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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 8 : Holiday at the Weasley’s
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After the dance, the boys became much closer to the girls. Angelina had absolutely no interest in Waldo, she claimed he might be a geek, but he had more hands then a centipede. Lee thought it would do good to confront the Hufflepuff about it, but Angelina said he got what was coming to him. She jinxed him with a charm that would cause him to gobble like a turkey whenever he would try talking to a girl.

“Bloody brilliant!” Lee exclaimed.

Months had passed and all 6 were inseparable. They went everywhere together, to visit Hagrid, the library, watching quidditch practices.

The holidays were fast approaching and plans were being made. The twins were bummed having mixed feelings about returning to the Burrow. They were excited to see their family, but were sad to be pulled away from Lee and the other girls. One evening they were having dinner in the great hall when a brown barn owl came swooping down.

“Scuttles!!” Jumped Alicia. “What are you doing?”

The bird lifted his leg and produced a piece of parchment tied to his leg. Alicia pulled off the note & shooed Scuttles away. She scanned over the note and her face dropped.

“What’s up Lish?” George asked.

“My parents are going to go to Ireland for a conference and they are instructing me to stay here over the holidays.” She said glumly. “Everyone’s leaving!! I’ll be stuck here myself.”

Katie & Angelina both gave her a hug. “We’ll figure something out.” Angelina soothed.

Later that evening Fred and George discussed the situation. “Oh come on George, mum surely wouldn’t mind one more mouth to feed. You know she loves that stuff. The more the merrier for her!”

“Yeah, but will Alicia’s parents go for it?” Fred asked.

“I guess we can only ask.”

They pulled out some parchment and wrote a detailed letter to their mum. They told her about Alicia having to spend all that time by herself and asked if there was any room for her at the burrow. They made their way to up to the owl tower and called Errol down. “Bring this to mum, quickly.” Errol flew off into the cold night.

A few days later at breakfast Errol had delivered their answer.

My dear twins,
Your father and I just spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Spinnet and they thinks it’s a wonderful idea that you 2 would think so much of their daughter. They have agreed to let her come and spend the holidays with us! I would also like to invite your other friends, Lee, Katie and Angelina for the last few days of vacation. I have sent letters to their parents’ house as well. I told Ginny that she will be having a room mate for a few weeks. She’s tickled to death about having a big sister around. See you soon and stay out of trouble.

Both Fred and George grinned and whooped. “Read this!! Read this!!” They yelled out.

The letter was passed around and everyone was excited. “Oh how fun is this going to be!” Katie exclaimed. “We won’t be separated for too long then!”

The train ride that next week was full of excitement. They all were having fun discussing what they were planning on doing. “First thing I want to show you is our hangout. Dad built us, what muggles call a tree house. It’s pretty cool. It’s a little shack built up in the trees. Only dad, Fred and I know where it’s at though. Dad thought it would be a good idea for us to have our own space to do our inventing.” George told them.

At the train station Mrs. Weasley, Ron and Ginny were all waiting anxiously for their arrival. After all the students had walked off the train and all the good-byes said the Weasleys and Alicia left for the Burrow. “You’re going to love the Burrow Alicia. It’s small, but so cozy and warm.” Ginny exclaimed.

They arrived at the Burrow and Ginny showed Alicia her room. As Alicia was unpacking, Ginny sat on her bed admiring her clothes. “I can’t wait to go to Hogwarts. You must have a blast.”

“We have a lot of fun, but a lot of studying goes on as well.” Alicia smiled. “Of course having your brothers for friends, there’s a lot more goofing around.”

“So which one do you like?” Ginny asked giggling.

“Which one do I like? Well, I like both your brothers, they’re fun to hang out with.” Alicia commented casually.

“But which one do you liiiiiiiiike?” Ginny prodded. “All they ever write to me about is how pretty Alicia is, how funny Alicia is.”

Alicia stopped what she was doing and sat down on the bed next to Ginny. “George and Fred think I’m pretty?” She wasn’t really asking, she was more like registering this. “No, no, can’t be. I’m like a sister to them.”

“Oh no!! I’m like a sister to them! They would never call me pretty or funny.” Ginny laughed. “Who have you thought about kissing?”

Alicia laughed at that. “Well, I haven’t really thought about that. Well, I must admit, they make me laugh and they are adorable, their red flaming hair, their piercing green eyes, their pouty, pink lips.” As she was saying this, her eyes glazed over and her speech became slower. “Whoa! Wait, what am I doing? This is Fred and George we’re talking about!”

“Yep.” Said Ginny. “So which one?”

“Wow Ginny. I honestly don’t know.”

From the kitchen she could hear Mrs. Weasley bellowing for everyone to come down and eat. “Ginny, you go ahead, all of a sudden, I’m not very hungry.”

“Ok” Said Ginny. “I’ll let mum know.” She skipped out of the room.

Alicia sat back, looking at her pile of clothes. Her thoughts were of the twins and it gave her butterflies in her stomach. But which twin gave her those? “Yeah, who will I be thinking about kissing?” She sighed.

(a/n: I hope I know where I'm going with this. If anyone would like to give ideas, I'm willing to listen!!!)

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