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Reactions by voldy_sucks88
Chapter 1 : suprises
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After losing someone you care deeply about you can react in several ways. You can go into a state of shock and disbelief; you could get angry and break anything you can get your hands on.

Or you can do as Ginny Weasley did and break down into tears. She cried for what felt like years at the news of Harry’s death. He had died whilst defeating Lord Voldermort. They said that he was very brave and faced his certain death with courage and dignity, not once did he think to run so he could be with his love.

Ginny had not seen daylight in months, she had stayed locked up in her room. Fortunately Mrs Weasley had finally convinced her to eat again five days after receiving the news of Harry’s death.  

The last time Ginny had seen daylight was on that bright, cold day in March when Ron and Hermione finally walked down the aisle. It seemed that Ron and Hermione had been dating since just after the end of their sixth year, but had kept it a secret for the past 3 years, on the search for the horocrux. This, they claimed, was because if anyone had found out about them voldermort would have had even more reason to target either Ron or Hermione, or even both.

The wedding was so beautiful and Ginny could almost feel the love radiating off the pair as they said their I do’s. Ginny had cried from beginning to end, as it reminded her of that fateful day in august the year before. She was just out of Hogwarts, she had convinced Harry early in her seventh year that she was stronger than he thought and that there was no one else for her. They had dated ever since. That is until they eloped to a small muggle church where they had convinced a priest to marry them.

It was not the big wedding Ginny had always dreamed of; there was no crying Molly, no beaming Arthur. There were no huge celebrations after giving Fred and George the chance to run riot. But she had married the man she had always loved and that made the day perfect for her.           

The reason she eventually stopped crying happened late one September afternoon, she had of course been lying in bed sobbing her heart out once again. Photographs of her and Harry lay next to her on the bed; cuddled up under a big tree at Hogwarts, in their common room (both courtesy of Colin Creevy). There was also one that a nun had took of them on their wedding day, it was a still muggle picture but you could still see how much they loved each other; see the pride on Harry’s face and the excitement in Ginny’s eyes.

All of a sudden Ginny felt a sharp pain shoot through her, she cried out in pain. Her mother heard her screaming and went running to her room closely followed by the only other people in her house Ron and his wife Hermione. All of who were dreading what they would find, upon entering her room. She had been in such a state of depression had she done something to herself?

But when they saw Ginny crying in agony on the bed, covered in damp bed sheets they did not know what to think. Ron and Mrs Weasley watched in disbelief as Hermione ran to Ginny and questioned where the pain was. Instead of answering Ginny just screamed in pain again.

“Ron get a mediwizard from St. Mungo’s now, I think she’s in labour!” ordered Hermione. 

But he just stood there in shock. Mrs Weasley seemed to have lost all her senses as she fell into the wall behind her in disbelief. 

“RON, NOW! GO!” she yelled as Ginny screamed yet again.

Hermione peered to see if the Head had appeared yet.  

“Mrs Weasley I need you to help me get Ginny into dry clothes, while I put dry sheets on the bed. And hurry it wont be long!”

As Ginny was gingerly placed back on her bed, as Ron and a team of mediwizards burst into the room. They took it from there as Ron comforted Mrs Weasley who was now crying, and Hermione held Ginny’s hand muttering words of comfort and support, stroking her hair back out of her eyes. 

Before they knew it Ginny was being handed a healthy baby boy with a mop of untidy red hair and emerald green eyes. Whist Ginny hugged her son, crying with exhaustion; Mrs Weasley, Ron and Hermione were being told Ginny had what is known as a “concealed pregnancy”.

Ginny over-heard them say something about the baby positioning itself behind her ribs, which was why there was no bump. She actually couldn’t remember the last time she had had a period and mused that the ones she could remember had been very light.

That was the day that she decided to stop crying over Harry Potter’s death. He had been gone nearly four months, and she still missed him and would always love him and felt she would never love anyone like that again. But she knew Harry would want her to be strong for their son.

Sitting on her bed surrounded by her family, who were all extremely shocked at the arrival of the newest member of their clan. Well that is all except Hermione who knew that Harry and Ginny had been trying for a baby for a while before he had gone off to face Voldermort.

“So Mrs Potter, what are you going to call him?” asked a familiar voice from the doorway.

Everyone turned around shocked and jumped up, leaving Ginny on the bed. Hugging and cheering and in Hermione and Mrs Weasley’s case crying.

And all of a sudden they stopped and looked at Ginny. They parted to reveal Harry. Ginny began to cry again as she was embraced by her husband of the past year.

“But… I thought you were-”

“What dead? You think I’d let that old fart take me with him? No. I don’t know what happened, I ended up somewhere-I don’t know where- I sort of lost my memory, a family took me in. The father was a healer I think and I slowly got my memory back… well at least I knew there was a red-haired girl somewhere that I needed to get back to. They got me sent to St. Mungo’s, the healers and I have been putting my life back together for the past three months”

“Oh Harry,” sobbed Ginny

“So you never told me what’s his name?”

“Well…what about James Patrick Potter?”

“Patrick?” asked Harry puzzled.

“Well he couldn’t be called Padfoot now could he?” replied Ginny as Harry swept her and their child into a tight hug.


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