all of her new clothes and supplies and the parchment and books in the bookcase. She also packed her new schoolbooks "just in case". After she had packed she went to sleep. Soon after she lay down Hermione was surprised. She had forgotten all about Malfoy kissing her! "O great, why do I have to remember things like this before I go to bed!" Hermione to her surprise slept like a baby. When she woke up the next morning she decided that she would just forget that it ever happened. Hermione walked into the bathroom thinking about which smell she wanted her water to be. After a lot of thinking she decided on peaches and cream. Feeling very stupid she told the shower what she wanted. The water started running and she stepped in to find peach shampoo and conditioner, a peach scented washrag, peach soap, and bodywash. "Hmm soap or body wash that is the question," "I know I will use both so the smell with last longer!" 20 minutes later Hermione stepped out of the shower to find peach body lotion and body spray sitting on the counter. She used both and dried her hair straight. She went into her room and got the outfit she didn't pack. It was a light blue halter top without a back and a mini kaki skirt. Her belly button ring was a small yellow flower. She went back into her bathroom and put her hair into a messy bun with pieces hanging down in front of her face. She used Peach scented hairspray provided by the shower. She put on peach makeup and lipgloss. Hermione walked down into the Great Hall with her bags floating behind her. Hermione meat Professor Dumbledore and Malfoy at the door and without a word Professor Dumbledore held out a portkey. "Wait," Hermione said, " Professor, I have been wanting to ask you a question for a long time."
"Yes Miss Granger?"
"I was wondering, what kind of car do we have?" When she said this Malfoy snorted and Dumbledore looked at her funny. They both clearly didn't think that she was going to ask that.
"Well Miss Granger, I think that you will approve it is called a Hummer I believe. Hermione just about lost it.
"Yes, is that a good automobile?"
"One of the best," Hermione said. With that they all grabbed the portkey. The next moment Hermione landed in a room that was so damn RED! She looked around and it was exactly like her room in Hogwarts. Well it was a little different it had the desk and bookcase that her common room had held and the ceiling was painted red. Malfoy hurried out of the room. Hermione decided it needed major changes. She walked into the common room. It was oval like her own back at Hogwarts but a lot bigger. It was done in blue and black. There was no fireplace. There was a TV and a radio with blue love seats facing them both. Hermione walked into the kitchen. It looked just like a muggle kitchen. It was all done in white. The bathroom was just like her one at Hogwarts, shower and all. It was a light blue and silver. It was also bigger and had two sinks instead of one. Hermione went through a door that led down to the Hummer. Hermione almost dropped. It was black with 20-inch rims. All leather interior. Hermione went to find Dumbledore to thank him. When she found him he handed her a map that was charmed to show the person the directions that they would ask it to. Hermione thanked him for everything. "Now Miss Granger School starts in a week, please don't be late!" and with that he left.

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Muggle WHAT!?: The Apartment


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