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Black Goodbye by LovlyRita
Chapter 1 : Black Goodbye
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Inside the most honorable house of Black, there was one person who was not as honorable as the rest of his ancestors. He was a blood traitor, some of the aunts said. He felt sympathy for Mudbloods and Muggles, or that was what all the cousins whispered behind his back while in his presence, as if he couldn’t hear them. But Sirius Black could hear. He heard every single lie, every single slandering word that was said about him.

However, the worst of these comments always came from his mother. She was constantly nagging at him. The worst of her droning lectures usually ended with her screaming needlessly, “Have you forgotten what your last name represents? You are a Black, Sirius! No son of mine dirties his reputation by associating himself with Mudbloods! No son of mine, Sirius.”

And Sirius would laugh at his lump of a mother and reply, “Well, then maybe I’m adopted.” He tried to make a joke out of his mother’s disillusioned ideas at what family meant, but every time those words left her lips, it put another stab wound in his heart. His mother had been so loving when he’d been a boy. Then Regulus had been born, and everything changed. Sirius had never had much of an affinity for his brother, but at the end of all the fights with his mother, Regulus had always been quick to jump in with, “She’s right, you know.”

Sirius Black had had enough. He was on summer break from his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, between his fifth and sixth year. At sixteen years old, he’d been through so much with his parents, and none of it was good. Aside from his mother, his father was no better. She usually did the maniacal ranting, but his father was even worse, with his dark stares and deep, puncturing remarks.

“I’m so disappointed in you,” he would say, and Sirius would stalk off to his room, rage and sadness filling every vessel of his body.

No more was this going to affect the adolescent boy. And so, on a balmy June evening, Sirius packed his things. He did so rather violently: ripping things from the walls, kicking furniture and destroying things that his parents had given to him as a young boy.

“I’m not good enough for you because I am a nice person? I’m not good enough for you because I am in Gryffindor? I’m not good enough for you because I don’t want to kill people who are different from me? I’m not good enough because I’m a ‘blood traitor’?” He trailed off while throwing things into his school trunk. “I’m not good enough because you don’t love me, and you never have.” It pained Sirius to say these words - they were, after all, his parents and his family, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he knew it was true. This enraged him even more, and he kicked the mahogany desk that set idly in the corner of his room.

Rage pumped through his veins as he ripped the mattress from his bed and threw it across the room. The racket he was making would be enough to wake his parents, and that’s exactly what he wanted. He seized some clothes hanging in his closet - they were starting to get old, because his parents hadn’t bought him anything new since they’d learned he’d become a Gryffindor.

After stuffing these inside his trunk, he grabbed the pictures off his nightstand and tossed them at the door. The glass shattered and fell to the floor.

Sirius Black, arguably the most attractive of all the Blacks, was ready to crack. His long, dark hair fell into his pained gray eyes. He pushed it back away from his face, desperately trying to keep his emotion to a minimal level. It was his hour now.

A harsh knock came at his door, and before Sirius could say a word, it flew open.

Sirius Black! What in the name of Merlin do you think you are doing? What...what have you done to your room? You have made a mess of it, breaking things we have given to you! What respect is that? In the most honorable-“

“Mother, it may come as a surprise to you, but I could care less about this stupid house," he snarled, watching his mother’s features crinkle. His father had come now and stood not far from his mother. I could care less about my last name, and honestly, I couldn’t care less about you. I’m leaving this godforsaken house, get out of my way or I will force you to move.”

The couple didn't move, standing defiantly in his path. “Get out of my way!” he exclaimed once more, removing his wand from his back pocket and pointing it toward to his parents.

“You leave now Sirius, and you’ll never come back. Don’t you come crying or whining to us about money; it won’t happen. You leave this house, you leave everything you’ve ever known. And where do you think you’ll go, pray tell, son?”

“I’ve got a place ready for me, somewhere where they will appreciate me for who I am and not what I represent.”

“I suppose you’ll be going to that Potter’s house. I’ve heard his mother is a whore who-"

“SAY IT AGAIN!” He screamed, moving in toward his parents, who did not flinch.
"Say it again, Mother. I dare you.”

“Do you think I quiver in fear, Sirius? I brought you into this world, and oh, how every day I regret it. If only you could be as wonderful as your brother! Do you think it does not pain me to tell you that you may never return? You are my son, my eldest son! And look what you’ve turn into: a Mudblood loving-"

“Blood traitor, yes, I know, I know. I hear it every damned day; you have reminded me every day of my life, Mother. And I’m telling you, I am leaving it behind. I’m leaving you behind. All of it.”

“Leave, son, and you will never be welcomed back," his father said, speaking for the first time. And if you do come back, I will kill you. No blood link is worth the shame you have brought on this family.”

“Fine. I’m leaving. And I won’t ever come back, because nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is worse than living in this hellhole.” Sirius grabbed his belongings and began his final walk through the house. Nothing jumped out at his as sentimental. He would not miss one thing inside of Number 12 Grimmauld Place. He did not turn his back to look at his parents, or his brother, who had sleepily wandered into the hallway to see what was going on.

Sirius Black left his family without another word. He slammed the door and walked out into the heavy summer air. The emotion he had been holding down stayed down. Sirius had never felt so liberated in his entire life. Elation filled his heart as his smile stretched from ear to ear, illuminating his dark features. He even went as far as to skip down the road, but quickly halted this behavior as it was not becoming of a sixteen year-old boy - no, a sixteen year old man. Boys don’t leave their parents behind - no, that was a role specific to men. But men don’t skip down streets, either.

Sirius laughed aloud and then began his journey to the Potter’s house. It would take him a while to get there, especially without magic, but he appreciated the night as he walked down the street.

A few hours later, around two-thirty in the morning, an exhausted Sirius Black made his way down the cobbled pathway in front of the Potter’s home. Before he could knock on the door, it opened wide to reveal James Potter, a massive grin on his face.

“Did you do it, mate?” he greeted.

“What does it look like? It’s done…and I couldn’t be happier! Now, help me with this damn trunk, I’ve been carrying it for hours, and I don’t care to see it again for a while.” James laughed and helped Sirius into his new home.

“Welcome home, Padfoot. Mum and Dad are asleep right now, but help yourself to any food you’d like. I’ve been waiting hours for you, hoping you wouldn’t chicken out or something.”

“Why, Prongs, mate, haven’t you heard? I’m from the most honorable house of Black; we don’t back down from anything,” Sirius replied, half sarcastically.

“Right, well, make yourself at home, there’s your room, I’m going to bed. Am I a bad host? Maybe, but it’s just you, and technically you aren’t a guest anymore because you live here now so…I feel no shame in saying fend for yourself. We’ll catch up in the morning.”

“Alright. Night, Prongs.”

“Night, Padfoot.” James retreated to his bedroom and shut the door, leaving Sirius in the guest room. He shut the door and flopped on the bed, letting his hair fall into his face. He could definitely get used to this - his new family. A family that would care about him, a family that could care less that his last name was Black.

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