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An Off Course Bet by just another harry potter fan
Chapter 5 : Sodding Suits of Armor
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Disclaimer: Hi, I don't own anything. Leave a message after the beep. Beep!


Chapter 5-Sodding Cheap Plastic Badges


(October 8th)



That was a pretty good move, if I don't say so myself. I swerved and tilted a little to the left and-ow!

Bloody bludgers. Bloody Hufflepuffs.

Those Hufflepuffs, they can be violent when they want to be, let me tell you. Loyal and Just, my arse. Pfft. Their a sneaky little house. Really.

Of course, their not the sneakiest around. Slytherin is the sneakiest and the most stupid, evil house around. They should be voted Evilest and Boringest house around. Boringest and evilest aren't really words, but who cares?. . .uh, well, Remus probably does, but he doesn't matter right now.

Yes! Another score for Gryffindor!

"Good move, Jones! Almost as good as me!" I shout to Jones.

Jones waves and-wait, did she roll her eyes? No way. No one rolls their eyes at me. I'm James Potter. Besides why would she roll her eyes? It's not like I was being rude or inconsiderate or anything. . .

Oh well. Take that you dumb Hufflepuffs!

Let's see who's in my crowd of adoring fans. . .

There's Stacy What's-Her-Name and What's-Her-Face Johns. And there's Hailey,er,Something-Of-Other. Oh and there's. . .someone. I can't remember what their name is. I'm awful at names. I can't even remember mine at 6:00 in the morning.

Just wave and smile, James. They'll never know the difference.

Oh, there's two people I know that are in my crowd of adoring fans. Remus and Peter. Of course,they aren't one of those kinds of adoring fans. Just friends who had the misfortune of getting stuck in the crowd full of airheads or know-it-alls, that also happen to adore yours truely.

There's Professor Mcgongall too! She's in my crowd of adoring fans? Oh, man. I hope she's not one of those kinds of adoring fans. She seems to be scowling up at someone in the third row. . .ah, yes. Third row Someone seems to be discreetly throwing Bertie Bott's beans at her head. Oh, and there she goes. Up to the third row. Now she's pushing through everyone.

Didn't know Mcgongall was a violent person. Sirius has been saying that for years, but I never believed him since half the stuff he says is his imagination or one of his fantasies.

"I saw Slughorn and Sprout snogging behind greenhouse 14, James! Really! I did!"

Well, I doubt that was one of his fantasies. . .but he might have mistook a plump, short bush next to another plump short bush for Professor Sprout and Slughorn. . .at least I hope so. Ugh.

"James, you won't believe what I just saw. Remus was copying off of Peter's essay. Remus,James,Remus."

I don't believe that one a bit.

Ha ha ha, Third Row Someone is busted! Ha ha ha. Mcgongall's hauling them off to her office to write up a detenion slip this minute, I bet.

Who else is in the crowd. . .hey,there's Lily. Wonder what she's doing in my crowd of adoring fans. . .wait! Oh, this is great! And I'm not being sarcastic!

She's in my crowd of adoring fans! That means she adores me! That means she likes me! That means I can ask her out soon! That means I won't have to sit in the stuffy old library for an hour, watching her from across a table, trying to strike up a conversation!

My adoring fan seems to be beaming at someone to my left, who-



Maybe I can catch up with Lily in the crowd back to the castle. Ask her then. . .


Geez, can't anyone move out the way these days?

"Move! Come on,people! Move! Head Boy coming through!" I say, flashing my stupid plastic gold badge to a overly-aggressive 5th year Ravenclaw.

Honesty, can't Hogwarts afford something other than plastic gold? Actually, it's gold paint of some kind and it's chipping off.

I'll have to bring that up with Mcgongall the next time I see her. I bet she'll be happy to fix it for me. Yeah, I bet.

Anyways, we're heads. We-Lily and I-are the Head Students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (one of the best schools around) and all they can come up with is plastic painted over with gold paint? The money probably all goes to the zillion and one suits of armor around the castle they just had to buy. Sodding suits of armor.

I mean, I'm not one to be picky and I don't have to have a gold badge with diamonds the size of Gringotts on it or anything. Just something better than a cheap plastic badge, for Merlin's sake.

"MOVE IT! THERE'S A TROLL BEHIND US!" I yell into the crowd. I snicker.

That'll get them moving. Of course, there isn't really a troll behind them, but I had to get them moving.

Sure enough, there are screams heard from the crowd and I'm just about run over by a 7th year.

"Ow! That was my foot you stepped on!" I hiss crouching over and moaning over my foot.

In a manly way of course.

"Oh, sorry, James mate!" A voice calls in the crowd.

I look up. That was Sirius' voice. But where-?


There he goes. . .up ahead, stepping on a few more feet and elbowing a couple of people in the ribs.

"Excuse me. Pardon me. Well! That was rude."

There's Remus. Polite Remus.

I wave. "Hey, Remus!"

Remus looks over and down at me,"Hey-" He was cut off as someone pushed into him, making him fall over and out of sight from me. I could still hear him exclaiming WellQ on the ground though.

Oh, and there's Peter!. . .crawling on the ground, searching for something I suppose. . .

"Marvin! Marvin, where are you?" He shouts over everything else.

I suppose he lost his pet toad, Marvin again. He's always losing him. I don't know why he took Marvin to a quidditch match in the first place. I kind of which he lost Marvin for good. I mean, that stupid toad pees on everything, I tell you.

"James?" A voice faintly called from my left.

I look up to see bright red hair and green eyes. . ."Lily!" I call cheerful from the ground. Yes, quite cheerfully considering I'm sitting on the ground being trampled on by anyone and everyone. Probably sitting on gum or animal crap too. Wonderfu. . .

Nothing could stop me from be cheerful right now, though.

Lily liked me. Adored me. She probably fantasized about me in the shower or some other girlish fantasy girls have. Then again, Lily wasn't like alot of girls. She might fantasize about me reading one of her favorite books or something.

This meant the bet could end soon and I'd get my broomstick and some boxes of chocolate. Mmmm-okay, pay attention to the things at hand, James.

"Hel-lo, Lily. What might you be doing on this fine-"

A crack of thunder is heard and rain begins to fall.

"-day?" I ask, still grinning,messing up my hair.

Lily looks at me with a raised eyebrow,"I'm trying to get in the castle."

"Ah. Me too."

"On the ground?" She asked.

"Well, uh, I was helping Peter look for Marvin-uh, his toad." I replied. I crouched down and whistled,"Here, Marvin, Marvin. Come here, you slimy green. . .wart. . .thing." I stood straight after Lily didn't say anything after my whistling session.

She was standing there, hands in her coat pockets, smiling at me in amusement. "Alright." And begin walking with the now decreasing crowd.

"James, have you seen Marvin?" Peter voice asked from my right.

"No, why don't you look back at the stands?" I suggest.

Peter ran off.

I turn back to the situation at hand. When could I ask her?

Right now? She was alone right now. . .

. . .She's alone most of the time actually. . .but still. . .

Maybe I should wait till patrol.

No, that would be awkward.

I mean,when she (and not if she, mind you )agrees to go on the date, then it might be awkward during the rest of the patrol. Of course, it's always kind of awkward around Lily. No one hardly ever talks.

I wonder if she'll ever get married.

I wonder who would like her quiet nature enough to marry her.

Would she be more talkative around someone she loved?

Around her family?

. . .Enough with all the questions, James. Just go up to her and ask.

Okay. Here goes nothing.


"Hel-lo, Lily." I greet after I caught up with her on the 5th floor.

Lily's head turns towards me with a questioning look,"Hello, James. You seem. . .cheerful today."

"Yeah, I am. I mean, who wouldn't? Gryffindor won!" Just casually ease into a conversation about Hogsmeade, James. That always works like a charm.

And if there's one thing James Potter has. It's charm.

She laughed.

That's all.


I sigh and fiddle with my heads badge, trying to come up with a conversation. . .ah ha!

"Hey, is your badge plastic?" I ask.

Lily looks from me to my badge to hers and back to mine. She fiddles with it, till it's off her shirt and she examines it,"Yes, it is. Why?"

"Oh. Mine is too. Pretty sorry, huh?"

Lily shrugged,"Maybe they can't afford new badges."

I turned away and muttered bitterly,"Stupid suits of armor. . ."


"Oh-uh, nothing." I hastily said, then brought up the sitting-in-crowd-of-adoring-fans-section today,"I saw you at the match."

"I saw you too."

Such a sense of humor.

"Yeah, ha ha ha, you were sitting in the airheads section." I stated.

Lily looked at me with raised eyebrows,"Airheads section?"

"Yeah, that's usually where airheads sit." And where my adoring fans sit. . .

"Remus was sitting in the section." Lily stated,as if saying, how could it be an airhead section if Remus was sitting in it? Funny how she left Peter out. . .

"Oh, he usually sits somewhere else, but him and Peter somehow got stuck there, I guess."

"I was late -finishing up an essay- and those were the only seats left. The stands are always packed aren't they-?"

I didn't hear the rest. My heart must have sank noisily. Sank way noisily down.

Lily was late to the match. She didn't mean to sit there.

That meant she didn't really adore me.

That meant she didn't really like me.

That meant she didn't really fantasize about me in the shower or reading her favorite book.

That meant the bet wouldn't be ending soon.

That meant I wouldn't be getting my broomstick and a few boxes of chocolates anytime soon either.

That meant I would still be sitting across her, trying to get rid of the silence going on between us.

I sighed depressioningly.

She heard,"What's the matter, James? You seemed so cheerful."

"Oh I just realized something really depressing." I said matter-of-factly.


"Come on, Remus, please?" I pleaded on the way to breakfast a week later.

"Don't help him, Remus." Sirius pleaded also.

"Your a social person, James. Can't you bring up a conversation around her?" Remus asked.

"Oh, I'm a social person, that's not the problem. Lily isn't a social person, that's the problem." I said glumly.

I had gotten desperate enough this morning to ask Remus to sit with me, by Lily, and help get a conversation going.

"See? I'm not stupid, James. I didn't choose some airhead. I chose someone who wasn't your type." Sirius stated triumphantly.

I glared at him,"She is my type. And soon, I'll show you just how much she's my type."

"Oh really? And just how are you going to do that?"

"Like I'd tell you!" I snorted,"Pfft."

Truthfully, I didn't know how. I didn't even know if I'd go on a date with her anymore.

I've been thinking of just asking her but then, that might scare her away, then I'd have an even harder time. I was getting desperate though. . .only about a month and a half left. . .


"Hel-lo, Lily." I greeted her brightly as we Marauders sat down across from Lily. Excluding me. I sat next to her.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Remus roll his eyes and scoff. Sirius and Peter were snickering. I kicked them under the table.

"Good morning, Lily." Remus said friendly.

"Good morning, James, Remus, Sirius, Peter." Was her greeting.


I tried to give Remus a look that said 'Help-Me-Start-A-Conversation-Remus', but he was too busy picking blasted chocolate chips (My mum uses chucksPeter!) out of his pancakes.

Honestly. What is with Remus?

Even if they are chips their still chocolate.

Anyways, it seems Peter got my look instead and he must of interpreted it as 'Help-Me-Start-A-Conversation-Peter'. . .

"Have you tried the pumpkin juice this morning? It tastes extra pumpkiny today, does it not?" Peter asked,trying to sound sophisticated. Nice try, Pete. . .keeping practicing. . .

'Pumpkiny' isn't a-

" 'Pumpkiny' isn't a word, Peter." Remus stated, not looking up from his picking session.

Lily, I could tell, bit back laughter for Peter's sake and answered his question,"Yes, I have. It does seem to have extra taste."

And Sirius, of course, had to put in his two knuts. . .

"Hey-hey, James. Remember back in 4th year when you tried to drink the pumpkin juice through your nose? Hahaha! That was so funny! You looked just like a troll when they're-"

"Hee hee, that's enough of you, Sirius." I said,throwing a biscuit at his face, it landing, with my wonderful quidditch skills, right in his open mouth, making him stop talking for now. . .

Lily was silently laughing behind her book, I could tell that also. I didn't know if was because of Sirius' comment (I hope not) or because of my throwing a biscuit at Sirius' face. . .

Remus had a straight face on,use to this kind of stuff, I guess. Peter was laughing in-between eating his scrambled eggs and pumpkin jui-the pumpkin juice was coming out of his nose! Wonderful. Just wonderful. What would Lily think now?

That I have a bunch of immature clowns as friends (excluding Remus, of course)?

That I'm one of those immature clowns?


Here is the fourth chapter. I know, amazing.


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