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Kiss And Tell: When Tears Fall by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 1 : We Belong Together
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A/N: Here’s my new story, hope you enjoy it. Please R&R and just enjoy!


Chapter 1: We Belong Together


“How long do girls take to get ready?” Harry asked, as he tapped his foot impatiently at the bottom of the staircase, which lead up to the girls’ dormitories.

“I don’t know,” Ron mumbled, as he looked at his watch; huffed, then began to pace back and forward.

“You don’t have to be so nervous, guys,” Neville reassured.

“It’s OK for you though!” Ron shouted.

“Yeah, you have to meet Luna there,” Harry agreed.

“You do realise that I’ve just heard everything you’ve said,” came the stern voice of Hermione from the top of the stairs, a towel wrapped round her body.

Ron looked her up and down, and he began to stutter, “Well…will…you hurry…up…then!” His ears turned pink.

“Like you can talk!” She giggled. “You took hours for the Yule Ball!” She laughed some more then retreated back into the dormitory.

Ron slumped back in his chair, “At least she wasn’t wearing a frilly jump-suit!” he huffed. Harry chuckled, Neville smiled widely.

“It doesn’t seem like Christmas, does it?” Harry pondered.

“Well, you have just killed the Darkest wizard of the age,” Neville said.

“Yeah, you will feel a bit tired,” Ron said.

Harry lent against the mantelpiece and looked into the red flames, which danced away in the dark. He remembered everything from the War with Voldemort and the events which happened before; Dumbledore being murdered was one of them. He always felt like the silver-bearded man was following him everywhere, like a spirit of the night.

“Harry,” Ron called out. “Are you OK?”

Harry looked up at Ron, his best friend of nearly eight years, who knew him so well, who he had grown up with; had seen him cry. “I’m fine,” Harry muttered, and wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his tuxedo.

A large mirror hung over the fire, and Harry glanced at it, it steadily reminded him of the time when he saw his parents through the Mirror of Erised. But now he saw a man with messy black hair covering a lightning bolt scar, and glasses over his electric-green eyes.

Tonight was a Christmas Ball, a kind of celebration for the vanquish of Voldemort, and for the future of remarkable things to come.

Harry straightened his jacket; still looking in the mirror. He began to fix his tie, and as he moved on to flattening his hair, a hand was placed on his shoulder. “I like your hair just the way it is.” It was a girl who spoke.

Harry turned and smiled when he saw the brown eyes, the long, red hair of Ginny, who was wearing a baby-blue dress, whose flare straps went past her shoulders.

Her hair had been magically straightened and around her neck was the sparkling diamond necklace, which he had bought for her on her birthday.

“Well I, you’re… beautiful!” He gasped. She blushed then took his hand, he went slightly red too.

He looked over her shoulder as she embraced him, he breathed in her elegant perfume and saw to his delight that Ron was holding Hermione’s hand. Hermione saw Harry’s gaze and smiled.

She twirled, and he laughed silently. Hermione was wearing a lilac, spaghetti strap dress, her hair was up in an elegant, twisted knot and around her neck was the gold chain where hung a heart locket.

“Can we go now?!” Neville complained. They laughed at his impatience and jealousy, then departed from the Gryffindor common room.


They stood in the glistening Entrance Hall, waiting for Luna.

The Hall was decorated with wreaths of holly and mistletoe, floating candles flickered from the night breeze through the front doors. The Christmas tree, which reached the ceiling, sparkled with real-live fairies, which reflected in the silver and gold baubles.

Luna stood at the top of the marble staircase, waiting for them all to notice her. She wore a silver dress which cut into flares as it reached the floor. No Butterbeer-cork necklaces were found around her neck, but she wore a silver chain with a moon pendent and her blonde hair was wavy and shining in the candle light.

Neville was the first to notice her and he greeted her with open arms and a passionate kiss.

Luna had been dating Neville for over a month and everybody had agreed that they looked perfect together; happy all the time. They kept on kissing and by this time, Ron was getting impatient so he went over to them and broke them apart.

They entered the Great Hall, but met many tables where plates and goblets had been set out. They sat down and were given wine by McGonagall who didn’t seem to mind. The usual twelve Christmas trees surrounded them and the floating candles were still above them.

“I thought you and blonde-bouncing-ferret over there had organised this?” Harry heard Ron ask Hermione.

Hermione turned in her seat and saw Draco Malfoy sitting with Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle, who were talking quite normally. “Yeah, we did,” she sighed, then began to eat her turkey and potatoes.

“He should never have come back,” Harry growled. “After all he’s done!” He stabbed his fork into a roast potato with anger.

“He did have to come back, Harry,” Hermione explained. “So he could do his N.E.W.Ts. His father is what matters… will you two be more civilised?!”

Neville and Luna broke apart at once, laughing under their breaths whilst piling gravy on to their plates.

Harry was happy for them two, if only he had that with Ginny. He doubted it even more, especially after what he had said to her at Dumbledore’s funeral that he couldn’t be with her anymore.

They only came as friends after all, as so did Ron and Hermione. He knew that nothing was ever going to happen. Harry could see that Ron wanted her, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, making him dribble gravy down his tux.

After the meal was over and pudding had been devoured, McGonagall got up and addressed the entire school.

“Students of Hogwarts! I give you your Head Boy and Head Girl, Mr Draco Malfoy and Miss Hermione Granger!” She sat back down and they made their way up to the owl-podium to make their speech.

Everybody clapped for them, some gave Malfoy evil looks, hissing behind his back. But he didn’t care, in fact, he looked terrible.

“Well let us wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” Hermione began. “As Head Girl…”

“And Head Boy!” Draco interrupted and nudged Hermione in the side.

“Yes, as us, we decided to hold a Christmas celebration, but not just any celebration! A celebration to mark the end of Lord Voldemort’s reign!”

Everybody cheered and clapped, apart from Draco, who stared at the reception which was being received.

“So I ask you to raise your glasses to Mr Harry Potter, for his bravery, courage and pure nerve and skill. Harry!” she yelled. The hearing of glasses clinking made Harry slip down his chair to hide his embarrassment.

Hermione giggled. “And now… let the party begin!” She clicked her fingers and the whole Hall went black.


“Erm… Hermione!” Ron yelled across the Hall.

“Yes, Ronald?!” She yelled back.

“You do realise it’s totally dark?”

“I’m aware of that!” She huffed.

“Why?” He asked impatiently.

“’Cause the spell went wrong! Never has this happened to me before. Ow! That was my foot, Malfoy!”

“Oh, I’m dreadfully sorry,” he said with a sarcastic air. “Allow me to help with the problem?”

“Why should I? You didn’t help at all with this whole thing anyway!” She whispered.

“But I looked on in amazement!” he spat back, and he clapped his hands twice. All of a sudden, everybody was forced to stand as the tables and chairs had vanished into thin air.

It was still dark, but they could see the smooth surface of the ice underneath their feet, reflecting the stars from above. But no one slipped. It was magic, and soon, the many floating candles appeared in full blaze, showing what the Hall now looked like.

Everybody gasped.

Snow fell from the enchanted ceiling, the icicles around the Hall glistened in the light and whistled in the wind. The ice sculptures of owls, unicorns and one of a dragon sparkled all around.

The white-silver Christmas trees were full of fairy-lights, but nothing could be more magical than the non-slippery ice.

Everybody looked down and saw everyone else smiling with amazement and the reflections of misty figures in the air; being memories, or the lion, the eagle, the badger and the snake.

“Please welcome, your entertainment for this evening,” Draco shouted. “A Cold Spell!”

Screams erupted as the band began to play and everybody started to dance.

Hermione couldn’t believe that Draco had saved her from utter humiliation, and without uttering a word to him, she went to join her friends.

Draco looked on at her from a distance, his icy eyes reflecting through the mist.


After about an hour of foot-tapping dancing, they had to get drinks and take a breather. “It seems almost like pure magic!” Luna gasped, in a blonde manner

“Well, it kinda is,” Hermione replied, with a raised eyebrow.

“What gave you this idea?” Ginny asked.

“I honestly don’t know, I mean, Draco didn’t help at all!”

“Draco?!” Harry and Ron spat their drinks everywhere.

“Sorry, Malfoy. I always have to say his first name in meetings, I just forget,” she said whilst wiping down her dress.

“Speak of the Devil!” Ginny pointed over Hermione’s shoulder. She turned to see Draco heading towards them.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” Ron scathed.

“Need to talk to Granger, is that a problem, Weasel?”

Hermione slapped him across the face. “Now, there was no need for that!” He said sarcastically. He knew perfectly well he deserved it. He had tried to get on with Hermione, but something kept him back. The past of taunting her would be over, but he wanted her to understand him.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” she asked.

“Could we talk outside? In private.” He asked. Ginny shook her head at Hermione, then everybody else followed suit.

“Fine. But it better be quick, or my champagne will go cold,” she laughed hysterically. Draco raised an eyebrow and she mocked him.

“McGonagall has set us another task for the end of the year. The Graduation Party. But there’s more before that, but the old bitch never told me,” he explained.

She slapped him again, but this time, a twinge of guilt fell from her heart and into her stomach. “Stop talking about people like that!”

“Stop slapping people then!”

I didn't mean it
When I said I didn't love you so
I should have held on tight
I never should've let you go

“I’m sorry,” Hermione wept. A Cold Spell began to play another song, “I love this song. I’m sorry, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.” She ran to the door, but then stopped.

Draco stood there, but then when he saw her warm stare looking at him, he made his way over.

“Thank you,” she said, and hugged him. He tensed at her touch then relaxed and hugged her back. “For saving my ass earlier.” She kissed him on the cheek and went to dance with her friends.

I didn't know nothing
I was stupid
I was foolish
I was lying to myself

Pansy came over to him and kissed him to wake him up from his trance. “I’m going to bed, are you?” she asked.

“No, not yet. Will be shortly.” And he bade her goodnight.

I couldn't have fathomed that I would ever
Be without your love
Never imagined I'd be
Sitting here beside myself


'Cause I didn't know you
'Cause I didn't know me
But I thought I knew everything
I never felt
The feeling that I'm feeling
Now that I don't
Hear your voice
Or have your touch and kiss your lips
Cause I don't have a choice
Oh, what I wouldn't give
To have you lying by my side
Right here, 'cause baby

Hermione was dancing slowly with Ron, his hands were around her waist and hers held around his neck.

Neville and Luna were glued together at a table, still, but then they got up and left the Great Hall; hand in hand.

Harry was cradling Ginny, who seemed to be happy now that she was in the safe arms of a hero.

Hermione heard her best friend giggle, and she cast a look at the two of them from Ron’s shoulder. She saw Harry lean down and whisper something in her ear. Ginny nodded, then they kissed, very deeply.

When you left
I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby please, 'cause
We belong together
Who else am I gonna lean on
When times get rough
Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
Till the sun comes up
Who's gonna take your place
There ain't nobody better
Oh baby, baby
We belong together

Hermione smiled into Ron’s shoulder, then she felt his warm breath in her ear and felt his hand mover lower on her back; she raised it back up.

I can't sleep at night
When you are on my mind
Bobby Womack's on the radio
Singing to me
'If you think you're lonely now'
Wait a minute
This is too deep, too deep
I gotta change the station

“Hermione, do you like me? As a friend, I mean,” he asked.

“Of course I do,” they stopped dancing. “What made you ask that question?” She put her head back on his shoulder.

So I turn the dial
Trying to catch a break
And then I hear Baby face
I only think of you
And it's breaking my heart
I'm trying to keep it together
But I'm falling apart

“Because I don’t,” he muttered.

“What?! Why? Was it something I did?!” She held on to his hands, but they stopped dancing.

I'm feeling all out of my element
I'm throwing things
Trying to figure out
Where the hell I went wrong
The pain reflected in this song
Ain't even half of what
I'm feeling inside
I need you
Need you back in my life baby

“No, you’re perfect! It’s just… I’ve had feelings for you for quite sometime.”

“You have?”

“Yeah, but you know, I’m nervous, and I didn’t know how to ask you out. I don’t even know if you like me!”

“Does this answer your question?” She raised her hand on to the back of his head, which she tilted until their lips touched.

When you left
I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby please, 'cause
We belong together
Who else am I gonna lean on
When times get rough
Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
Till the sun comes up
Who's gonna take your place
There ain't nobody better
Oh baby, baby
We belong together

It was slow and passionate, and between them both, they felt like the whole world had stopped so that they were the only one’s breathing.

The kiss became deeper, his tongue licked her lips, asking for entry which she allowed. Their tongues danced with each other, along with the music like they themselves were doing… they didn’t want to stop! But air was calling out to them.

When you left
I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby please, 'cause
We belong together

They broke apart. She placed her head on his chest and he placed his head on top of hers. Her eyes faced the door and they came on to the horrified look on Draco’s face.

Who am I gonna lean on
When times get rough
Who's gonna talk to me
Till the sun comes up

The song ended, and he ran away. Hermione moved from Ron and ran into the Entrance Hall, but as soon as she saw the blonde hair disappear into another corridor, she realised that something was wrong.

Who's gonna take your place
There ain't nobody better
Oh baby, baby
We belong together

This was the beginning of a tangle of webs. Would there be an end?


Song: We Belong Together by Mariah Carey, I love this song, and so does one of my best buddies, she knows who she is, so this song goes out to her! To Anna! :)

A/N: Just review please, in that box below, please and thank you!


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