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Death To James Potter by Jellyman
Chapter 6 : So Many Questions
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'Love is like a rumor, everyone talks about it, but no one truly knows it.'
- Anonymous

Chapter Six: So Many Questions

Why is there a duck in the middle of the ballroom?

And why was the whole room practically sparkling with...magic, perhaps?

And why was Marissa glaring at the busty blonde, hanging off Sirius Black’s elbow as they danced, with a look of pure loathing?

And why was Remus Lupin looking extra pale, dark purple shadows looming around his eyes, as he extended his arm to a delighted looking Ella?

And how did Peter Pettigrew manage to find a date (not that she was much of a looker, but still)?

And why, after noticing Marissa’s glaring, was Black smiling back smugly, succeeding to make Marissa practically breathe fire?

And why, seconds later, was that expression replaced with one of pure evil, complete with sadistic smirk and twirling of her wand (why was her wand even with her? Wait, do I have mine? Oh I do. And how did it get into my dress?)?

So many questions. So little time.

Potter was standing by the door with a look of pure horror on his face when he saw me.


I mean, God, I don’t look that bad. And it was him who forced me to come here in the first place! He should at least show some respect!

Oh, I forgot – Potter has no morals.

I gave him the filthiest look I could muster and stalked straight passed him. Realizing that I had left him at the door, Potter snapped out of his daze and run up beside me. I sighed heavily. Here we go…

“My, my Miss Evans, you sure went out of your way, buying a dress like that,” Potter said slyly, hooking my arm with his. This was going to be a long night. “Someone might think you actually want to come.” Out of nowhere he burst into song. “You like me! You like me! You really, really like me!”

It took of my will power not to slap that smile of his stupid face. How I loathe him…

“For your information, Potter,” I said though gritted teeth, trying to worm my arm out of his death grip, “this ball was a good excuse to go shopping.”

And besides, I added to myself, you have my underwear. And while you have that I am at you mercy. I am NOT going to tell my mother some BOY, I repeat, BOY, stole my underwear and now I need money for more. No way in HELL.

“Sure it was,” he said, obviously not believing me, tightening his grip on my struggling arm. I felt my whole body sag in defeat as I let him lead me towards the guests, while staring at my toes.

“Lily,” said James from above. I raised my head and was confronted with the sight of two, rather elderly, people, both beaming happily, “meet my mum and dad; mum, dad, this is Lily Evans.”

Mrs. Potter kissed my cheek politely and said, “What a pleasure to meet you Miss Evans –”

“Lily, please call me Lily.”

“– Lily . Might I say, James talks about you a lot! ‘Lily Evans this’ ‘Lily Evans that’!” she laughed happily. “But last I heard you two didn’t get along…” she searched for her next words carefully as I raised one eyebrow and took a quick glare at James who was looking at his mother like he’d just seen her get hit by a speeding broomstick. “Uh, what changed your mind Lily, dear?” she questioned finally, her jewelry sparkling in the light.

I hesitated. I couldn’t tell her the truth as much as I could tell my mother. I had to think fast. “T-the, uh, circumstances changed,” I stammered looking at James uncertainty.

Get me away from these people, I pleaded silently with him.

“Uh, we have to, um, step over here now,” James said, dragging me away.

“Bye Lily!” called Mrs. Potter, “I’ll speak to you soon!” I felt my face screw up in horror. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her; it was just it was a bit too dangerous with her asking such awkward questions.

“I just need to speak to Sirius for a minute,” James said, an odd sparkle in his eye, as he led me to the dance floor. He let go of my arms and pushed the small of my back over to the table full of food. “Go have something to eat; you look starving.”

I obeyed out of pure shock; James Potter caring for my wellbeing? It was unheard of! Almost as strange as leaving me alone in his presence. Almost.

I reached the table and almost collapsed as I saw how much food was on it. Mountains of muffins each sparking with little shiny sprinkles, piles upon piles of sugar glazed, glossy, glittering fruit, a three leveled pink cake, decorated with flowers, pink icing and candles, obviously charmed to twinkle in the light, and so much more.

I picked out a small china plate and reached for the spoon to pick out some of the fruit. Just as my hand closed around the handle, the fruit began to wriggle. I quickly dropped the spoon and stared at the bowl. It was withering more and more violently, when suddenly it exploded into a short fruit monster. I screamed loudly, dropped my plate which shattered with a tinkling sound, and backed away from the table. Everyone was staring at me by now, though surprisingly no one was staring at the glazed fruit monster, who was advancing on me with a sinister smile, they were only looking at me like a was some sort of freak.

Ella rushed up to me putting her hands on my shoulders to stop me from backing up.

“What’s wrong Lily?” she asked concerned, as Remus came up behind her.

“F-fruit m-mon-nster...” I stuttered, pointing at it.

Ella looked at me confused, “I can’t see a fruit monster Lily...”

My head snapped her around to hers, “You can’t see it?”

She shook her head and I looked questionably at Remus, who shook his head as well.

I can only see it..., I thought, putting the pieces together.


I whipped my head around to him and spotted him and Black, doubled over with laughter. Laughing at me.

Ignoring the imaginary fruit monster that was grasping my foot, I stormed over to them and grabbed James’s ear and pulled him out of the room, out of the entrance hall and out onto his lawn. All the party guests had arrived, so not many people saw me blow up in rage.


My breathing was shallow as I gulped down air. I had never been so embarrassed in my life – there might have been a few times that came close but none were as bad as this. At least no one I knew was here. Except the Marauders. Actually I’d rather my whole school there than the Marauders. Because then it never would have happened – and because they would never let me live it down. I felt tears well up in my eyes and I quickly tried to hide them.

Potter was still staring at me as if I sprouted another head when I noticed the crystallized fruit monster was still chewing and clawing at my leg. I looked pointedly at James then back at my foot and, thankfully, he was a perceptive person and quickly muttered the counter-curse. He looked back at me and I saw a flash of regret flitter through his eyes.

He stared at the floor. “I’m sorry, Lily,” he mumbled.

I sighed, my anger dying down. “As long as you don’t to it again. Next time you will feel the almighty wrath of Lily Evans.” I warned with a slight smile one my face, offering him my arm.

Why I didn’t just knock him out, search for my underwear and leave, was beyond me.

Suspicions behind why I didn’t stay angry at James also bothered me considerably.

So together our arms linked, we walked silently back to the ballroom.

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Death To James Potter: So Many Questions


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