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So Far Away by EricaChristine
Chapter 13 : The Slip-up.
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Chapter 12
The Slip-up

"Can't we just find something and get out of here?" whined Nilia. "I am tired."

Hermione held up green dress robes to get approval from her and she wrinkled her nose. "That is why we are still here, neither of us can decide which dress robes to get."

Nilia laughed and sorted through a rack of red ones. She didn't care what she looked like as long as Fred was there and not doing something dangerous for the Order. She knew that finding out information for Draco wasn't that risky, but she didn't like the idea of him doing anything that has to do with any family close to the Deatheaters. But she was also worried about Draco and little Nicholas. If Nicholas had to be with a family that was legally binded in marriage then even if they found something out, he would have to be with someone. And it couldn't be Draco. She had pondered over this since they found
out about the laws. Then the thought of Hermione leaving left her heartbroken but knew it was the best for everything. Ron might get over her....

"Miss, excuse me?" A voice come in her thoughts and she shook her head and turned around. She found the attendant working in the robe shop
standing there with a robe in her hand. "I couldn't help but notice that you were having troubles finding a robe. We just got this one in and it's more modern.And it would look great with your red hair."

Nilia took the robe from her and held it up. "It's perfect."

Hermione turned the corner and gasped. "That is great." The robes were a simple emerald green, but the fabric had swirls in it. The bottom had lace that was black that reached the floor. It had a wide open hood on the back that would cover her if it rained. A black dress underneath would set it off. It was simple, but much more modern than the stuffy robes they were used to seeing the older wizards wear. She turned and looked at the attendant. "Could you help her find one? She is having troubles also."

"Of course!" She lit up, "I have the perfect one!"

She smiled and roamed around the store. She didn't hear someone come in behind her and follow her as she found Hermione. "Is that it?"

"Yes!" she beamed. "We will look gorgeous!"

"Not sure if that is quite possible!" snarled a voice from behind them.

Both turned and found Pansy holding Nicholas. She had bags under her eyes and looked as if she didn't bath for days. The glare in her eyes made both of them cringe and Nilia knew they needed to leave before words were said.

"Nice to see you Pansy." she forced out. "Nicholas is getting big."

"I suppose." she shrugged back and looked around until her eyes rested on the dress robes that the attendant was boxing up. "Oh, not buying robes are you? I didn't invite you to the wedding did I? Must be for something else then."

Hermione scoffed and stood in front of Nilia. "No we weren't, we have something more important to attend to."

"Important, I doubt it."

Nilia walked up to the counter and handed her share of the cost of the robes to the attendant and thanked her. "These are beautiful, thank you for helping us." She handed Hermione her box and walked towards the door. Then something hit her and she turned around. "Pansy, you are a terrible person. You don't deserve to have Draco or Nicholas."

Hermione laughed as the door shut behind them. "Why did you say that?"

"Something that I felt needed to be said." She walked towards the joke shop. "I love that baby to death and know that Draco does. I just want the baby away from her. She is terrible."

Pulling the door open she looked back at the robe shop and got an idea.

Ten minutes later they stood outside the robe shop both under invisibility cloaks. They cowered so no one could see their feet as they waited for Pansy to walk out so they could follow her. Nilia decided to take things into her own hands. "When she comes out we will wait a minute, then follow her."

"Why are we doing this?" Hermione whispered. "We could get caught."

"I doubt it, Pansy is an idiot. She is so wrapped up in herself that she won't notice anything." She was silent for a moment and then whispered.

"Mione, can the courts use a pensieve as evidence?"

"Umm....." She thought for a moment. "Yes if it is a credible witness. And even if not, they use the Truth Potion in front of the jury if the pensieve isn't believeable. But most just go straight to the potion. Why?"

"If we get anything out of her today, we can go straight to the marriage office and show them the evidence." She hoped this would work. And waited for Hermione to tell her that they needed more than that. But she said nothing.

The doorknob turned and they moved back farther to let Pansy pass. As if on cue, she walked out right past them with Nicholas bouncing up and down cooing. They watched her walk up the block and then started following her.

~Joke shop~

Fred stretched out on the couch just as the doorbell rang. "Damnit." He got back up and opened the door to find Harry redfaced. "What's going on?"

Harry bounded in the room holding a piece of paper. "Where is everyone?"

"Nilia and Hermione went to buy dress robes, George is at mums....who knows where Ron is." He replied. Then noticed two boxes sitting on the
table and saw they were from the robe shop. "Wait, they were already there. Where are they now?"

His friend shrugged and walked towards the boxes. "Did they leave a note?"

Fred looked around and found nothing. "No...they must be just doing girl things right?"

He looked to Harry and he shrugged. "Right?"

"I am sure they are. Anyways-" He started but a POP interupted him. George stood in the room and shook his head.

"Hey guys!"

"I am glad you're here!" Harry exclaimed and starting rambling. "I got a letter from my partner and she said that the Zabini's were going to be at an
event tonight. Some charity thing. He said that there are a ton of house elves around but using invisibility cloaks would throw them off. They will be there until 10 which gives us...." He looked at his watch. "Three hours to find something. Proof that we need to lock Pansy and Blaise up."

Fred watched Harry's face return to it's normal color and then turned to George. "It's settled then...go get our cloaks."

George nodded and went to their closet. He threw several things out while cussing. "Where are they?"

"Should be on top, we used them last week." Fred pulled his shoes on and walked towards the closet also. Peering in he noticed that George had
sifted through everything.

"Not in here. I saw them here this morning when I was looking for my sandwich." He looked up and smiled. "Don't ask."

"Who would of took them?" Harry asked and started looking all over the apartment, finally ending up in Fred's room. There was a pause of bustle and then he yelled, "Fred, come here now!"

He hurried in there and found a note in Harry's hand. "She left a note, and they took your cloaks."

"What?" He asked with a confused look and grabbed the note.


Hermione and I decided to try to be the heros this time and we are going to follow Pansy to get information. Don't worry about us, she is harmless
especially with Nicholas. Wait for us and when we get home we will fill you in. I love you bunches.


P.S. Don't be mad :(

He felt anger rise in him. "How could she put herself in danger like that. Who knows what is going on?" The rants continued into the living room
and stopped when he heard running up the stairs.

"FRED! GEORGE!" yelled Nilia. "WE DID IT!"

She ripped the door open and walked in redfaced. Only to find three angry men staring at her. "What?"

"What?" yelled Harry. "You put yourselves in danger!"

"What if something happened?" yelled George.

Fred clenched his fists and tried to control himself and then it hit him. This is how she probably feels when he tells her about being in the Order. Scared and angry. He counted to ten and approached the two of them. "Are you guys ok?"

"Yes." Hermione breathed out and went to Harry. "We are fine and we can bust her now!"

"How?" George wondered, "You have nothing with you!"

"All we need is what's up here." Nilia tapped her head and then Hermione burst in.

"An here." she waved a tape recorder about.

"What?" George was confused.

"Do you guys have a pensive?" asked Nilia eager to show them what she saw.

Fred shook his head. "No, no need for one. Mum has one. She might let us use it."

"Alright, lets go!"

~The Burrow~

"What is this about?" Molly asked as they all sat around the pensieve as each took their turn watching it. "Please tell me."

"Mum, don't worry. Hey Harry, take her in the kitchen and tell her." Fred directed and turned to the pensieve for his turn to watch.

~Nilia's Memory~

"Where is she going?" Nilia whispered. "She went right past their flat....she isn't going to-"

"Knockturn Alley." Hermione finished and as if she knew they followed her right into the worst part of it.

They shivered and felt sick as they got deeper into it. Neither could believe that Nicholas should be here but he seemed to be asleep so missed most of the bad things. They stopped as Pansy did. She grabbed a piece of paper out of her pocket and both moved closer to see it. But all that it read was an address. The one they stood in front of. A black door with rusty hinges stood out. No windows or signs. Just a door. Both thought about turning back but
knew that they had made it too far.

"See that you made it babe." Said a familiar voice behind them, then the person walked right by them, barely missing Hermione. It was Blaise
Zabini. He walked up to Pansy and kissed her like they were more than friends. "Found the place?"

"Yep. This is the address your mother sent. He is expecting us." She pulled the door open and a terrible smell came out. "After you?"

Blaise nodded and walked in with Pansy following. Nilia and Hermione snuck in quickly before the door shut. Around them they found walls lined
with vials and jars filled with ugly colors. The smell was worse inside and Nilia couldn't help but pinch her nose. She kept her eyes wide open to see any sign
of deception.

After several minutes of silence, Blaise coughed. "Excuse me. We are here to see Mr. Ritley."

" two must be the ones I am expecting." A man said from the shadows. He emerged and Hermione almost gasped. He was the ugliest man she had seen. Patches of hair were missing, he had one tooth, and an eyepatch. His skin seemed to be green in the room and the stench coming from himwas awful. "Pansy and Blaise I presume?"

"Yes sir." Blaise said almost nervously. "We came for the stuff."

"Of course." The man coughed. "Why else would you be here?"

The man walked to the back and Pansy started whispering. "This is the guy who is going to give us that potion?"

Blaise nodded and turned to Pansy. "In less than a week, you will marry and then Draco will be taken care of."

Nilia wanted to giggle. They were idiots. They talked about these things outloud...who needs to go to their house to get information when they talk
about it out in the open? She turned her attention back to them.

"Ahh." He handed them two vials filled with a purple liquid. "This will make it look like he had a heart attack. No trace of it can be found in the bloodstream after five minutes. Give it to him your wedding night. Within an hour he will die a most terrible death. You probably won't want to be in the room for this one."

"Why two of them?" Pansy whispered. She sounded scared.

"Ahh, the other. Ms. Zabini told me of the matter of the baby and how you aren't going to keep it after this. Well, this is for the baby." He grinned while reaching out to touch Nicholas.

"What?" yelled Pansy. "I will not have my baby die a death like his father!"

"I just do what I am told." The man laughed and walked towards a row of vials.

Pansy turned towards Blaise. "I know your mother doesn't want the baby in the family, but kill him? He doesn't deserve this!"

Blaise laughed, "What else do we do with him?"

Pansy started crying, "I was hoping to just give him away to someone who doesn't know anything About this. He is my little boy. I love him."

Nilia felt sick. They were not only going to kill Draco, but the baby as well. She knew they had to act fast otherwise the baby she grew to lovedespite his mother would be killed. She knew Hermione was upset because she could hear her sniffle. She figured they had enough information, but couldn't bring herself to leave.

"Get over it Pansy." He scolded her. "This was the whole plan. You get pregnant on purpose, marry him, and then we kill Draco Malfoy to get the
money we rightfully should have. Draco has to pay for what his father did since his father is in Azkaban. Plus, I figured we could take care of that little slut and her Weasley boyfriend. Just because of how she treated you."

Nilia froze and felt Hermione do the same.
"What will happen?" Pansy asked looking around the shop as the old man picked up vials and shook them. "And if Lucius ever got out he could bribe you guys again."

"I figured we could do something when we got back from our honeymoon. " He cackled. "And if he got out we would be ready. No one crosses the Zabini family."

Then Pansy said something no one expected. "Lets leave Nilia alone. She's been through enough. I may not like her. But when we come back I just want to start a family with you and live happily....and rich!"

Both laughed and made their way to the door. Nilia and Hermione followed them back to Diagon Alley and waited behind for them to dissapear
around the corner. They both ran back to the Joke Shop to tell the boys.

~The Burrow~

"Wow." was all Fred could say. "They just admitted all of it."

"We were hoping he would say what Lucius bribed the family with, but they never said. We may never know." Hermione explained. "But...if they
don't think the penseive is enough evidence since they can be tampered with. I have the voice recording to go with it."

She threw the recorder at Fred and he smiled. "Just had this in your bag?"

"I use it to remember things for my papers." She smiled and caught it when he threw it back.

Fred looked around for Nilia and found her at the window chewing her fingernails. She looked pale and saw tear streaks on her face. He hugged her
from behind and kissed her head. "What's wrong?"

"They want to kill Nicholas." She cried out.

"Shh." Fred held her closer. "They won't even get close to doing that. If we have to take Nicholas we will."

Nilia turned around and peered at him through her tears. "We can't unless we are legally binded in marriage." She buried her head in his chest.

Fred smiled and didn't say anything.

~Two days later - Draco and Pansy~

"So, we invited your cousins right?" Pansy asked as she waved her wand over a pile of papers which was supposed to resemble a seating chart. "I
hope we did because they have to sit at a table over by the window..."

Draco tuned her out and wondered what the status of the whole mission was. He heard from Nilia the day before and was told, "It's taken care of."
Well, they were marrying in less than fourty eight hours and nothing was done. He was still worried about Nicholas but knew that if things happened the way
they should that good parents would be found for him.

"Get the door please." Pansy whined and waved her wand.

He hadn't heard the knock on the door. Nodding he went to open the door and found two Hit Wizards at his door with papers in their hand. Instead
of asking to come in, they pushed past Draco and scanned the room.

"Honey, who's there?" Pansy yelled from the kitchen.

"Umm..." Draco didn't know what to say.

Instead the two men took over. "We are looking for Pansy Parkinson. Soon to be Pansy Malfoy."

He pointed to the kitchen. They nodded and pulled out there wands. "Pansy Parkinson, please come into your living space with your hands up!"

"What?" She yelled and walked into the living space to find two wands pointed at her and warrent serving her arrest. They bound her wrists together and read her rights.

"Why am I being arrested?" She struggled and looked at Draco. "You are going to stand there and let them do this?"

Draco nodded. He felt numb at that moment. He had loved Pansy. He didn't know if she had ever loved him. But at that moment he felt numb and angry. Upset that he believed her lies.

"Ma'am. You are being arrested for the planning of Draco Malfoys death by poison. You are one of three arrested for this and will be in trial next
week." They pushed her out the door and he could still hear her screams down the stairs.

Nicholas cried soon after and Draco found himself staring at his son unsure of what his future held. After what seemed like minutes of staring blankly at his son, their was another knock on the door.

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