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Harry Potter and the Wizards Debt by Darkwriter
Chapter 10 : Chapter 9
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Harry found Frost in the atrium the next morning and brought out two cups of coffee.

“You missed breakfast.” Harry told her as he sat down and handed her a cup of coffee. “Did you even sleep at all?”

“No, I didn’t sleep.” Frost took the coffee from him. “What about you?”

“Nope. To hard to get to sleep, too much has happened. Are mad at Dumbledore?”


“Do you hate him?”

“Don’t know. I think I understand what he did. I would have rather have been told the truth though.”

Harry took a drink of his coffee. “I know how you feel. It’s hard knowing that everything has been a lie, but the truth isn’t any easier.” Frost looked at him.

“Are you mad at Dumbledore? Do you hate him?”

Harry sat for awhile before he answered. “Mad yes. Hate him, not sure. Guess we’re in the same boat there. Can you tell me about the orbs? You said they control your shifting but what do they do?”

Frost told him everything she had explained to Severus. Harry listened and sat for the longest after she had finished.

“What about the one I touched?”

“I don’t know what it does, you do. You went inside it, I’ve never been able too.”

“But if they’re elvin how can I? I don’t have elvin blood unless that is another lie.” Frost started laughing.

“You don’t have elvin blood. I think that orb might have actually been made by a wizard; it would make sense at least some. Because you could go in it or this could also be tied into that prophecy from last night. What did you do in that orb?” Harry started smiling.

“It was totally wicked! I created things inside it, like a whole New World. I don’t know how to explain it. I just touched it and then I was inside it. I didn’t have to do anything, I could breathe and star dust came out of my mouth, it was wicked!” Frost had moved away from Harry, he had a slight gold glow about him. Standing up she looked down at him.

“What else can you do in it?” Harry looked up at her.

“What do you mean?”

“It has to control something, do have any idea what it would control?”

How is he glowing? I never glowed after I went inside an orb. This can’t be elvin magic that he has touched, even though it was hidden with the orbs, it has to be something else, something else altogether.

“I don’t know what it would control, there is nothing inside it to control.” The glow started to fade from him.

“Think about inside the orb again.”


“Humor me.” Frost watched as Harry closed his eyes, the glow started to come back full force.

“Hey, Harry, do you want to play a game of wizards chess?” Ron came out into the atrium. Frost watched as the glow left instantly at the sound of Ron’s voice. Harry turned to his friend.

“Yeah, go set it up and I’ll be in there.” Harry turned back to Frost. “Why did you want me to do that?” Frost watched as Ron walked back inside.

“What do you feel when your thinking about the orb?”

“Um…not sure. It’s like no feeling. When I first went inside it there was nothing there. It feels like that, nothing, until I start to think of the stuff I done inside it. It feels complete. Why?” Frost kept watching him.

“Just trying to figure out what the orb does Harry. I had to analyze the ones I went inside, before I could make them work on the outside of the orbs. But they work inside you, and it shows. With me I can change shapes, with you, I haven’t figured it out yet.”

“Can we talk about this again?”

“Yes, go play chess.” Frost studied him as he walked back in the house.

“Is the glowing normal?” His voice laced with concern but held a deadly edge to it. Frost turned around towards the voice, it was coming from the shadows of the atrium. Severus was leaning against the wall.

“No. It’s not normal. The other orbs didn’t do that.” Severus moved off the wall, but he stayed in the shadow not giving her the chance to see his face, at least not clearly.

“So the one he touched isn’t elvin then.” He spat at her.

“It would appear so. I couldn’t work it, Dumbledore would never touch them not until after I had, so I don’t know if it’s just Harry or if any wizard could have touched the orb and went inside.” Severus kept to shadows and started walking along the path, the overhang of the house concealing the sun that had risen not to long ago.

“The ones you control, are they anything like the one Harry went inside?” Severus snarled.

“No. The world or what Harry described was already inside the ones I went in. Take the blue one, it’s cold, and white inside, a mist rolling across a vast floor of ice. The ice shifts and rifts begin. Once where there was just straight flat ice, now your standing in front of a glacier, it shifts again and you’re dropped inside water so cold you almost fall to a blissful sleeping death. While you’re in this water, which is the core of orb, you start seeing shapes. Nothing really striking, I had things float through me, so cold it felt like I was burning with fire. I had to break through the ice, after I did that, I was standing back on the ice again. Then I was flung back out of the orb.”

Severus stopped just short of going into the morning sun, spun around and continued his way back to the wall he had left. He reminded Frost of a black panther she had seen inside a Muggle zoo once when she was younger. She could see his eyes, the dark wildness of untamed obsession brewing behind them.

“How long did it take you to figure out an orb?” He hissed.

“A month, give or take a week, sometimes longer. It depended on the amount of magic inside them, and the world that I saw. Each world contained a key of what they could do.” He stopped his black eyes staying focused on her.

“How long do you think it will take to figure out the orb Harry touched?”

“I don’t know Severus, I didn’t go inside it. I don’t know the key to it.”

“Do you think this orb will harm him?” he asked viscously. Frost turned from him.

Merlin! Why is he treating me like I’m the enemy here? I didn’t tell his son to go digging up the orbs. I have no bloody idea if it will harm him or not. I don’t know who made it.

“I don’t know.” She said, grounding out the words with venom.

“How can you not know Frost?” She heard the anger dripping in his voice and spun around to face him.

“As I told you, I couldn’t go inside that one. So I don’t know, Severus. I’m not the bloody enemy here!” Turning back around she started walking to the door to go inside, she saw the spell hit the lock and it clicked in place.

“We’re not through!” He said, his voice dripping with a murderous rage.

She could feel him still in the shadows of the atrium, she didn’t have to turn around to know he was there. Anytime she walked into a room she could tell whether Severus was in it or not, and where he was without looking. She had gotten that use to reading whatever room she was in when he was there. At the moment, it could be very volatile in this room. There was more to his anger than just with his son and Dumbledore, she knew she was the underlying cause of some of that wrath that was able to brew and steam for over sixteen years. Frost didn't turn around.

"Now what?" She asked, her voice holding an edge to it. Severus glared at Frost from the shadows.

"You're not going anywhere until you tell me why you've pretended to be dead for eleven years!" He was not about to give her an option, she answered or they would be there until she did.

Tell him the truth or lie? Better to go with the truth.

She glanced over her shoulder looking at him. "I was told to play dead, I was told to leave the only home I had known because of the curse Voldemort put me under. Dumbledore told me it wouldn't work unless I left, I don't know what type of curse he cast on me. Other than he told me you took part of it, so it spared my life, and that I owed you a life debt. Dumbledore told me the curse couldn't be broken unless I was dead, so I left, I guess it worked because you did find a cure to it."

"I found a cure for someone I thought was dead!" Severus replied harshly, "A curse that was lifted and you still didn't return!" Frost turned around.

"I didn't know you found it. I was never told you found a cure for it, not until that night you poured the vile of that stuff down my throat. If I would have known you found a cure for it I would have been back sooner. Dumbledore never talked about you, Harry, any of my old friends with any of the letters he sent to me while I was gone."

"And the ONLY one you ever contacted was the Headmaster. No one else?" Severus snarled.

"How's a dead person suppose to contact anyone Severus? I was dead, for all practical purposes, I still am! You said yourself you wouldn't change even for me, or did my ears deceive that sentiment a couple days ago?" Frost snarled right back at him.

Why does he want to know all of this now? He knows I can't go back and change any of this, he knows I'm changing into a dragon.

Severus watched her, "I'm not changing for anyone Frost. I want the answers, you have them!" Frost walked over to the wall and leaned against it, she knew he wouldn't let her leave until he was satisfied.

"Like I told you, I was told to leave, I left. I don't question, I just follow orders." She crossed her arms and glared at him.

"You just left, no word to anyone else. Just up and left the world behind!" Snape snarled watching her closely.

"I was told not to tell anyone, so I didn't. We weren't talking at the time, Sirius was in Azkaban for killing Peter, Lily and James were dead, Remus was god knows where. There was no one to tell." She watched as he stayed in the shadows.

"Peter was never dead you know. Or perhaps you didn't, I suppose you didn't learn of it while you were pretending to be dead." Severus replied hotly watching her closely.

"What do you mean Peter isn't dead?" She tried to hold her composure but she knew it wasn't working. Severus had told her something Dumbledore never told her.

"You didn't know?" Severus questioned. The gloating of Slytherin pride could be heard in his voice. "Peter framed Black for the death of the Potters, and is in the Dark Lord's inner circle of Death Eaters."

Frost moved off the wall and started walking towards the opposite end of the atrium. Sirius was innocent? Peter is with the Dark Lord? What else was she not told? Wait a minute, I thought the Dark Lord was gone? Frost turned back around at the end of the atrium. "How did the Dark Lord come back? He was gone?"

"He was gone." Severus stated like he had bile in his mouth. "Harry was taken during the Triwizard Tournament, and with the help of Peter, the Dark Lord returned."

Frost sat down on the bench at the end. I've been gone to long. Why didn't Dumbledore tell me? "When did this happen?" God I'm an idiot, I didn't pick this up last night when we were talking.

"Harry was fourteen when the Dark Lord returned." Severus replied.

"I can't believe Dumbledore never told me. He never mentioned it in any of his letters to me." Frost looked over at Severus. He had moved over across from her still staying in the shadows.

"Dumbledore wrote you?" Severus questioned sharply, "He knew you were alive all this time, but had us all believing you were dead. And he never once told you how Voldemort returned, how your godson has nearly been killed each year of his schooling."

"Yes he wrote me, sent me money. I got four letters a year, telling me where to go and what to do." Frost paused. "He never once mentioned Harry, he never told me Voldemort returned."

"You knew nothing then? Except that you had to hide away from all of us." He spat at her like a death adder waiting to strike its prey.

"I knew nothing, other than what I was given from Dumbledore. I wasn't in the country half the time, I was off finding magical creatures and finding their weaknesses. I had the best reason to stay hidden, how long do you think I can keep it hidden that I'm turning into a dragon, Severus. All the more reason to stay dead."

"You've managed for this long.” Severus paced a little away from where he was at and turned his menacing black eyes back towards her. “What were Dumbledore's reasons for sending you to find these creatures?”

“I've only managed for this long because I haven't been around people.” What was Dumbledore's reason? Think! He told you, what was it? “Dumbledore said something about the helping the professors for the Defense Agaisnt the Dark Arts. He said he was passing all the information along.”

“Helping? More like grooming you to teach! No one has been able to hold that job down, everyone thinks the job is jinxed. Even more so since your godson has gone through five teachers in the last five years. I know better, I bet he was waiting until you had enough experience so he could give it to you.”

All the more reason to hate me then. But if that is true I never asked for that job. Merlin he is so bitter.

“I never asked for the job. I don’t want it Severus, I’ll give it to you gladly. The only thing I want is my life back. The only thing I want is to be normal, for once, I would like to wake up and not have to worry about if the monster inside me is going to come out for the last time. Not have to worry about how many people I can kill from the sheer power of it.” Snape walked over to stand in front of her and snarled down at her.

"Then the job is mine. You teach what I tell you too. You followed orders so well for eleven years, what’s one more. You tell Lupin nothing, if he questions it, come up with an excuse, you were always good at those. I presume you can teach, or do I need to do that too?"

Frost stood up looking back in those dark, dangerous black eyes. "I'll do it on one condition." Snape glared at her.

"There is no conditions, no bargaining. You don't have anything to bargain with."

Frost looked down. I can’t walk away, he has the door locked. He’s right, I have nothing to bargain with. She studied the dark clothes in front of her eyes and his black shoes.

Snape upturned her face back to his, his voice stayed with that deadly edge. “No nasty comment! Now can you teach, or do I need to do that too?”

“I know how to take orders.” She said with unwavering nerve.

“I’ve seen how you take orders.” Severus dropped his hand from her chin as if he had been burned and his glare continued to see if she would back down from him. “As of right now, you’re taking orders from me. You owe me a life debt and I’m claiming it in this fashion. You do as I tell you, you will teach how I tell you, and you will not do anything to go against what I say.”

She said she wouldn’t have came if Dumbledore had flat out asked her. She only came because of the debt she owed to me. I see no other options, she can’t back out of this, it would go against that ‘Griffindor Pride’. And I’ve never seen her back down from a challenge.

“And what would the ‘Mighty Head of Slytherin’ want me to do first?” She challenged him.

“Go find the werewolf and see what his sorry carcass is doing. I’m sure he’s changed back by now.” He stepped back and watched her give him one last glare as she headed for the door.

When she reached the door she stopped and looked back to him. “If it’s not to much trouble your ‘Royal Slytheriness’, unlock the door.”

Snape took out his wand and sent the spell to the door, which clicked, open. Frost opened the door and stopped. Harry was standing at the door looking from her then to his father.

Frost plastered a forced smile on her face and made her voice as smooth as sugar. “How did the chess game go?”

“Ron won.” Harry told her.

“Maybe next time.” Frost told him as she slid past him on the way to go do Snape’s bidding.

Harry looked back out to his father but he was already walking out of the atrium on the other side.

My father is an arsehole, not that I didn’t know this. How could he do this? Why is he doing this? I really shouldn’t be surprised, look how he has treated me the last five years. And knowing I was his son. Why is Frost even doing what he’s asking? Some way to pay back a wizard’s debt. Okay Harry, never get in debt with your father, that is a must.

Harry turned around to go back into the house and find Ron and Hermione.

Frost stood outside the veil that was surrounding the house. It had rained and was still doing so. She felt the cool drops trickle down her nose not bothering to wipe them away. The forbidden forest was not to far from the house, she started walking towards it, knowing Remus she figured he would still be inside. Either that or he could have possible had gone to the school, the house sat on the outskirts of the school grounds, but was totally hidden from the school. The house also happened to be one of the few places outside the grounds you could Apparate in and out of. She stopped short when she reached the edge of the forest, searching for any signs of which way Remus could have gone inside it. She found the footprints going in and she started following them. Just inside where the light had gone dark even during the day, Frost was slammed up against a tree and her wand was taken out of her hand.

“It took you long enough.” Remus growled in her ear.

“Let me go Remus.” Frost warned him.

“Or what? I’ve had enough of this. No more lies, Frost. I want the truth.” She looked into his cold blue eyes.

“I told you the truth. Now let me go, before you force me to make you.” Remus said a spell and had Frost trapped as the tree had sprouted arms and wrapped her holding her to it.

“Let’s try this again.” Remus growled. “What are you?”

Frost groaned while she rested her head back up against the tree looking up at it. “I already told you. I’m not a shapeshifter Remus. I have elvin blood and I’m turning into a damn dragon. What is so hard to understand about this?” Frost heard the snap of wood and looked at Remus he was breaking her wand into pieces.

“Try again. There is no damn way you are turning into a dragon.”

Frost glared at him and watched as he threw the pieces of her wand to the ground. Her eyes turned red and the tree that was holding her started to feel larger around her as the changed her form into that of a silver fox and slipped out of the tree’s grasp. She hissed and spat at Remus as he drew his wand out and pointed it at her.

“Don’t you dare.” Remus threatened. Frost shifted her form again and changed into that of a boa constrictor a very large one and slowly slithered her way across the ground towards Remus. Remus backed up. “Are you daft woman? Stop this.”

Frost stopped where she was as she covered the broken wand pieces with her coiled body. Then she changed back into her real form and stood before Remus with the broken pieces. “You idiot. Now I have to get a new wand.”

“I say we’re even. Now take what spell you put on me off.” Remus demanded. Frost stretched out her right hand and said a few words. Remus looked at his left hand as it returned to the same ash white color as before.

“Go wash it off, before I change my mind.”

“What is this stuff?” Remus asked while looking at his hand. “All I did was touch you, touch where you change.”

“It’s a residue from the scales from the dragon. It gives me the power to hurt things when they touch it.” Frost told him and started walking back to the house. “Come on, you need to wash that off, and now I have to go get another wand.”

Remus caught up with her and fell along aside her on the way back to the house. “Why didn’t you say something while we were in school about being part elf?” Frost looked over at Remus.

If he’s willing to listen, then I’ll tell him. Maybe we can work through this. Remus was always the one who would listen quicker than the others.

“Well, you said so yourself. You would rather be a werewolf than have any elvin blood in you. I can’t help who I am Remus. I’m not even sure what elemental magic is so don’t ask, I was never told about it and I never learned it.”

“Did you learn elvin magic though?” Frost and Remus slowed their pace of walking after they got out of the wood while they were walking back towards the house.

“Yes. Barrac was my house-elf, he taught me how to use elvin magic, but I didn’t learn any of that until after I started going to school. Barrac was the only one who looked after me, he got to know when I was changing and helped hide me away while I was at school. Unlike you, who would have to be gone all night, my changes didn’t last that long, they are painful though.”

They got back to the house, Remus went straight in to wash his hands. Frost fingered the broken wand in her pocket and decided she’d get this out of the way now. No use in putting it off, not when I needed a new one. Going around the corner to the only fireplace in the house that Dumbledore set up for an escape route if need be she stepped inside with some floo powder and said the name for the joke shop owned by the Weasley twins. When she reached the back door to exit into the main shop she felt a hand on her shoulder that spun her around, she was staring right into dark, cold black eyes.

“Where are you going?” Severus growled at her.

“I didn’t think I had to ask the ‘Snake Lord’s’ permission so I could do a simple errand.” She spat at him defiantly.

Snake Lord! I thought Mighty Head of Slytherin was good, Royal Slytheriness was pushing it.

“I didn’t say you could go anywhere else. I see you brought the werewolf back, did you two get over your spat?”

His eyes bore holes into her. “Yes, we did. Now excuse me. I have an errand to run that won’t take me that long.”

Severus put his hand on the door so she couldn’t walk out. “What do you need to get that you didn’t get yesterday?” He growled from behind her.

Frost groaned and banged her head on the door. “It’s personal, that’s all you need to know.”

“Tell me or you go no where.”

Frost turned and saw the raw darkness within his eyes, she looked down. “Ineedawand.” She sputtered out quickly.

“Look at me and say that again slowly this time.”

Frost looked up and glared into his hard black eyes. “I said…I need a wand.”

Severus scowled down at her. “You already have one. Why would you need to get another?” Frost groaned.

I don’t want to tell him this. If I do, he’s just going to make my life hell, it wasn’t my fault.

“I need a new one.”

Her and Remus worked it out, but she needs a wand now? Just what the hell did they work out?
"What happened with your OLD Wand?" Severus growled menacingly making sure she saw it.

Frost leaned her head against the door and folded her arms across her chest. “If you MUST know, ‘Oh Forked Tongue One’. We’re even right now. He snapped my wand in pieces and I took the curse I had placed on him off. Satisfied now? It’s all your damn fault I need a new one anyway.”

This is going too far, one more name and she won't have a tongue to speak with.

Severus thought as he watched her with hate filled eyes. "I only sent you to find him and bring him back. You were the one that he was angry with. Blaming me will not put your wand back together. Make it quick, we don't have all day to get a damn wand."

Frost turned to go out the door but Severus hadn't moved his hand away from the door. "Could you please extract your hand, 'Master Belly Crawler'."

Severus reluctantly removed his hand from the door, "One more name and you won't have a tongue to speak with"

Frost gave him an icy glare and opened the door stepped through it and was walking in the middle of the shop when the two, twin red heads looked at her with Severus walking behind her. There were a few people in the shop when she got to the door she couldn't resist it any longer. Turned and glared at him coming up towards her. With her hand placed firmly on the door she said. "Thank ever so much, 'Your Royal Sna..." That was all she got out when Severus had his hand over her mouth before she could get the retort out.

Tightening his grip over her jaw, Severus looked her directly in the eyes. "Not another word until we return home." He snarled. He would have ripped her tongue out as he had said he would, but there were too many people around to do so.

Frost licked the inside of his palm. Want to rip my tongue out don't you? Go for it. She felt him push her outside of the shop and he took his hand away from her mouth. She started snickering, she couldn't help it. He wants me to follow orders, I'm just giving him gracious titles until he says no more orders, only being a dutiful slave that I am right now.

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