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Almost Like Having Friends by Lupinslover
Chapter 1 : Oneshot
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Disclaimer: I am not Jo. I own nothing.
She had been invited to the wedding. Ginny had insisted on inviting her. Besides, her father was friends with Mr. Weasley. She, however, was invited to come to stay three days before the wedding. Luna had read Ginny's owl with trembling hands. It was almost like having friends.

Ginny had hugged her when she stepped out of the Weasley’s fireplace. The youngest Weasley had been reading a tragic love story when Luna had Floo’d in. Luna barely had time to get a bearing of her surroundings before Ginny had jumped on her, screaming, and knocked her over with a fierce hug. It was almost like having friends.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had rushed in upon hearing Ginny’s commotion. All were smiling, even Hermione. Harry and Ron helped Luna up and gently brushed the fireplace ash off her. Hermione gave Luna a hug. It was a stiff, awkward hug, product of a clash between two different ideals, but it was a hug nevertheless. It was almost like having friends.

Ron eagerly pumped Luna’s hands, smiling from ear to ear. “How are you,?” he asked, concerned, for Luna, like the rest of them, had turned noticeably paler since the death of Dumbledore. No one, besides her father, had cared before. It was almost like having friends.

Harry was waiting for Luna. She made to shake his hand, yet, throwing Ginny a meaningful look, he hugged her.

“Luna, I want to thank you…for being there…that night,” Harry whispered in her ear. No one heard. Only Luna! It was almost like having a secret! Secrets were something you shared with friends! It was almost like having friends.

After catching up with Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry, Mrs. Weasley called everyone for dinner. She made a great supper. Luna sat by Ginny, Hermione and that funny Metamorphmagus lady who was holding Professor Lupin’s hand - Luna believed her name was Honks or something like that. Harry sat on her other side, and he pointed out which dishes were the best.

Mrs. Weasley, whisking around the table like a mother cat, made sure everyone had enough food. The food was wonderful! Although it didn’t have the exquisite flavor of the Hogwart’s food, Luna detected a special flavoring, one she hadn’t tasted in six years- the taste of a mother’s love. Mrs. Weasley had slaved over this magnificent feast for her children. She was propelled to work so hard out of love for her children. And they were all her children. Luna had missed that delicacy so much. Sharing this love with all those Luna valued the most was almost like having friends.

That night, after dinner, Neville arrived, by means of the blazing fireplace. Luna’s worried eyes took in his pale face for as long as she could, before he was covered by Ginny’s affectionate hug. Surprisingly, Luna felt angry at Ginny as she hugged Neville. Perhaps she was worried because Neville looked so overwhelmed. Or perhaps Luna was jealous, jealous of how easygoing Ginny was- so affectionate, so at ease with the world, so at ease with herself, so outgoing without even trying. But Luna felt traitorous for thinking that. Ginny was her friend…almost. Were all these new feelings the downside to having friends?

Harry and Ron pumped Neville’s hand, smiling from ear to ear. Did they not notice how pale and sickly-looking their friend was? Hermione, at least, seemed to notice. She pecked Neville on the cheek and, worried, whispered something into his ear. He shook his head, and then turned to Luna.

To her, his smile was sincere. Luna, suddenly awkward, made to kiss his cheek like Hermione had. He tried to kiss her cheek at the same time. The result was an awkward, brief kiss on the lips. Luna looked around, sheepishly, afterwards. Ginny and Ron’s ears were furiously red- Luna suspected a rather bad invasion of Rutidos. A flush had crept up into Neville’s cheeks, and Harry and Hermione, giggling, were desperately trying to avoid each other’s gaze. Luna, however, felt the glow of love in the room. She enjoyed it immensely. It was almost like having friends.

That night, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Harry and Hermione slept outside, in a tent; for Fleur’s huge French family had arrived just before midnight, taking up all of the rooms in the house. They only had one tent. It was magically enhanced to a huge size. A curtain separated the girls’ side of the tent from the boys’. However, it stayed up all night. The six of them were having a great time trying to recreate a thing Muggle girls did called a sleepover. It was lots of fun. They bopped each other with pillows well into the night. Finally, they all gradually dropped off to sleep. It was extremely satisfying to Luna. It was almost like having friends.

Luna woke up the next morning, feeling a strong arm around her. For a minute, she was transformed back into her childhood. She remembered a time when her mother would fall asleep with her arm around her little girl. Luna had been her little girl. However, that childhood, that girlhood, had ended abruptly and tragically when Mrs. Lovegood had died.

However, Luna realized, with a start, that Neville, not her mother, was the one embracing her. Shocked, Luna felt her cheeks redden in the light that had protruded through the canvas. It was morning. Embarrassed, Luna saw that Ron and Hermione were embracing too. Ron had his head on Hermione’s chest. Luna looked away. She saw that Harry was alone, in the corner, spread out. Ginny was in the opposite corner, curled up, like a cat.

Luna quietly and gently extracted herself from Neville’s embrace. Stepping lightly, she exited the tent. It was dawn. The sun was just peeking out from the horizon. The blades of grass were dampened with cool dew. Dawn. Luna loved the dawn. She loved the beauty of it. But the dawn was also Luna’s enemy. Luna had lost her mother in the dawn, a calm, peaceful dawn just like this. The birds had been singing. They were singing now, the same song, oblivious to the fact that Luna’s mother was dead. Luna threw herself down into the dewy grass. Her face was wet. Luna was unsure if it was wet because of the dew, or because of the tears dripping down her face.

“Luna,” it was Harry, his voice gentle, and full of care. Luna simply ran into his arms. No words, no Legilimency was needed for Harry to know that Luna was thinking about her mother. Luna loved the feeling of being held. It was almost like having friends.

Later that day, Luna went shopping with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville. They went to the twin’s joke shop. Harry let everyone pick out their favorite prank He paid for them. Of course, while Luna thought the twins were brilliant, she had no need for practical jokes. She didn’t need a charm to daydream. However, she brought some minor pranks. She didn’t want to be rude to Harry, and she had a great time sampling all the pranks with Ginny and Neville. It was almost like having friends.

The next two days passed in a blur. Luna learned so much. Neville tearfully told her about his mum and dad one memorable hour when they got locked in a closet. Being underage, neither could Alohamora themselves out. Luna launched into a story about her mum in the closet, which propelled into the discussion. They were both crying and holding each other, quietly, when Hermione, holding Ron’s hand and smiling at him, tried to open the closet.

Soon, it was the day of the wedding. It was a sad day for Luna. She would be going home soon. Still, she loved weddings. Her mother had loved weddings, and weddings made her feel closer to her mum. Ginny was a flower girl, so Luna sat in between Neville and Harry. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride was breathtaking, and the groom, so brave. Luna was not a sentimental girl, yet she couldn’t truthfully say that she had Watterwrights, little creatures that produced water, in her eyes. She knew she was tearing up at the beautiful wedding.

Luna spent the wedding party with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Ginny. She tried to make the most of her precious hours with them. It was a wonderful party. As a surprise, Professor McGonnagall had hired the Weird Sisters to play, telling everyone about how devoted a student Bill was, and how he was a model Wizard. They played beautiful music. As Luna swayed slightly to it, her arms around Neville, she felt surrounded by the love and warmth of the party. Hermione was dancing with Ron, her body pressed close against his. Every so often, they would kiss. Harry had finally given in to his temptation, and was holding Ginny as she swayed. Neville leaned in and, without warning but incredibly gently, kissed Luna on the lips. Luna, her heart beating, feeling happier than she had ever felt, couldn’t believe it. She looked, and she saw that Ginny and Hermione had seen the kiss. They were smiling at her. Ginny gave her a thumbs up. It was like having friends- no, it wasn’t just like having friends. It was having friends.

A/N- Reviewers have been saying there's some Harry/Luna. Harry is trying to make Ginny jealous. Also, please review!! I thrive on reviews!!

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