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Muggle WHAT!? by DracoHermy4EVA
Chapter 6 : The Horrible Task
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Hello again everyone! Next chappie coming up!

Chappie 6: The Horrible Task.
After Hermione finished her chocolate cake she walked up to the headmaster. Draco had yet to finish his food. "What did you want to talk to us about Professor?" Hermione asked.
"Lets wait until Draco arrives," he answered, "this concerns both of you." When he said this Hermione got worried.
"What is it," she thought, "I hope I don't have to spend more time with him than I must." After a few more minutes Draco stood up and walked slowly towards him. Hermione wanted to scream at him to hurry up, she was dying to know what was going on. Draco finally got to the head table and Dumbledore looked at both of them for a moment before he began.
"Now I have great news for both of you," he said, " You will both be doing a project that will most of the school year." When he said this Hermione perked up. "You will go to a Muggle High School until the last month of school." Dumbledore paused to see the reactions. Hermione's face paled and she quickly hid her emotions behind her mask that she created when her parents died. Draco on the other hand wasn't surprised at all. "Draco I am sure your mother told you this?" Dumbledore asked.
"Of coarse she did."
"Well now for the details," Dumbledore said, "You must go shopping for school clothing it is a non uniform school, you must also get supplies, bags, and other necessities." "You will live in a apartment about two miles away from your school." "Miss Granger I do believe you have your drivers license?"
"Yes professor."
"Good than an automobile will be provided." "You will leave tomorrow, and go shopping tonight." "You will travel by floo to a Muggle shopping mall." "I will get you each in a half hour, see you then!" Hermione walked to her dorm in a daze.
"This is just great, she said "I won't get to see Harry or Ron all year and I have to spend a ton of time with Malfoy!" "ERRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG" Hermione went into her room to change. "Hmm Shopping cloths." Hermione walked out of her room ten minutes later wearing a red tank top that said, "Kiss me" and it showed off her bellybutton ring. Her belly ring was a small red dragon with blue flames coming out of the mouth. She wore tight low-rise jeans with red sandals. Her hair was down and flat iron straight she also added some blood red highlights that would come out when she said the spell that she used to put them in. Hermione had already decided not to tell Ron or Harry they could find out on their own. She was sitting by the fire when an owl dropped a letter on her lap that said she was to come down to the entrance hall. She walked out of the common room without a glance back.

Well that's all folks! R&R please and THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY REVIEWERS! More to come: shopping trip, snogs, hot draco, and more!
Luv Morgan

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Muggle WHAT!?: The Horrible Task


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