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Lure of the Dark Side by Hermione_88
Chapter 19 : An Intention of Evil
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Lure of the Dark Side

An Intention of Evil

Two days of utter peace. That was what Hermione had been enjoying lately. She was free to do anything she liked. Not that she was particularly restricted before, but the knowledge that she didn’t have someone else breathing down her neck constantly was a relief. After only one day of being married, she was tired already. It was a hard job to be a dutiful and patient wife – not that she had been any of those lately.

She had felt much more comfortable sleeping back in her own bed. After what had happened that one night she had slept in Draco’s bed, she hadn’t wanted to return there. The memory of the night was too much – she didn’t want to have to think about it again. Narcissa had told her the other day at breakfast that their room would be delayed because the furniture company had gotten the wrong stock shipment. So it would be another week before their room was ready, and Draco may very well be back by then.

The only thing that annoyed her was the fact that Draco hadn’t fulfilled his promise to make that little prank of his ‘worth while’. Books. He had mentioned something about books, but what could he possibly have meant? The annoyance of not knowing had been bothering Hermione for the past two days, and the fact that he wouldn’t be back for at least another week was even worse.

Most of the time, she was out in the garden brewing new potions. She had finally found the stirring instructions for her blood infection fighting potion and had prepared a large batch yesterday. The one thing she really loved about working here was the fact that all areas of learning were open to her. She could do whatever she wanted! If she wanted rare ingredients to make a special potion, she would have them within the day (if they weren’t already in stock). If she wanted to mix up a dangerous potion of deadly poison that was undetectable (although she hadn’t found the need to do this yet), no one was there to stop her and tell her that she was being to careless. She really was free to do whatever she wanted!

She was currently outside in her favourite part of the garden brewing a calming draught. Ever since she had begun brewing and experimenting with various potions, her stocks had increased dramatically. She didn’t actually want to admit it to anyone, but it seemed as though the potions master before her had been seriously neglecting his job. Of course, now he was oblivious to what his name was, so she couldn’t very well ask him for help should she get stuck! Not that that was going to happen any time soon.

Stir clockwise once, add four daisy’s and a small cutting of wormwood then stir eighteen times, alternating between clockwise and counter-clockwise. Hermione was so preoccupied with the stirring of her potion that she didn’t notice Travis sneak up behind her.

“Hello there-“

“Shh . . . twelve, thirteen, fourteen . . .” she said as she continued to count her stirs. Once she had reached eighteen, she left it to simmer for forty minutes. “Okay, now I’m good. How are you?” she asked politely.

“Sorry for interrupting, I just saw you here and thought I’d say hello . . .”

“Oh, it’s no worries! Say, aren’t you meant to be on a mission?” she asked curiously. Draco had gone so she had just naturally figured that Travis would have gone as well. So to find him here in her garden was quite a surprise.

“What? With Draco? No! I never go with Draco! If he’s going on one, then I’m not allowed to go on it!” he said definitely, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. This had taken Hermione by surprise. Why on earth wasn’t he allowed to go on a mission with Draco?

“What happened?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing! Just a small mishap between the two of us once that messed up a mission. Nothing serious. The older folk just don’t want us to be together anymore because they reckon that we don’t communicate enough.” he stated carelessly. Hermione was curious as to what this mishap could have been, but she didn’t push any further. Setting the timer for her potion, she left it and took a seat on the grass over beside her favourite pond. Travis didn’t hesitate in sitting down beside her, which gave her the slight impression that he had something else he wanted to say other then ‘hello’.

“So, what have you been up to in your time off?” she asked to fill the void of silence that existed between the two of them. He regarded her carefully as if he were reconsidering what he were about to say. What game was he playing behind those dark eyes of his? She knew that there was more to Travis Rangel than he showed, and a slight trepidation in her stopped her from discovering the true him. What if it was taken the wrong way by someone watching them? What if someone thought that there was more to their relationship than there really was? She had been asked by Voldemort specifically to do this task and she wasn’t about to jeopardise it now when she had come so far!

“Just wasting time. Reading mostly!”

“Oh? Anything I know?” she asked curiously. Why did she feel as though she was being sucked into this conversation involuntarily?

“Maybe . . . it’s called Cogitatio á Malus. Have you heard of it?” Hermione gasped. He couldn’t be reading Cogitatio á Malus! It was impossible!

“You’re reading . . . that?” she asked breathlessly. A smile slinked its way onto his face.

“So you do know it?” he stated smartly.

“Anyone who claims to be of substantial intelligence knows about it! But . . . but, it’s been missing for centuries! How on earth could you be reading it?!” Cogitatio á Malus was a very well known book of dark magic. It was written by the ancient’s of the earth in what was considered the dividing of the human race. When those who fought for the good side separated themselves from those who had darker intentions. Cogitatio á Malus meant ‘An Intention of Evil’. The book itself was considered ‘the bible of the dark lord’ for all the dark magic that was contained within it. It was thought to be lost during the great flood of ancient history – but obviously not!

“Missing? Is that really what they think?” Travis chuckled. “No, it’s not missing, never has been. It’s been safely kept within the Malfoy line for as long as it’s been around. It’s available for anyone to read!” Hermione knew her mouth was hanging open, but she couldn’t help it. The book that could possibly give the Dark Lord was just sitting in the Malfoy library? If Dumbledore knew this, he’d go stupid! But as she began to think about it harder, the book couldn’t be that powerful if it hadn’t given the Dark Lord a superior advantage by now! What if it was all just rumour’s that the book was ever so powerful.

Hermione felt her hands itching slightly. Never in all her life had she been presented with something so brilliantly famous, and it was just within her reach! But would she read it? It was full of dark magic. Did she really want to delve that deep into this lifestyle? She would be learning so many new things though. To think that there was an entire other half of magic she didn’t know about! There was just so much to learn.

“But anyway, forget about the book! What have you been up to? Missing your husband while he’s away?” he asked amusingly. Hermione scoffed.

“Ha! It’s nice to have some peace and quiet instead of his insistent whining! I swear; it’s like living with a child!” she stated animatedly. She wasn’t sure if she should have been telling Travis all this, but truthfully she didn’t care! He laughed energetically. It was nice to watch him laugh. His whole face seemed to light up with his happiness, unlike Draco who only ever seemed to laugh at the misfortune of others!

“Oh well, that’s what I’m here for!” he said light heartedly, but the way he tapped her hand made her feel uncomfortable. She liked Travis, but not that way. Sure, he was a handsome man but she wasn’t ready to cheat on her husband of three days right under the Dark Lord’s nose. She smiled at him sheepishly but there was no feeling in it. They sat there for some time, talking and watching the garden around them. Hermione liked it this way. Looking at her watch she noticed that it was quite a bit past lunch time. She wasn’t required at lunch with the Malfoy’s (thank goodness), but the slight grumbling in her stomach was starting to become noticeable.

“Hmm, I’m hungry! Might duck down to the kitchen and grab some food!” she said enthusiastically.

“Yeah, I was just starting to think that way myself!” he said jumping up off the grass energetically. He reached a hand down to her which she took gratefully, and pulled her up of the ground. He had pulled a little too hard though and she had tumbled into him, stopping when she hit his rock hard chest. With one hand on his chest and another enclosed tightly within his own hand, she looked up at him embarrassedly. He smiled at her slyly. There was more to that smile than she was ready for. His face leaned down to hers and she panicked.

“Travis!” she exclaimed, moving her face away from his ever approaching lips.

“Mm?” he said seductively, his eyes boring into her own. No. NO! I don’t want to do this! She pushed a little against his chest, but his hold on her was firm. It was all becoming too much! She had to get out!


The timer on her potion had finally gone off, and just in time. The loudness made them jump apart and Hermione was quite happy to be free. She quickly rushed to her potion and removed it from the flame, letting it rest on the table beside. She wanted to ignore what had just happened, but Travis wasn’t going to allow her to.

“Hermione-” he asked softly, but she cut him off.

“Travis, we can’t do what you’re thinking! I’m married!” she hissed quietly. He had to understand that she was not available! He watched her carefully, as if he were trying to read what was written in her eyes. Unfortunately, he misread whatever was there. A small smile split across his face.

“Oh, ok! I understand – someone could see!” he said in a whisper. Why didn’t he get it? When did she give away the impression that she wanted to . . . do that with him? She began to shake her head furiously, but he didn’t allow her to say what she was thinking? “It’s okay! I’ll see you some other time!” he said in a sneaky whisper. Running his hand quickly down her arm in a motion of affection, he left her with her potion and worried thoughts. How could she set him straight if he wasn’t willing to listen? Sighing heavily, she concluded that her life would never get easy. One distraction leaves and another presents itself. When would things go her way? It was a question she had been asking herself for some time now!


Hermione snuggled down in her bed that night, comfortable between the sheets with the Professor purring in one ear. She smiled at her cat and gave her a little scratch behind her ear.

“Goodnight Professor!” she whispered and rolled on her side. Twenty minutes later, she was still awake. The problem with Travis had been bugging her. Finally, when she finds salvation in a friend, that friend had to get some creepy intentions about getting her into bed with him! How twisted! Now she didn’t even have the comfort of Travis! It didn’t matter how many times she told herself to forget the entire incident, she couldn’t get to sleep. Even the Professor had grown tired of her constant tossing and turning and decided to go and sleep on the sofa. Eventually, she began to think of what she would be brewing tomorrow when she felt the consciousness finally start to slip away from her. About time!

Her eyes hadn’t been closed a minute when she heard her door creak. That made her right awake! She sat up in bed, reached for her wand and pointed it directly at the door. She couldn’t see who it was that was creeping into her room at this ghastly hour at night, but she was tired enough to blast them into oblivion and not give a damn! The figure closed her door quietly and began to creep across her floor towards her bed before noticing in the dim moonlight that she was holding her wand.

“Hermione?” asked the deep voice.

“Travis? What the bloody hell are you doing in here?! And at this time of night?!” she asked stupidly. What on earth was he doing here? The alarm bells started ringing in her mind. Some other time. Was this ‘some other time’? What could he have been thinking? She was married!

“Shh – I came to see you . . .” he whispered as he began to crawl across the bed towards her. She kept her wand raised. She was well and truly fed up!

“Well, I’m asking you to leave! I’m not sure what the hell you were thinking but it stops here!” she whispered demandingly. She was too tired for all this! He kept on crawling towards her and she began to edge away from him. Why wouldn’t he stop?

“Oh come on Hermione!” he said with a sly smile on his face. “Just a little-”

“No! Get out!” she demanded. The softness in his eyes disappeared all too quickly. He was well aware that she was serious. On his hands and knees, his face centimetres from the tip of her wand his face darkened.

“What’s with you? You tease me all day long but when I make an advance you freak out?” he stated sounding quite affronted. Hermione showed no compassion.

Tease you? I wasn’t teasing you!” she hissed in reply, a frown developing on her face. Obviously, he had believed her to be flirting with him? How on earth did he come across that idea? Sure, she had blushed several times from the amazing looks he gave her, but she didn’t know that that was considered ‘teasing’!

“Of course you were!” he snarled. This was a side of Travis she had never seen and truthfully, she didn’t like it much! “But . . . but now I see the truth . . . playing me a fool . . . enjoying Malfoy’s game . . . bloody Malfoy!” he hissed. He didn’t really seem to be directing this at her but muttering it to himself like he was finally arguing a proof. He had come across some sort of conclusion.

“What are you on about? Malfoy? You mean Draco?” she asked stupidly. Why didn’t she realise?

“You and Malfoy, playing your little game on me! How dare you? You think you can mess with Travis Rangel so easily?” he hissed angrily. Why didn’t Hermione see his intentions? They were clear in his eyes! “You’ll both be sorry for this!” he growled. Hermione was scared by this, but she wasn’t prepared for him to knock the wand out of her hand. Before she could react, he was on top of her.

She fought hard against his large frame with her hands; beating constantly at his body and face. He let out a fierce growl and swatted her hands out of his way, grabbing the wrist of her left hand and pushing it hard against her chest. She let out a strangled scream but he quickly slapped his hand over her mouth.

“You want to play with me . . . let’s play!” he hissed manically and Hermione knew that he could read the fear in her eyes. She was scared. Without her wand, she was no where near powerful enough to fight him off. Inside, she screamed for help. He smirked a maniacal smile at her as she wriggled uselessly under his grip. Pressing his body against hers to hold her arms in place, he reached behind him blindly and pulled his wand from his belt. At first, she thought he was going to immobilise or silence her, but instead he cast a silencing spell on the room. “I want to hear you scream!” he said with a hiss.

Who was this person? He was completely different from the man she had gotten to know over the past few months! This man was a psycho! He let go of her mouth and she began to scream for her life.

“Let me go you sick bast-”

“Come now Hermione, what would your mother think of that language? Oh! That’s right – your mother is dead!” he laughed. Hermione felt herself hollow inside.

“Help! Help me! HELP!” she shrieked as a last resort. She knew that no one could hear her but she needed to try. His hands began to roam over her body, snaking their way under her pyjamas and up her stomach. “HELP!” she screamed. She heard a jingle in the corner of the room from the Professors bell. The only one who could possibly help her now was a small cat in the corner of the room. She lost hope of being saved, but she refused to lose hope of saving herself. She smacked him angrily with her hands and kicked her legs furiously. He soon became sick of her fight and with one heavy blow to the face, silenced her useless battle.

Her head spun as she tried to visualise the room about her. His hands were now working their way across her chest and she felt the repulsion of his deeds well inside her. Now she had well and truly given up hope of saviour of any sort. She didn’t move as he did what he wanted with her body. His hands were working their way down towards her pyjama pants when she heard the loud jingling of a bell and Travis screamed out in pain. He jumped up and began to shake his back desperately as he swatted at the small animal that was clinging on for dear life. It seemed as though the Professor really had heard her cry for help – and that was all she needed. She leapt from the bed faster than she had thought possible! She dashed for the door and ripped it open. A loud screech was heard behind her and she assumed that he had finally managed to dislodge the cat. Thundering footsteps behind her and he was hot on her tail. She bolted down the hallway and into the first room she could get to – which just happened to be Draco’s room. Slamming the door behind her and locking it immediately, it then shook fiercely with Travis’s blow to it.

“Open the door Hermione!” he whispered through the crack. Hermione’s heart was hammering a hundred miles an hour and her hands were shaking terribly, but she stood her ground. A moment’s silence and there was another bang on the door as he tried once again to get her to open it. It seemed that he had finally given up. “You can hide Hermione . . . but you can’t run!” he whispered twisting the well known saying to his own adaptation. He was right. She could hide behind doors and her false marriage for as long as she wanted, but there was no escaping the Dark Lord and his controlling plans for her!

Her heart went out to the Professor wherever she may be as she shakily made her way over to Draco’s bed and curled up deep inside. She wouldn’t sleep in her bed again. Not now. Not ever.


Author’s Note: Ok – just so you know, I don’t claim to be any good at Latin! That was just a real rough guess at what would mean ‘An Intention of Evil’. But don’t you think it fits the chapter very well – Travis ended up having great intentions of evil for Hermione! Anyway, hope you liked it! I got so many reviews last time and this story is climbing the ‘most reviewed’ top-ten very quickly, so keep up the great work!


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Lure of the Dark Side: An Intention of Evil


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