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Blessed by HelenaWeasley
Chapter 1 : Blessed
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Blessed- Chapter one Meeting Molly
This is a story about what happens to Harry and his friend’s in the future and it focuses on Harry’s youngest daughter Molly. It’s in ten parts and this is the first one. This is a sort-of prologue, introducing MOST of the new characters. R/R for the sake of my sanity…
Part One
“Euck!!” Jamie’s screams echoed throughout the hallway making the pictures rattle on the wall. Lily looked up from her homework and glared at her younger brother, her green eyes flaring in frustrated anger.
“ What now?” She sighed and placed her book down on the table.
“ You left the crusts on my bread and crusts are yucky.” Jamie held up the piece of bread as evidence to Lily’s crime. Lily wrenched the plate away from her brother and began hacking viciously at the crusts with a large bread knife.
“ There.” She shoved the plate down in front of her brother and went back to her books. She pushed her thick black hair away from her emerald green eyes and bent over her homework anxiously.
“ I’m never going to get all my homework done if you keep whingeing. Why can’t you have gone to stay with grandma? Why did you have to stay here with Hermione and I?”
“ You only wanted to stay here because Luke would be here.” Jamie nibbled at his crustless bread happily. Lily blushed bright red.
“ I did not!” She yelled and with that she stormed out of the kitchen slamming her books down behind her. Moments after she had left Luke entered the kitchen, books in hand. He was 14 and had a thick, curly brown hair and a face tanned and freckled. He was tall and had a permanent grin on his handsome face. He was as intelligent as his mother, Hermione Granger-Weasley and as loveable as his dad Ron Granger-Weasley.
“ Aaah, I see Lily’s in her usual foul mood. Have you been tormenting your poor sister again?” Luke chuckled as he saw Jamie’s outraged expression.
“ Don’t worry Jay, I know she’s just a moody idiot, it’s not your fault.”
“ I heard that, you over-sized freak!” Lily called from the sitting room, where she was slouched over the television.
“ When’s your mother coming home anyway? I’ve had enough of being in this house with you and your temper!” Luke called back, teasing her.
“ You know full well she’s back next week, fourth baby and all. Another little Jamie or Tessa, help!” Lily was laughing now. The thought of another baby always put a smile back on her face. As she spoke 9-year-old Tessa bounded in, grubby and grinning. She sat down next to Lily and shot Luke a filthy look.
“ What?” he laughed. He was rarely in hotheaded Tessa’s good books.
“ You weren’t out in the field today. We were supposed to be playing Quidditch, remember? Your uncles fuming.” Luke hit a hand to his forehead. They always played Quidditch on Tuesday.
“ Where is Fred?” Luke queried.
“ I’d avoid him if I were you.”
“Yeah, well, I should go and apologise. I completely forgot.”
“Well I think he’s still out in the field. He was trying to teach Chloe to do a wronski feint last time I checked. She’s one hell of a seeker,” Tessa sighed enviously. Chloe was Fred and Angelina’s daughter, and Tessa’s best friend.
“Jealous, are we?” Luke teased.
“Lunch is ready.” Hermione poked her head round the door. Her hair was pushed back in a messy ponytail. She grinned at the three children. “Great! I’m starving!” Tessa jumped up from her seat.
“Wait a minute Tess, your hands are filthy! Go and wash them now.”
“Fine.” Tessa dashed off, pushing passed Fred on the way out of the door.
“What’s she in such a rush for… aah Luke, I’ve been looking for you.” Fred came and sat down next to his nephew, looking uncharacteristically solemn. Then he broke into a huge grin.
“Where have you been, young man?” Fred laughed as he imitated his brother Percy’s voice. Percy was a very strict father.
“Sorry, Fred…I…was er…doing homework,” Luke finished lamely.
“ That was the worst lie I have ever heard! You’re meant to be a Weasley… we pride our selves on the ability to…er…stretch the truth to our advantage.”
“You’ve never said a truer word, brother.” Fred’s twin George settled himself on the sofa, ruffling Luke’s hair as he passed.
“ Come to think of it, you’ve never actually said a true word in your life!” Everyone laughed.
“They’re here!!!” Jamie’s excited squeals echoed through the hall.
With a click of the key Harry Potter stepped inside, his wife, Cho Chang, by his side. In his arms was a tiny bundle.
“This,” he announced to the excited crowd, “is Molly.”

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