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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 9 : A Kiss Witnessed
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After a couple of days at the Weasley’s home, Alicia found out that once dinner is called, you had better find a seat and eat! Mrs. Weasley was an excellent cook and there was no such thing called a left over at that table. Alicia finally met George and Fred’s oldest brother Bill. He had been away in Egypt working as a curse breaker. He was handsome and absolutely funny. He could see George and Fred both growing up very similar to Bill. Her heart really went out to Ron, the youngest brother, as he was very much a victim to the twins. She bonded very quickly with Ginny. She could only imagine what it must be like to have 6 older brothers and no other young female in the house.

George and Fred were very attentive to Alicia that week. She often caught herself daydreaming, staring at both, comparing each one individually. She soon discovered the differences in each and by the end of the week, was able to tell the difference easily.

Fred had a very quiet, calmness to his personality when George wasn’t in earshot. He was the one who really tinkered with things. Trying to figure out how things worked and to find better ways of improving them. George on the other hand was more of the ring leader when it came to their practical jokes. George found the trouble and Fred discovered the ways to make them more suitable for their needs.

One sunny, Saturday afternoon, Fred, Percy and Mr. Weasley took a trip into London and Mrs. Weasley along with Ginny and Ron visited Mrs. Longbottom. George was waiting for an opportunity to show Alicia the tree house only he, his brother and father knew about. “Alicia?” He came sliding down the stairs. I’d love to show you our tree house today.”

Alicia smiled widely. “Wow George, you trust me enough to bring me there? Sure! I’d love to! But won’t Fred be upset if he’s not with us.”

“I told him I’d be taking you today, he promised my dad that he would go with him into London, otherwise he’d be coming with us. Grab your cloak, it’s not too far.”

Off they set out across the frosted grass towards the woods. “We searched for the perfect spot in the woods. We wanted a place where no one could find us. They had stopped walking and he pointed to a broken down horse cart.

“A cart is your secret place?” She asked.

“Oh no!! Look behind it. On the tree trunk.”

Alicia walked around the cart and pulled away the vines wrapped around the trunk. Tiny little wooden planks made their way up to the top of the tree. At the top, stood what appeared to be a one man tent. “That’s really tiny George, are you sure we’ll both fit?” She giggled.

“Yeah, we’ll both fit, I’m sure of that. Start climbing, I’ll follow.”

Alicia climbed her way to the top and hesitated going through the tent opening. “Trust me Lish. You’ll be fine.” George urged.

When she entered the tent, her breath got caught up in her lungs. “WOAH!! What is this place?”

“We like to call it ‘Fred & George’s Shag Palace” He grinned.

“What does that mean?” Alicia asked.

“I haven’t a clue, but I heard my brother Charlie say it one day and I thought it was pretty cool.” George laughed.

Alicia laughed back “Well, I like it……….what ever it means.”

Alicia looked around. It was about the size of a small cottage. A couple of cots were in one of the corners, a small couch and chair were in the middle of the room with a small hutch cabinet. What looked like a small stove in a tiny kitchen area and a book shelf…..with books………was on the opposite wall. Her eyebrows raised at the sight of the books. “George, where did all of this stuff come from?”

“Well, my dad knows that Fred and I have this dream of owning our own joke shop one day. Inventing our own stuff. That 1st aide book has come in mighty handy at times. Alicia ran her hands over the books. They were a few on inventions, how to run a business, practical jokes and a book on wizarding 1st aide.

“This is wicked. I’ve never seen anything like this!” She went and sat down on the couch, taking her jacket off. Alicia had just turned 12 a few months ago and stared to develop. George sat down in the chair, not able to take his eyes off of her. He knew she was beautiful and being alone with her and this close, he was nervous.

To get his mind off of snogging the heck out of her, he started to show her the ideas they had come up with. A couple hours passed with a lot of laughter. She couldn’t believe the wild and crazy ideas they had. She finally got up the nerve to ask him a question that had been lingering in the back of her mind all afternoon.

“George, if I told you I’ve never been kissed before, would you think I was a total loser?” She quickly asked.

George looked a little taken back by the question. “Well, I’ve never kissed a girl, does that make me a loser?” He looked at her, blinking his eyes.

She giggled. “I would think someone as cute, funny and hot as you would have girls begging you for a snog session.”

He opened his mouth in an attempt to answer, but his voice cracked. He quickly sat back in the chair, embarrassed.

“George, are you alright? You’re face is as red as your hair.” Alicia said.

“Oh, I uh, well ah, do you, umm, I…..”

“Well bless my soul.” Alicia said standing up and walking over to his chair. “George Weasley, lost for words.” She gently eased herself on the edge of the chair and leaned in closer. “I think you’re really cute when you’re quiet.” She inched closer and closer.

George gulped, feeling her warm breath, he started to become nervous again. “You’re so sweet, you make my tooth ache.” And before he could slap his hand over his mouth, the words spilled out. “Oh gods!” He thought. “She must think I’m the biggest git!”

She giggled at the compliment. Inching closer, “I think you’re sweet as well.” Her lips lightly touched his, sending chills up both their spines. He sat up, bringing her closer so their lips melted into one another. He had dreamed of this since the day he laid eyes on her. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She finally pulled away. She sat there staring at him for what seemed to be an eternity.

“George?” She finally whispered. His eyes still shut, his mouth still slightly open, he seemed to be stuck in a daze. “George! Come back to Earth.”

George slowly opened his eyes. “Yeah, Earth, yeah.” His mind was absolutely blank.

“I’m sorry George. I really shouldn’t have forced myself like that on you.” Alicia said getting up.

“What!?! Alicia, I loved it. That was, well, WOW! I could do that all day with you.” He pulled on her hand, letting her fall into his lap. He positioned himself comfortably, kissing her with more passion then he thought he could have.

Finally they sun started to set. “Do you think we should be going home?” Alicia said finally coming up for air.

Ten minutes later, after a quiet walk back they arrived at the Burrow. George's mind was going a million miles. “THAT was spectacular . Bloody hell, I just don’t know what to say now! What do I do? Do I ask her to be my girl. Do I go further? Do I confess my undying love? No, no, no twit, too much I’d say. I can’t even talk to Fred about this! “Oye, what do I do?” Was his thoughts.

Later that evening, after everyone had gone to bed, Alicia lay awake thinking about George. “Bloody hell, I can’t stop thinking about kissing him again. This is going to drive me mad.” She wandered downstairs to warm some milk up and try to finish a little bit of homework. She warmed a mug of milk and snuggled up under a warm blanket next to the crackling fire. Her eyes started to drop half an hour later. She dreamed of a handsome red head, making her laugh and giving her stomach a plunging feeling. He took her in his arms and their lips met. She sighed in her sleep. Something woke her up, a hand caressing her face. She blinked open her eyes, still tired from her sleep. She smiled at the vision in front of her. The same face in her dreams. She sat up “Kiss me” was the only words she said.

He smiled and moved closer “I thought you’d never ask.” He moved closer and kissed the girl he had been dreaming of kissing since the day he saw her.

Their kiss lasted for what felt like an eternity. Her senses coming to an all new high. His desire for her taking over his hands. She felt his hands traveling down her waist, finding their way under her night shirt. They paused at the touch of her skin, she shuddered, he moaned. Neither one noticed that this was being witnessed. George stood watching from the bottom of the stairs. He quietly climbed back up the stairs, feeling for the 1st time in his life betrayal from the person who was closest to him.from the person who was closest to him.

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