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Muggle WHAT!? by DracoHermy4EVA
Chapter 5 : Dazed and Confused
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Chappie 5: Dazed and confused.

Hermione entered the great hall of Hogwarts exploding with happiness. "You shouldn't be happy," a little voice inside her head said sternly.

"Why shouldn't I be happy?" she asked confused, "I just humiliated my worst enemy."
"Well I have just started healing," she answered.
"You didn't even cry though," the voice angrily, "they would have cried for you."
"SHUT UP!" Hermione screamed at the voice as she sat down at her house table. She looked up at Dumbledore waiting for him to speak. After a few moments he stood up waiting for everyone to settle.
"Well," he began "another year at Hogwarts!" I say, how the years have flown by!" "First things first," he said, "let me be the first, or second to introduce you to our new head boy and girl!" "From Griffindor Miss Hermione Granger!" Hermione stood up and looked around. "And our Head boy is Mr. Draco Malfoy." Draco also stood up. "Now on with the sorting!" he finished and sat down. Hermione looked at the first years with disgust, they were so tiny and scared, and then some little boy wiped his runny nose on his hand then gave the girl ahead of him a nice sticky handshake. "Ugh I hope I didn't look like that", she thought as the boy was sorted into Slytherin, and the girl into Griffindor.
When everyone was settled into his or her new houses the feast began and Hermione loaded her plate. "All of my favorites!" Ron exclaimed happily.
"Ron is there any food you don't like?" Harry asked.
"Nah he likes everything," Hermione said.
"NO I DON'T," Ron said, "I don't like peas,"
"Is that all?" Harry asked "you like everything else?"
"Yea, so?"
"Can we talk about something else?" Hermione asked.
"Ok lets talk about everyone's favorite sport!" Harry exclaimed.
"Yeah lets!" Ron agreed. Hermione rolled her eyes and finished her food. She looked around the great hall to see a certain silver eye Slytherian looking at her. She raised her eyebrows and he pointed to Dumbledore. Hermione then looked at the Headmaster and he was looking at her with interest. Suddenly his voice boomed out over the students.
"I would like to see the Head Boy and Girl after the feast," he said looking at the both of them. Hermione nodded and went back to her chocolate cake. (A/N: I LOVE CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! I WANT SOME!! OK BACK TO THE STORY) (CAKE) Hermione wondered what Dumbledore wanted to talk to her and Malfoy about. She put her fork down and thought. She thought so hard and long that she was left dazed and confused.

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