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Falling Into the Darkness; a Serpant's Tale by A_Taste_Of_Blood
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six: "It Doesn't All Fall to Pieces"
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Cassie: Holy crap and update…this means…SHE’S ALIVE

Aaron: Shut…up…. *is glaring at Cassie, a pumpkin in his grasp*

Caitlin: Killing her is MY job!!!

Aaron: You do the disclaimer, and I’ll kill her next time we’ll switch.

Cait: Owns nothing!


Falling Into the Darkness; A Serpant's Tale

Chapter Six

"It Doesn‘t All Fall to Pieces"

Remus stared at Rane, digesting what she’d said. “What does this have to do with me?”

Rane blinked at his icy tone. “I just-I thought you should know…I mean, it is your child.”

“Look, I want nothing to do with you o your baby…you hurt me!-do you have any idea how betrayed I felt?”

“I just thought-”

“You thought wrong!” Remus turned on his heel and began to walk back into the Great Hall.

“Remus wait-” Rane was cut off by a voice within the Great Hall.

“Whore, look up!”

Rane’s head jerk upward as a stream of red substance rained down upon her, the bitter taste of blood explored her mouth. Laughter began to engulf the Great Hall, including the very distinctive one of James.


Rane turned on the shower, sobbing, and began to scrub the pig blood off of her. How could her own brother have been so cruel? The word’s that he’d said still echoed in her head.

“You went out and got yourself pregnant? You fucking whore, what the hell is wrong with you? Sirius’ mother was right, you’ll never amount to anything. Go back to you Death Eater boyfriend and tell him you’re knocked up-worthless!”

Rane choked and leaned up against the wall for support. She wanted Severus, she needed to make sure everything was alright with him…she couldn’t raise a baby alone.

She squeaked as the shower door swung open.

Severus regarded her with unsure eyes, taking in her matted bloody hair and the mascara staining her pinked cheeks.
“Lucius cursed all of the Marauders…he heard what they did.”

Rane collapsed into his arms, sobbing and soaking wet. Severus muttered a cleansing spell to rid of the blood and picked her up.

Pushing the door open from the bathroom, Severus lay Rane down onto their bed. He pulled the cover up over her naked form and wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s going to be alright sweetheart, I promise.”


“What about Aiden?” Rane said, throwing her head off of the side of the bed next to Severus’, letting her long hair fall almost to the floor.

“Or Daemein.” Severus suggested glancing over at his girlfriend.

“Or Sage or Kryssi….”

Severus made a face. “Or not!”

“What’s wrong with thoes?” Rane demanded sitting up.

“I just don’t like them is all.”


Severus rolled his head back onto the bed. “What to you think of Bebedora?”


Severus nodded.

Rane started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“I hope to god the baby’s a boy!”

“You think Bebedora’s a funny name?”

“Not as funny as Severus.” Rane laughed.

Severus looked taken aback. “You think my name’s funny do you?…Miss Scarlet-Rane Mai Eleice Marie Potter.”
“Thoes are my grandmother’s first and middle names!” Rane snapped.

“I’m sorry Scarlet.” Severus laughed, wrapping and arm around her. “Shall we go to dinner?”

“I’d rather not.” Rane said, looking uneasily the other way.

“It’s okay love…besides, it’s not healthy for the baby to not eat.”

Rane was silent so Severus continued.

“You can sit between Lucius and I…you’ll be alright, I promise you….”


Severus hand never left Rane’s through the entire dinner. Most of the Slytherins would snap at anyone who whispered about earlier events. But it seemed everyone knew that Rane was pregnant, including the staff, of which would send Rane disappointed looks.

Rane ate with her head down, focusing on her food and nothing more.

The smallest of owls fluttered over to Rane’s head, a tiny piece of parchment, not tied to it’s leg, but clenched in it’s talons.

Severus took the letter and read it softly to Rane.

“Miss Rane Potter,

I would appreciate it dearly if Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Snape,
Mr. Lestrange, Miss N. Black, Miss B. Black, and yourself
Could join me in my office for some Goblin Truffles

Albus Dumbledore”


Dumbledore looked over his glasses, his blue eyes full of life, as he finished the speech that Rane had only listened partway to.

“Is everything clear?” he asked hoarsely.

Everybody nodded reluctantly and shuffled out of his office, Rane stopping as Dumbledore called her name.

“Yes, sir?” she asked quietly.

“It has come to my attention that three out of the four houses seem to take a…disliking towards you.”

He paused, a small grin on his face. “Perhaps it would be better if you were to stay in the Slytherin doorms for the remainder of the year?”

Rane nodded. She was supposed to be happy about the news but in order to get it she had to go through…so much.

She turned to go but Dumbledore stopped her again.

“Do you think I should move the Slytherins back down into the dungeons as it has been since Salazaar had placed them there?”

Rane shrugged. “The Slytherins like dungeons.”

“I thought so….”


Rane was woken in the middle of the night by Severus.

“Come Scarlet….”

“Wha-” she asked groggily, sitting up.

Rudolphus, Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Severus were draped in long cloaks, a hood masking their eyes and nose.

“It’s time to submit to the Dark Loard.” Bellatrix whispered, excitement fringing her voice. “He’s calling for you.”

Rane looked at Severus. “Severus….”

“I’m sorry.”

A/N: I realize this is much shorter than the others. I promise to get the next chapter up quicker and with more length next time, reviews help, thanks. ~Blood~

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Falling Into the Darkness; a Serpant's Tale: Chapter Six: "It Doesn't All Fall to Pieces"


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