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Turning Back by CrabPerson
Chapter 1 : Beginning with an End
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((AN: I will first off, apologize for how confusing the story may be. I also apologize for trying a so called "romance" joint. I've learned that no matter how good you think your story is, somewhere there is a huge flaw. But, after fixing it up I think it's proper for the public.. And without further a do..... Uh what's the title- Oh! Turning Back!))


It had been quite a journey. Ron's life had seemed to be full of them. But this time, it had been so suddenly, and will have only lasted a few days. But now it would all end. All end in this dark room. He had been to this room on more than one occasion. But it was the only way he could fix... Everything. If he could fix this, it would save everyone. His mother, his father, his brother's and sisters, his best friend, even those who harmed him, and most of all.. Her. The magical world's rules are strict ones. One being not to set foot in the Ministry of Magic after hours. But, Ron was famous for breaking rules.... No wait.. Those are his twin brothers. But it didn't change the fact that the door to the Time Room wouldn't open. So he had to do his best to kick it in. When he did he could almost feel the people watching him. He couldn't be stopped though, he had one chance. He sped down the small corridor, his red robe trailing behind him. He forced open another door, seeing as he was lacking a wand at the moment. It seemed to come off of the rusty hinges and it opened. And there is sat... The source of all of this. But there was one problem.... He didn't know if his idea would work. Luckily in this frantic dilemma he found a clumsily placed wand. When he thought clumsily, it was a shortcut to saying "Thank Merlin someone was this damn stupid too leave their own wand!!" He grabbed it and almost snapped it. he put it to his temple after looking around for a good 8 seconds. The memory slithered out into the wand. He then found a small wooden case, this would do for a day or two. The proper way to hold a memory was a glass container, but he had little time. He placed the box on top of the cabinet behind a few books. "Heavy Situations In Time...... Importance of the Chaos Theory." He would do his best to remember the books if things had gone wrong. He knew that if anyone should find it before him, it would mean his plan didn't work, and he wasn't able to stop this. The only way to fix things, was to go back to the beginning............

Chapter 1
Beginning With an End

Ron at 11 years old

Finally. He was going to Hogwarts. As if it wasn't bad enough when Percy started, but recently, all the twin's talked about was that school What was so great about it? It all seemed new. He was most looking forward to picking his wand. But that was after he emt back up with the rest of them. For now, he would just wander around Diagon Alley. It was place he hadn't been too often. He currently saw one shop that sparked an interest. It did so because there was so sign as to what the place was called, but from what Ron could see, it was open. He made his way there, and on the way bumped into someone. It was no big accident, he had just bumped shoulders with some bushy haired girl who simply sneered at him. But he continued on into the shop. It was awfully cluttered, there was tons of different objects and apparatuses. Ron looked around and saw no sign of anyone else. It was all the sort of things that-........ He then saw something.... Rather interesting. It looked a bit like wooden bottle. The bottle had numerous carvings, and designs burned into it. As Ron stepped up to it... He couldn't help but feel funny. And for some odd reason, for one second it looked normal.. Then, for a flash, he got an image in his head of an explosion. He shook it of and looked at it again.. The same thing happened. Only this time he saw breaking glass. It occurred 2 more times, with bed of daisies and the intense feeling of pain in his lower back. But only when he reached out for it, did something very strange happened. His hand was 3 inches away..
"I don't think you want to touch that..." the voice said.... Before it was too late. Ron took his hands away from the ridged wooden texture of the bottle. Ron turned around a saw a very tall, old wizard.
"I believe you've entered the wrong door.." he said through his long white beard. Ron shrugged.
"... This is my private storage... I'm not sure why the door was open.." The old man chuckled.
"Go on now... I'm sure you're parents are waiting." he said opening the door. Ron quickly went out, scared for his life almost. The man stayed in this storage.... He looked at the bottle.... And prayed that the young man had not touched it.


Ron at 17

Summers at the Burrow, were great. Especially for people like Harry. Only yesterday, had Bill and Fleur been wed. Harry was laying on the couch, reading something. Enjoying the few days he had until he went out for Voldemort. It was just a simple day. But, people get hungry.. So Harry got up for the kitchen. He saw Ron in the middle of the kitchen.. Looking very strange.
".... What the hell's going on?" Ron said looking at his hands. When he saw Harry, he jumped back. When Ron did jump back his back came close to a thick stick of incense, instead he just bounced off the counter.
"Ron?... Are you okay?" Harry asked. Ron looked up at Harry, in utter awe.
"Ron?" Harry asked again. Ron then bolted up/
"Hermione!!" Ron yelled. He sped past Harry, he was in full run, when suddenly his body seemed to give way as he tumble over himself on the floor. Harry rushed over too him.
"Ron, are you okay." Harry asked. Ron stood up and looked around confused.
"..." He still looked around.
"What were you doing?" Harry asked.
"..... I don't remember."


18 Years Old

"Come on!!" Harry yelled. Even though he only spent a year there, he could get around his home. Godric's Hollow. Any muggle who lived there had already cleared out. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Ginny and Neville were the only one's creeping up to the two-story cottage Harry had once lived in. Everyone else, Dumbledore's Army, Aurors, or the Order were all maybe 10 feet away dying or fighting. The group made it up to the door.
"Ok.. It's been a good ride..." Harry sighed.
"All right we know one thing... Voldemort is somewhere in this cottage." Harry said. Everyone was silent.
"Two groups.... Me, Ginny, and Luna should go upstairs.... You three stay down here." Harry said very leader-like. He opened the door and the three went inside. They did as Harry said and split up.
".... Hermione.."
"What Neville?" Hermione asked very calmly.
"I want to leave..." He shuddered.
"You can't.... Stay here.." Ron said as they crept through the living room. It wasn't long before they heard a scream form upstairs. It came from Ginny. The three raced up the steps..... And were shocked beyond belief as to what was happening. Harry stood over a quivering Ginny. Luna had been knocked out.. Or worse, behind Harry. There was a cold look of hate in his eyes, he looked possessed...
"Harry..." Hermione had a very horrified look on her face. Thankfully, only a purple light hit Hermione.
"What are you doing?!" Ron yelled.
"..... Listen to me..." Harry said coldly.
"...... How are you doing this?" Ron asked. Harry laughed.
"Frankly I don't know... The second most powerful wizard ALIVE.... And considering I am the first, I shouldn't be surprised that I was able to fix this..." Harry smiled an evil smile.
"....... So you're not.. Harry?"
"... Of course not.. You idiot." A voice came from behind him. The cloaked figure Ron had been scared of for years came forward behind Harry.
"I can control him.. And me.... Isn't it wonderful?" Voldemort laughed. Ron could only figure this was something Voldemort had been working on for a while..... Ron had a plan. It was risky, but there was nothing else he could do. He hit Harry with a stunner.... It seemed to snap him out of it luckily. Voldemort only had a face small disgust. It was because Voldemort simply took Harry up and disapparated. Ron headed for the door before looking back. His sister was checking on Hermione.... Should Ron help Hermione? I mean he DID love her. But Ron figured Harry was their only hope, so he headed out. He didn't have to wait long before seeing Harry and Voldemort opposite each other. Ron wanted badly to do something..... But Harry could handle himself. The fight that proceeded was violent... Yet almost like a work of art. Until the end when all Ron could do was watch as Voldemort advanced on Harry. With a fleeting moment of energy, Harry noticed the glass case that had been shattered. Somehow Harry, without a wand, made every shard of glass propel towards him. Only Voldemort was in the way.....

St.Mungo's was always associated to hurt. It started with Ron's father....... And now Hermione. It was already the end of Ron's 7th year and he still hasn't confessed anything. He's left it all bottled up. It wasn't that healthy. His dreams had become all about her, his every thought. Anybody that knew it (only close friends like Harry) could tell he had been holding it for a while. But by now... It was starting to sort of.. .Fade. It was odd really, how his dreams had become less intense, or his schoolwork was increasingly better. And I would be lying if I said Ron didn't notice it.
"Asleep..." He heard a voice say. Ron snapped out of his steadily wild dream. He looked up and saw his sister. He was sleeping in a chair in the waiting room.
"..... How's Harry?" Ron wanted to ask about someone else, but found himself asking about who was important to his sister.
"........ I'm afraid we don't know yet..."
"Why is that?"
"Well he's fine, perfectly healthy." Ginny smiled.
"... And... Luna?"
"Fine. Left for home a while ago.."
"Also left.."
"............. Hermione?"
"She's still here.... But she's fine." Ginny said. Ron breathed a heavy breath of relief.
"You need to tell her...." Ginny smiled.
"... Why can't you do it?"
"YOU have to do it." she said. Ron sighed.
"Yeah ok.... I will..." Ron lied, turning over to sleep.


3 Years After The Second War, 21 years old

Things couldn't be better for Ron. He lived with Harry and Ginny at Grimmauld place and had a wonderful job at the Ministry. It was one that suit him. He became Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports, like Ludo Bagman was when Ron was 14. Luckily, the Ministry of Magic accepted much younger wizards. Ron had everything he ever wanted.......... Except for her.

It was a Wednesday, when Ron happened to take a wrong turn. It was around the time for lunch....
"So how are things in the Games and sports?" Harry asked sitting down next to Ron. the're lives hadn't changed much. there was still a large place to do work, and still eat lunch in the same building.
"The same... I get to go to Bulgaria on sunday."
"I'm sure you're really looking forward to that." Harry joked.
"This is great.." Ron said looking at the things he had packed that barely passed as edible.
"Well... I'm just gonna' head back.." Ron sighed, giving up on lunch. Harry could tell Ron wasn't happy. He would do something if Ginny's sandwiches weren't so good.

Ron spent most of the way back to his office with his head in his hands. 2 years and he hadn't talked too her. He had even avoided meetings with her previously. He was quickly becoming depressed. He opened his eyes too see that he had, in fact, taken the wrong way and was in the department of mysteries.... It's a funny world isn't it? He cursed at himself and headed in the opposite direction... Not before letting curiosity get the best of him. He didn't feel like taking any time so he fatefully went into the door next to him, into the Time Room. When he came in he saw a wall of Timeturner's amongst many other things. He was always curious about time. He figured he had been since the day Hermione explained her Timeturner to him. That moment intrigued him more than anything she had unwillingly explained to him before since that was around the moment he realized how he felt. He explored the first half of the room before making his way down the small corridor. He looked around at the empty desks of the currently hungry peopel in the department. Behind one desk (that, apparently, belonged to one Paul Shockley) was a large cabinet with a row of books on it. Ron looked through the oddly titled books.. "So You Created A Paradox." "You're Missing it!" "Heavy Situations In Time""So you Don't Know What a Paradox Is?" "Importance of the Chaos Theory" "Heavy Situations In Time". He almost wanted to take one to read by himself. But he was intrigued by the contents of the cabinet. He slowly opened it up as the rusty hinges creaked. Inside was a small tablet that said "Name: The Tractus Invented: Date Unknown". He looked at the object..... He had only seen it few a few times before, but he knew it well. He reached for it, and got the sensation of being apparated.......


Usually students weren't allowed into Dumbledore's office, but he was an exception. He Harry and Hermione considered it an honor to help clean out his office after he died so tragically.
"So keep everything?" Harry asked, he was at Hogwarts just too help clean up Dumbledore's office. after this he would continue his search.
"yes, give it to us." one of the representatives from the ministry ordered. Everyone in the room had to take his things down without using magic, because of such a high risk of well, anything. Nobody knew what any of it was, so it would be best no to mess around with it since using a spell could possibly do much more worse things than tampering with it in an unknown way.
"... Oh I know what this is.." Hermione said looking over a copper cheese grater.
"You know what everything is." Ron laughed. Ron took the left side of the room to find things. He had a special box for things. He placed on hting after another until one thing stopped him. It was the same as before.. The same wooden bottle. He reached for it again.. It was in his hands now. He played with it, and ran his fingers around the designs.
"Excuse me..." He heard a voice. He looked around... Nobody was near him.
"... Excuse me..." Ron looked around again....


Ron snapped out of his flashback to see a man, a little older than himself looking at him annoyed.
"I'm afraid you'll have to leave... And give me that!" the man grabbed for the bottle but stopped himself.
"Uuh... Put it back.. And leave..." the man ordered. Ron knew when he wasn't wanted. He left without another word.

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