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Lure of the Dark Side by Hermione_88
Chapter 16 : Sleeping With the Enemy
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Lure of the Dark Side

Sleeping With the Enemy

Hermione was spun gracefully – once, twice – by Draco on the dance floor. People danced all around them and Hermione was happy to watch them instead of her partner in question. Mr and Mrs Malfoy (as in Draco’s parents) were gliding gracefully across the dance floor like they had so many times before. They were the exact picture of a well married and well bred couple. With riches, grace and ‘etiquette’, they were the picture of wealth and snobbery. Hermione’s attention tuned to Snape who was busy dancing with Mrs Nott, pushing her happily around the dance floor with a big grin on his face. It was possibly one of the queerest things she had ever seen Snape do. She figured that the memory charm must have harmed him more than she originally thought – he was a completely different person! She couldn’t help but relate her opinion to Draco.

“Is it just me, or is Snape just so out of character?” she whispered to Draco, but still not daring to look at him. She could actually hear him smile as he turned his attention to the seriously disturbed potions master.

“Father told me that the memory charm completely wiped him clean. It took a lot of work just to get him how he is today! Although . . . I think I prefer this version of Severus!” he said with a grin. Hermione looked at him shocked with a secretive smile playing on her face. What on earth was he on about? The infamously scary potions master whom he had praised all throughout school was possibly gone forever and replaced with a gushing gentleman who couldn’t dance to save his life! And Draco was happy about this? “What!?” he said happily. “He’s more entertaining like this!” Hermione couldn’t help the giggle that danced off her tongue. “Well there you go! I knew you had it in you!”

“What?” she asked curiously. He regarded her with a sly look as if she knew exactly what he was on about, but when she didn’t give in – he pressed on.

“It’s good to see some life in you . . . I thought you were going to pass out up there!” he said, gesturing carelessly to the alter. She looked towards the large stone alter that had been erected for the ceremony and watched it for a moment before muttering her own response.

“So did I . . .” she whispered quietly. Draco didn’t say a word. He understood exactly what this day meant. She was trapped for the rest of her life . . . she was a Malfoy. Hermione Jane Malfoy. What would her parents think if they were alive today? They wouldn’t have agreed to her doing such a reckless thing with her life – giving it over to a man she couldn’t stand. Then again, she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her parents being dead. No, this was how it was and how it would be for the rest of her life . . . unless . . .

“What are you thinking about?” Draco asked her.

“My parents . . .” she said truthfully. She didn’t know why she had said the truth, but for once, Draco didn’t make fun of her or push her. Maybe he pitied her.

“Do you miss them?” he asked quietly. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose his parents, and because of someone he trusted. Without his mother, he didn’t know what he would do! She was like his rock. Always there to protect him and guide him through times of need. His father, well . . . nothing needed to be said. Hermione nodded her head soundlessly in response to his question. He understood perfectly. They continued to dance for the rest of the night, stiffly and at a fair distance from one another. Whilst they were talking and getting along, it didn’t make them friends – it made them husband and wife. Nothing more. Twirling her around gracefully, he couldn’t help but admire how good she looked tonight. Inwardly, he smiled – not that he’d let her see that.

Glancing across the dance floor, he noticed a person just over her left shoulder. Travis Rangel stood on the edge of the dance floor watching her with an empty glass of Champaign in his hand. At this, Draco smirked outwardly – and Travis saw this. His face hardened, as did his grip on the Champaign flute in his hand. He knew that Draco was rubbing his face in it – he wasn’t completely stupid. Draco leaned down to Hermione’s face, all the while watching Rangel up until the last minute, when he turned his gaze to Hermione and closed that distance between the two of them. It was so unexpected that Hermione pulled away quickly.

“What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly. Why was he kissing her? What reason did he have?

“I’m kissing my wife – if that’s okay with you?” he said tartly. She hesitated as he leaned in closer again. Surely there was more of a reason than that! They still hated each other – so why the sudden rush of affection? Hermione glanced at the people to her left and right, but they were all oblivious to what was happening to her, but she couldn’t see the tall dark man over her left shoulder as she leaned in that little bit further and pressed her lips against Draco’s. The kiss was forceful and crushing on her lips, which made her think that he had some motive. He was trying to make it look passionate when it was simply hard.

A small smash of a glass behind them made them pull apart. Draco glanced over her left shoulder and smirked. Hermione whipped around and caught the end of Travis storming out of the garden after throwing his glass at the dance floor. Hermione knew immediately that she had been used. She glared at Draco angrily and stormed off the dance floor. How dare he?! Using her like that! And for his own little attacks at poor Travis! He just made her so angry! Storming through the sunroom which was shrouded in darkness since the party was outside; she stormed upstairs to her room. When she was only moments from her room, she heard quick running footsteps behind her and she was spun around by Draco.

“What’s your problem? Storming off like that!” he demanded stupidly. She just scowled at him.

“Why do you have to do that?!” she refuted. He looked at her like she was stupid before realisation suddenly dawned on his face and a huge grin split across it.

“Oh! You’re talking about Rangel out there! He was just chucking a fit – stupid git couldn’t control his jealousy!” he laughed and she felt the anger inside her bubble that much more.

“No! You pushed him! Pulling that little stunt of yours! Oh ‘Just kissing my wife’! I knew you were up to something!” she spat at him. The smile changed dramatically on his face. Instead of his victorious grin that had graced his face only moments ago, it was replaced by a seductive little smirk. He stepped a little closer to her, pushing her closer against the wall.

“What, you didn’t like my little kiss?” he cooed as he brought his face closer to hers. She fidgeted as she felt her back hit the wall. He placed a hand each side of her on the wall behind her. She was truly trapped, and the sad truth of it was that he was entitled to whatever he wanted from her.

“No, actually. I thought it was a terrible kiss!” she stated proudly as if she were trying to take a blow at his pride. It failed though. He simply smirked a little more and moved so close to her that their bodies were flush against one another and his lips only moments away from her own.

“Well, I could always try again!” he said seductively. “After all – I can do whatever I want to you now . . .” he said victoriously. And at that moment, the magic of the moment died. There was no nervousness on Hermione’s part, or fear. Just pure and simple defeat. He had her cornered, and like he said, he could take anything he wanted from her tonight. She turned her face away from him and laid her head back against the wall.

“Do whatever you want. Its yours.” she said flatly. The game suddenly died for Draco. He liked toying with her, pushing her, playing with her to make her feel uncomfortable, but when she simply gave up like that it ruined all the fun. There was no fun in taking anything that was given to you so easily. He didn’t want her now, but he knew he had to have her. It was apart of the ritual. The first night the couple spend together must complete their union. It was the rules. Draco didn’t bother playing any more; he simply picked up her hand and led her across the hall to his bedroom.

Closing the door behind them, he guided her over to the bed where she sat down uncomfortably. Her hands moved from her lap to her ankles where she unbuckled her heels and tossed them away. Draco removed his robe and shirt soundlessly, revealing his smooth white chest with skin that seemed to shine like wax in the blue moonlight. He leaned down gently and took Hermione’s hand, pulling her up from the bed. Without looking at one another or saying a word, he reached down and pulled up her black silky dress and pulled it up over her head revealing the delicate lingerie underneath. Draco felt himself breathe in heavily when he saw her body so displayed. If this had gone his way, he would have done amazing things to this body. The black lace that sat so gently on her skin was so luxurious. He didn’t dare touch her like he wanted to – it would only make things more confusing and uncomfortable between them.

He laid her back down on the silky bed covers and pulled of his own pants and moved to join her on the bed. He positioned himself above her, and for the first time looked into her sad and scared eyes. This was not the way he liked to do things. He didn’t like to force himself on women. It felt so wrong to him. He then did something that was quite unexpected to him and to her. He leaned down and placed a small and gentle kiss on her lips. He saw the glimmer of tears in her eyes and looked away. He didn’t bother with the pleasures of foreplay. This was not the time for it. He quickly moved his hands down blindly and removed her underwear. Removing his own, it was only a moment before it started.

Hermione gasped in pain which scared him. Was this her first time? Surely she’s done it before! A heavy weight rested itself on his shoulders as he realised that he was not only doing something that they both didn’t want to happen, but he was taking a precious gift from her. It made him hate himself all so much more. He finished it quick as he could, and once he had released he rolled off her. They lied breathlessly in bed with at least half a meter between them. They didn’t touch each other again. Draco rolled on his side and turned his back to her whilst she did the same to him.

In the quiet of the night, he thought he heard her sniffle. She was crying, and he hated himself for it.


Author’s Note: There you go. Just a little short chapter – the next one will be longer again. Not what you expected it to be is it? I thought it had to be kinda depressing because, well . . . sleeping with the enemy would be! Please leave a review – even if you’re just passing through! I’d love to hear from you and what you think! The next chapter will be back to the quirky stuff and a little lighter hearted! Until then . . .


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