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Happily Ever After? by ladyemma
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Disclaimer- I do NOT own Harry Potter! If I did Harry and Hermione would have been together long ago in the books.

A/N- I have changed my mind. This takes place after book six, but a pleasant surprise awaits you. Sorry for the change and sorry this chapter is so short, but I’m planning to post another one soon.

Happily Ever After?

Chapter Three

Hermione grinned happily as she stepped inside of her new home, holding hands with Harry. They had decided to move to Godric’s Hollow, the place where Harry’s parents had lived before they were killed. He had wanted to live there, in the same house where his parents had lived, even though it held the horrible memories of his. Up on entering the house they headed straight towards the stairs, and ran directly to their new bedroom.

When they first had gotten the house, the bedroom had faded, dusty, worn wallpaper, and everything was in pieces. Little by little Harry and Hermione had fixed up everything. Now the wall shone with the bright wallpaper. They had a huge bookshelf filled with only some of Hermione’s books (The rest were in another room. They had decided it should be the library), a huge king size bed, the walls were adorned with pictures filled with all their Hogwarts memories, and tables, chairs, a fireplace, and a bathroom attached to their room.

Hermione and Harry shared a gentle kiss, which was getting more and more heated by the second. Without a word, Harry pushed Hermione into bed.


The next morning Harry and Hermione got ready for their first day of work. Harry and Hermione had both decided to become aurors, though Harry was an action auror, someone who fought the bad guys, and Hermione was a detective auror. When they reached the place where they had to split up, Harry gave Hermione a quick kiss on her cheek. Hermione walked in to the detective section of the auror department, feeling satisfied that she was at work, at last. She walked to a desk, where a woman was sitting.

“Hermione Granger?” The secretary asked.

“Er, Yes. How did you know?”

“You sent in a picture of yourself with your application.” Hermione blushed. The secretary quickly changed the subject.

“I’m Cecilia Hawkins, and I’m your secretary. Your office is right this way.” Ms. Hawkins said. Hermione could only followed, feeling flustered. Ms. Hawkins led her to her office area. The office was a small room, with two desks, two wizard computers, and a big file cabinet. Ms. Hawkins left, telling Hermione to let her know if she needs anything.

A Greek man was sitting in the desk by Hermione’s. He had curly black hair, and brown eyes so dark you couldn’t see the pupils. When he stood up, he was a lot taller than Hermione. He put out his hand, saying “You must be Hermione Granger. I’m David Charleson, and I’ll be your partner.” Hermione shook his hand, and David started explaining to her what she was supposed to do.


By the time Hermione met Harry outside of the ministry, she was exhausted. They walked home together, telling each other about their day. When they reached their house, they walked in.

“You should guard your house more carefully.” A voice commented behind Harry as they entered the living room. Harry and Hermione both spun around, holding out their wands. A familiar shape stepped out of the shadows.

“Even though Voldemort is gone, there are still plenty of death eaters alive.” The man continued.

"D-d-d-d-Dumbledore?" Harry stuttered, lowering his wand.

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Happily Ever After?: Chapter Three


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