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Muggle WHAT!? by DracoHermy4EVA
Chapter 1 : A New Hermione.
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I own nothing!!! Its all JK's!!! (Darn it)

Chap 1. A New Hermione

Hermione Granger looked out of the window of the Hogwarts Express with tears coming down her face. Why couldn't I save them she thought as she started banging her head on the window. Hermione's life had changed drastically over the summer. Voldemort killed her mother and her father was missing. She had a gut feeling that her father was not coming home. He mother was found dead in the bathtub. The Muggle police said that she had fallen asleep and drowned but one of the officers was a friend of the family and was a wizard. He told Hermione that she was hit with the killing curse. Hermione being a DEEP sleeper did not hear anything. After all of this happened she was sent to live with her aunt in America. Hermione didn't talk for almost a week. Her aunt tried her best to comfort her but it did no good. Hermione decided that she didn't care about her grades or books anymore. She didn't want to be a good girl anymore. About a month after her parents were ripped out of her life. She went out and got her ears, belly button, and her nose pierced, she also got a tattoo on her lower back of a floral tribal sign. Hermione also dyed her hair black and straightened it. She got a whole new wardrobe that suited her new look consisting of rather revealing outfits. Hermione stopped hitting her head on the window and settled down for a nap. She had just fallen asleep when Harry shook her awake. Hello sorry to disturb you but we will be at Hogwarts in a hour. Hermione looked past him and saw Ron standing behind Harry. Ron said have you seen a girl with bushy brown hair anywhere? Her name is Hermione Granger. By the way I am Ron Weasley and this is Harry Potter. Hermione sat up and started laughing. Harry and Ron looked at her like she was mental. Yes I have seen her she said when she stopped laughing. OK then where is she Harry said slowly hoping she would not start laughing again. She is one of our best friends and we haven't heard from her all summer Ron said annoyed because she hadn't answered yet. Ron you idiot its me Hermione. Their eyes widened in shock. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING they both yelled at the same time. Hermione looked at her outfit; it was her favorite one. It was a white tube top that was short enough to see both her belly button ring and her tattoo. Her belly button ring was a small fairy with little chains that ended with little gemstones. She on TIGHT blue jeans with black flip-flops on. What IS that thing in your nose Ron asked after getting over his shock. It's called a nose ring. You got a tattoo cool said Harry. Hermione smiled. Guys I have to tell you something sit down please. During the summer my parents died. Hermione I am so sorry said Harry. Ron just sat there with his mouth opened with shock. I went though some huge changes as you can see. They both nodded. I lived with my aunt in America. How did they die Ron asked in a small voice. Well my mother was hit with AK and my father is missing but I don't think he is coming back. It was Voldemort's work. Ron was the only one who flinched when she said the name. Where were you when this happened Ron asked. I was in my room asleep Hermione said quietly. Hermione started yelling NOW I DON'T NEED YOU PITY SO GET THE HE$$ OUT OF HERE!!!!!! Harry and Ron FLEW out of the compartment. Hermione chuckled and opened the door to go use the toilet. She came face to face to none other than Draco Malfoy.

Hello this is my first chapter! As you guys can tell lol. Anyway tell me what ya think. R&R (Flames Welcome) I might not be able to update for a while. Sorry!! I Kinda Have Writers block. Well R&R BUH BYE til next chappie
luv Morgan

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