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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 23 : Lies
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Days had passed into weeks since Harry had left due to some complications with Ginny’s pregnancy, but Harry knew in his heart there would be no change to Hermione’s condition; though he was very wrong.


The marble floor was cool on her feet and felt like concrete silk, she thought this was a very expensive hospital at first but soon realized she was the privacy of some one’s home; but whom? She had wandered into a dimly lit room that smelt slightly musty as if it had been shut up for many years. Light was begging to be released as it peaked behind its prison made of curtain and so slowly she freed it, and as she did so the room was illuminated by sunlight. She actually had to blink and cover her eyes for a few seconds to adjust to the light that now poured in willingly and danced upon the room’s emerald painted walls. The furniture had all been covered so she took to uncovering it piece by piece. She could not help but gasp at the beautiful furniture that had been laid to rest under the dusty sheets. It was all mahogany and the woodwork was carved so specifically that she was sure each piece had to have taken ages to create.

Once uncovering all the furniture she walked to a large mantle that harbored an elaborate iron and marble fireplace. She admired the carvings in the marble then slowly moved to the mantle where atop lay a ton of framed dusty photographs. Gently she picked up what looked to be a family portrait containing a husband and wife posing with their son. They were all so regal looking and yet they all seemed so sad, especially the woman. She placed the photo down and picked another to study. This one the woman seemed much happier in, both her and her son were laughing and twirling about. He could not have been but a toddler. Carefully she placed the picture back in its dusty spot and chose another. This was of a man that looked very familiar and he was strikingly handsome, he bore no smile only emptiness in his hollow eyes.

Suddenly she heard footsteps bellowing down the marble hall outside the bedroom and they were heavy and fast.

“I told all of you NO ONE is allowed in here,” the blond man shouted as he entered the room, rage within his tone of voice. He heard a gasp.

“I guess you are one servant that is now job…” but the man could not finish his sentence once he had faced her, this intruder into his mother’s room.

“Hermione…” he whispered.

She only starred at him with the most innocent of smiles. The sun had caught her long wavy hair and it was like the stone of amber, ablaze. Her skin porcelain and her eyes big and brown. Her night dress of white chiffon licked at her legs as she walked towards him.

“I am sorry Sir,” she said innocently, “I awoke this morning and seemed to realize I had absolutely no idea where I was so I decided to explore. A bit improper of me I guess still in my night dress and bare foot,” she finished with a beautiful smile.

Draco came to the hard realization that she had no idea who she was or where she was, she had gone completely mad or so he thought.

“Hermione?” he asked again moving closer to her.

She cocked her head to one side and laughed, her hair moved like the flowing of a smooth river and cascaded around her shoulders, caressing her breasts when it had settle back into place. He noticed it had gotten so long since she had been sick, but it was still beautiful.

“You keep calling me that, so I am assuming that is my name,” she laughed and held out hand to him.

He took it, it was soft and warm. She was awake and smiling at him yet she had no recollection of who she even was; how did this happen?

“You do not remember who you are?” he carefully asked.

He watched as her face grew puzzled.

“No,” she sighed and ran one of her hands through her long hair, “No I guess I do not. How silly of me I suppose,” she said now starting to look frightened.

Draco put his other hand on top of the one that was still holding hers.

“Don’t be frightened, I know you and you are most welcome here,” he said with a reassuring look.

She blinked and smiled up at him, this familiar and kind man. He held his arm out to her and she took it.

“Let me escort you to your room, you will find your clothes there and I will have a doctor come to take a quick look at you,” he said as she linked her arm into his.

“A doctor,” she said shocked, “Why am I sick?”

“No darling, not sick. You see you have sort of been sleeping for some time and now that you are fully awake it is only for your best interest we have a doctor take a quick look at you,” he answered and for some reason she felt safe with his words.

A few hours later Draco was in his study writing a letter to Harry when the Doctor interrupted him.

“Excuse me Mr.Malfoy,” he said clearing his throat.

Draco slowly looked up from the letter, placing his quill back into the ink bottle and gesturing for the doctor to take a seat.
“How is she,” Draco asked with sincere concern. He watched the doctor take a deep breath.

“Well health wise she is perfect, except mentally and I don’t mean she is mentally ill she just literally seems to not remember anything before her nervous break down,” the doctor said with a sigh.

Draco looked at him hard in the eyes, “Will she get over this?”

“It seems she has done this on purpose. I have studied with some of the finest muggle doctors in London when it comes to matters of the mind, and I really think she chose to forget it all,” the doctor said matter of factly.

“So you are saying she is acting like she doesn’t know who she is when in fact she really does?” Draco asked now more confused then ever.

“No, what I am saying is when the mind is over loaded and the owner of that mind decides they cant take it anymore that is when a nervous breakdown like the one Miss Granger suffered occurs. She was silent for six months besides odd babbling here and there, she mentally broke down. How she recovered and why is only something she knows but in this case she doesn’t remember the past. Sometimes Mr. Malfoy people choose to forget all that has pained them and in that process they forget themselves completely, it is a defense mechanism of the mind.” The doctor explained.

“Will she ever remember?” Draco asked.

“She may there is always the possibility that something or some one she loved dearly before she mentally collapsed could trigger her to remember her past, but we would have to wait and see. All I can prescribe is time. Patients is a virtue with this Mr. Malfoy, be lucky she has decided to come back to us at all,” said the doctor as he stood preparing to leave.

“I have all the time in the world,” Draco insisted with a smile.

“I will check on Miss Granger every two weeks. If she gets worse or collapses again please send for me immediately.” The wise old man said as he turned to leave the room.

Draco’s heart suddenly tugged at him and before the doctor reached the threshold of the study he blurted out quickly, “How is my mother?”

The man turned slightly and looked over his shoulder to Draco.

“She is well, you should visit her I am sure she misses you,” he said.

“She doesn’t remember me so how can she miss me?” Draco hissed.

“She might not remember everything lad, but you are her son and she remembers her little boy. She forgets you are a grown man, but your presence alone reminds her of a little boy she once knew and thoughts of that little boy get her through each day,” the doctor said sternly.

“How do you know,” Draco asked turning from the old man and staring out the window.

“Because she clutches the locket around her neck which holds the only picture she remembers, the one of you at age five. She calls your name but you never answer her maybe it would do you both some good if you did,” and with his words he left Draco to think, smiling as he exited the study.


“Harry darling, this owl just came for you,” Ginny said holding a post in her hand, “I think it is from Draco.”

Harry immediately rushed to take the letter from Ginny and snatched it from her hastily. Ginny frowned and stalked off knowing that with news of Hermione she would just be invisible again.


I just wanted to inform you that there has been no change with Hermione, if you needed to stay home for a few more days. The doctor has just left and said he even noticed no change in her status. You have my word that if her condition changes you will be the first to know.

Draco Malfoy

Harry folded the letter and placed it back in the envelope. He thought it was odd to receive a letter from Malfoy for he had never sent one before but maybe he was just being nice considering he was aware of Ginny’s condition.

“Well what did it say, is Hermione ok,” Ron asked from behind him. Harry turned to face his friend.

“No change according to Draco,” he said putting the letter in his pocket.

“I hate that she is under is roof and that he is caring for her,” Ron growled under his breath.

“We all do but she is comfortable there and the press can’t get past the gates to make things worse, that and Draco has the money for the physicians that tend to her. It is the best place for her to be as much as I hate to say it,” Harry admitted.

He walked to the kitchen table and sat down, Ron joined him.

“How is he with her?” Ron asked.

“Surprisingly enough very gentle and very calm,” Harry answered.

Ron sighed. He hated that he had not seen Hermione in six months and he knew deep down he was the biggest reason this had happened to her.

Harry noticed the bleak expression on his friend’s face.

“She’ll get through this mate. You know Hermione she is a fighter,” Harry said trying to cheer Ron up.

“He loves her doesn’t he,” Ron suddenly asked. Harry was shocked that the words came from Ron’s mouth; Ginny was shocked as well for she was listening just in the hall.

Harry sighed then spoke, “Draco has never said it but I fear I can see it in his eyes. The way he looks at her and the way he speaks to her when he thinks I am not listening.”

Ron scrunched up his face in anger and slammed his fist onto the table.

“I really made a mess of things,” he scowled.

“I think we all did but she will come around,” Ginny said now entering the kitchen and smiling weakly at both her brother and her husband.

“Maybe I should let her go. She was starting to be happy again and then I came back and ruined everything,” Ron said.

“You can’t give up on her,” Ginny said.

“I will never give up on her and I will never stop loving her,” he sighed and held back tears, “but maybe if I let her go she will get well. Maybe if I allow her to move on and move on myself that will cure her.”

He pushed his chair back and stood.

“Ron, she will always love you,” Harry said also standing.

“Aye, but she is in love with him. I know it because I can feel it in my heart and I am a fool to push myself into her life again,” and with his words he stalked out of the kitchen and up the stars to his room. Harry went to follow but Ginny stopped him.

“No, I think he does need to let her go. Maybe if he does she will come back to us,” she said with tears running down her face.

“Maybe but a love like theirs is hard to let go and I am not sure Ron means his words. I think he means well but I know him as do you, and he will not give up on her no matter how hard he tries convincing himself other wise.” Harry said as he pulled Ginny into his arms. Ginny knew deep down that Harry was right and she prayed for both Ron and Hermione.

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