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The Secret of a Lily by 188__dragon song__881
Chapter 11 : Mr. Midnight
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a/n I do not own Harry Potter or Leonardo Da Vinci. This is the final chapter I hope that you enjoy it, read away...

As light burst out the end of Alice’s wand a silent swish of a cloak accompanied it. Alice caught a glimpse of dark hair before an invisibility cloak hid it. Alice watched as a broomstick rose from the ground. She hurriedly stripped the covers from her, slipped on her slippers and raced toward the broom.

“Come back!” she called. The broomstick flew high into the air and begun circling the hospital. “Who are you?” Alice shouted at it. The only answer she received was a small piece of parchment that fell from the sky. Alice snatched the paper from the air, it read:

“I loved you since the day we met until this very night,
But who I am I don’t reveal for fear that you’d take flight,
For I’ve been
Naught but mean,
Therefore you shall only know me as Mr. Midnight.”

Just as Alice finished reading the limerick the broom speed through the open hospital window. Alice raced after it, she grabbed the tail of the broom as it flew out the window pulling Alice along with it!

She clutched the broom, her feat dangling beneath her, and beneath her feet the Hogwarts grounds stretching like a fireman’s blanket inviting her to jump. Cold air tugged at her hair, which quickly escaped from the ribbon holding it back. Locks of hair whipped at her face and tears fell from her eyes, which disappeared into the darkness of the night.

“Help me,” she whimpered, the wind tore at her feet taking a slipper. Her fingers were loosing their grip; she was hanging onto a twig of the broom’s end. Suddenly it snapped. Alice plummeted into the shadows of the night.

A scream of desperation caused a flock of resting birds to erupt from deep within the Forbidden Forest. Alice fell. She was weightless. A feeling of peace came over her and she no longer felt afraid, she felt alive. These thoughts did not last long before panic coursed through every nerve of her body. Before she knew it she collided with a flying object.

“I got you,” a voice said. Strong arms gently positioned her in front of him on the broom, while holding her upright.

“How did you know I was there?” Alice asked her voice shaking.

Mr. Midnight laughed, “It was a bit obvious wasn’t it?”

“Sorry,” Alice said sarcastically. “I have just experienced a near death experience and I am not exactly thinking straight.” The couple fell into silence with only the wind whistling in their ears. The broom flew high into the air and slowly began to fly in the direction of the lake. They were hovering inches from the inky surface of the unkown lake when Alice asked, “Who are you?”

The figure did not reply but instead lent forward spurring the broom forward.

“Fine I will guess. Are you a male?”

Mr. Midnight grunted, “Yeah.”

“Do you go to Hogwarts?”

“Yeah.” The broom was quickly approaching the opposite end of the lake. Mr. Midnight looked out over Alice’s shoulder, searching for something.

“Are you a student?”

Mr. Midnight laughed, “No I am Dumbledore.”

Alice smiled, “Ok, sorry that was a stupid question. Are you in a house which was founded by a male by the name of Godric?”


Alice hit Mr. Midnight playfully, “You have to answer Yes or No.”

He sighed, “Fine, yes I am.”

Something about his tone of voice reminded Alice of someone, “Have we talked before?”


Alice thought for a moment, then begun speaking her thoughts aloud, “Hmm, let me have a think. So you are in Gryffindor, you’re a guy and you go to Hogwarts…”

“And we have talked before,” Mr. Midnight interjected.

“I am left with, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pedigew, Frank Longbottom, Zac Bell, Michael Jorden and Kloy Weasly, are you one of those people?”

“Close you eyes,” Mr. Midnight said changing the topic. Alice dutifully obeyed. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I think.” Alice felt the wind ripple through her body as the broom sped faster.

“Are you ready?” Mr. Midnight asked.

Alice nodded. Then suddenly she felt a shower of water, fall on her face, icy daggers hit her shoulders mercilessly. Then as soon as it begun it stopped. The broom slowed to a stop and Alice felt Mr. Midnight jump off, “You can open you eyes now,” he murmured.

Alice slowly opened her eyes and before her was a wondrous sight. Streaks of white water formed a curtain before her and the dull moonlight shone through causing mystic shadows to form around her. The roar of water was magnificent she felt like a huge lion stood before her.

“Turn around,” Mr. Midnight said.

As Alice gradually rotated she recognize that she was in some sort of cavern that had been hidden by the huge waterfall. Yet that wasn’t half of it. The cave had been transformed into a laboratory. Lily’s littered the ground beneath her feat and three white doves peered at her curiously from a cage at the back of the cave. There was a set of shelves above the doves, which held various bottles and flasks.

“What is this place?” Alice gasped.

“This is my thinking space.”

“Who are you?” Alice asked for the third time.

“Alice I am so sorry, I have always been such a jerk to you,” Mr. Midnight gently took off the invisibility cloak, “It’s me, Frank.”

Alice stared at him, “You? But, but, how did you get an invisibility cloak?”

“James leant it to me,”

“The broom..”


“But Rowena said that you didn’t care, that you complained about cleaning up when I fainted in potions,”

“Geez Alice, is that how you really think that I felt?” Frank stared at her intently, “I felt horrible but what else could I do? I had always pushed you away, always afraid that you would realize my true feelings. That was the only way that I knew how to react. I am so, so sorry,”

Alice looked at the ground.

“Alice?” Frank whispered, “Talk to me?”

“I am very confused, Frank,” Alice begun to walk around the cave avoiding Franks stare. She picked up a piece of parchment, which was covered in a series of symbols and numbers. Alice studied them for a long time.

“I can’t work it out,” she said after a while.

Frank strode to her side and kindly took the paper from her. He pointed to a small picture of a dead fly, “It means frog tongue and this one…” he said as he pointed to a picture of half a star, “…means to add powdered frog tongue at dusk. And the one after that symbolises the full moon. So it translates into: add powdered frog tongue at dusk of the full moon.”

“Why is it so complicated?” Alice asked.

Frank smiled, “It was Marvin’s idea he likes to keep all our inventions secret. He is a huge worshiper of Da Vinci.”

“Marvin Luvgood?”

“Yeah he loves all this stuff,” Frank gestured to the surrounding equipment. “We are good friends.”

Silence fell over them like a grey cloud waiting for the slightest change to open up and rain its contents upon anyone fortunate enough to be in its way.

Frank looked at Alice and tenderly took her hands.

The rain cloud rumbled.

Alice inched closer, inviting the rain.

Frank’s hands delicately placed themselves on either side of Alice’s face.

The first droplet began to fall.

Two lips became one.

The rain cloud had been broken and a downpour fell lovingly around them.


a/n Well what did you think? Is the whole, rain cloud thing just a little bit too weird? Well that's that, geez I didn't realize how much time it takes to write a story. Therefore I want to say that anyone who writes more the 20 chapters in a story is awesome and I want to thank them for putting in so much time. Thank you readers!!!

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