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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 24 : Hard Truths
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It had been a few weeks since Harry had heard anything from Draco on Hermione’s condition; he was assuming that she showed no signs of change. He had wanted to visit but he was unable to get away from the burrow lately though he did not mind much. His wife needed him now more then ever, they needed each other for Ginny had lost the baby she was carrying and was not handling it well at all, what expectant mother would? Harry wished Hermione were well and here for his wife since she too had experienced this type of agony but she was not and that pained him on top of everything else.

“Why don’t you just go check on her,” Ginny whispered from the bed were she was lying.

Harry continued to stare out the window allowing the sun to warm his face through the paned glass, he said nothing in response.

“I know you want to,” she added unable to hold back tears.

Harry could hear his wife start to sob softly, his heart broke again every time he heard her cry for their perished baby. He slowly turned to look at her, tears rolling down his face.

“I am sorry Ginny. I am sorry this has happened to us,” he said as softly and gently as he could.

“Are you though,” she asked sounding somewhat angry. Harry had sensed she put most of the blame on her losing the baby on him. He could feel the tension and anger from her without her admitting it.

“I stressed you to much by splitting my time between you and Hermione and that is my fault and that is my guilt to live with,” he stated.

“I am your wife and I was carrying your child,” she said bitterly, “There should have been no comparison.”

Harry hung his head for he knew his wife was right.

“I have loved you since I was eleven years old Harry Potter. I have given you everything I am and I waited for you when you told me not to. I was patient and I had faith that you would come back to me, but now I am starting to think I have been the fool,” she stated.

“What do you mean a fool?” Harry asked suddenly looking up at her.

“A fool to not have seen what lies beneath your devotion of friendship with Hermione,” she said with an icy stare.

Harry started to feel numb she was getting the entirely wrong impression.

“Gin, it has always been you. How could you not know that?” He asked.

“When you were in the coma for the entire year after the war I came to visit you every day. When I would arrive Hermione would already be there and when I would be leaving she would still be there. I am just now starting to realize she never left you and only now with her illness am I learning why,” she said as angry tears streamed down her face.

Harry walked over to the bed and sat next to his wife.

“Gin, me and Mi are close but we have always just been friends and nothing more. Ron and her they were the family I never had, and we always had each other.” He said.

“You had me and my family as well and you know that,” she cried.

“Yes I did and I still do and you complete me Gin. You and I were destined for one another, you now that,” he said gently taking her hands into his but she pulled them away from him.

“No Harry. I don’t know anymore who is destined to be with whom. Look at what has happened with Ron and Hermione. Look at whose roof she is under and now look at us. If we were destined to be with one another it would not be only I that carry this torch for our love and I would never have had to question your friendship with Hermione,” she said tears now pouring down her cheeks.

“Gin what are you saying?” Harry asked with a sick feeling in his stomach.

“I am saying maybe you should find a place to stay for a while to sort out your thoughts and your feelings,” she paused and looked deeply into his green eyes, “I love you Harry Potter I know this but I do not feel you truly know in your heart where your true devotion lies,” she finished.

He went to rebuttal but she moved further away from him on the bed and turned to face the opposite wall putting her back to him. He gently touched her crimson hair not wanting to leave for he feared he would never be able to return but deep down he knew she was right.

“I will not leave you in this state,” he said.

“I have my family, they are all I need right now not a half devoted husband,” she said barely above a whisper. Harry knew that with those words the argument was over.


Harry had arrived at the Malfoy Manor shortly after he left the burrow. He was unable to locate Draco so he just went up to Hermione’s room.

“Sorry it took me so,” but he could not finish his sentence. Upon entering his friend’s quarters at the manor he realized she was no longer there. The bed had been neatly made and as he looked to her vanity all of her personal items had been removed. Quickly he rushed to the closet and yanked the doors open, empty.

Draco must have taken her to St. Mungo’s, her condition must have taken a turn for the worst. He thought trying to reassure himself yet he still had a sick feeling that something had gone terribly wrong.

He raced out of the bedroom and down the hall to Draco’s study only to find it locked.

“Damnt!” He cursed.

“DRACO IF YOU ARE HERE YOU BETTER SHOW YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. The only answer he recieved was the bellowed echo of his voice.

His heart was pounding as terrible scenarios rushed through his mind as to what could have happened to his best friend. He tore through the mansion looking for some one, anyone that could tell him what had happened and where she was. Finally he reached the kitchen and pushed the swinging doors open so hard they flew of their hinges.

“Really Mr. Potter was that necessary.” The butler asked.

“Where is she, what has he done with Hermione,” Harry blurted out breathlessly.

“Why he has taken Miss Granger to the Dibh Mainear,” the butler said calmly.

“The what,” Harry asked angrily.

“The Black Manor in Ireland,” said the butler matter of factly as if Harry should have known what Dibh Mainear meant.

“Why, has she gotten worse?” He worriedly asked.

The butler slightly laughed which angered Harry more.

“Why no Mr. Potter. Miss Granger has been awake for weeks now I thought she would have contacted you but I guess I was wrong,” the butler said sounding annoyed with Harry’s interrogation. He had been instructed by Draco to say nothing to Harry about Hermione not being able to fully remember her past when she had awoke and he was not about to disappoint his Master.

“BLOODY HELL!” Harry shouted angrily.

“Where the hell is this Black Manor in Ireland,” he asked.

“The west coast of Ireland, they’ve gone for the summer,” the butler said, leaving out that the manor was located in Galway.

“He told you not to give me the location didn’t he,” Harry said moving quickly to the butler and grabbing him by the neck of his petty coat.

“Do you plan to threaten me Mr. Potter,” the haughty little man said.


The butler only chuckled, “Do you expect me to lose my life to aid you in seeing Miss Granger. Well Mr. Potter I assume you do not wish that fate for me so kindly release me from your hold.”

Harry was beat; he would never condemn the snotty little man to that fate regardless of how much he annoyed him. He would find another way to get to Hermione, some one else had to know the location of this manor it was after all a Black family manor, history would work he was sure. Why he had never heard of it baffled him, considering Sirius was a member of the Black family, then again so was Draco's mother.

He let go of the butler and disapparated.


Harry had arrived outside of Hermione’s flat with a loud crack. Quickly he unlocked the door with the key Hermione had given him when she first moved in, so he could look after the place when she and Ron went out of town.

He stepped inside and quickly shut and locked the door behind him. He placed a security spell on the flat which would allow no one in at all, unless of course it was the owner and that being Hermione was not likely.

He noticed that the flat had been in disarray and he figured this was from the night she learned that Ron had come home. As he surveyed the flat he picked things up and returned them to their proper spots, it amazed him how he had memorized her flat. After he cleaned the shattered glass by the fireplace he picked up the picture that was of Ron, Hermione, Ginny and himself of Hermione’s twenty first birthday. Her smile haunted him and for the first time he felt a jolt in his soul he had not felt before when thinking of her, quickly he placed the picture back on the mantle.

After hours of cleaning he finally decided to call it a night. It was getting very late and he wanted to get up early in the morning to start his search for this Black Manor in Ireland. He knew there had to be some note of it in one of Hermione’s history books; he had faith that even now she could solve even this problem for him.

As he lay in the dark waiting for sleep to come to him he thought of why Hermione would not have contacted him once she had come out of her mental slumber. He first thought that maybe Draco had told her of Ginny’s pregnancy and figured she thought she should leave him alone, but that did not sit well with him. He knew deep down that if she knew her friend was pregnant she would have, regardless of her anger with Ron, come to visit. Harry started to realize that something was terribly wrong indeed, that this kind of behavior was not normal for Hermione, not normal at all. She may keep things from Ron and Ginny but she never kept anything from Harry and leaving without even sending a letter was very odd and out of character for her; no he had a feeling that whatever had transpired Draco was surely behind it.

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Willingly into Wickedness: Hard Truths


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