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Dangerously In Love by Misty_Rey
Chapter 1 : Start of Something?
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Disclaimer: All of the Hogwarts world belongs to Miss Rowling, not me, never me.

A/N: Hiya All! Well, I want to thank you all in advance for stopping by my humble little fic. If this doesn't look familiar to those who have read this before, I did some editing and I hope that I made this better ;). I added a few more bits and pieces here and I hope this worked out as I hoped. Thanks!

Credit: Huge thanks to brilliantbeauty for the chapter banner!

“Get up!”

“Five more minutes…”

“That’s what you said half an hour ago!”

Vivian Costa looked at the heap on the bed that was her best friend and shook her head. They are only into the first week of their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry yet her best friend still hadn't managed to discipline herself into waking up early, or be punctual for anything since her first year. Giving up entirely, she took a running start and jumped on the bed as hard as she could. She just buried herself deeper into the duvet. After a few minutes, Vivian jumped off, huffing with tiredness and tried another tactic.

"If you don’t get up right now, I’m going to drag you out,” Vivian threatened.

“Do your worst,” A reply mumbled out.

“He’s already up...” Vivian smiled and waited.

Nothing happened at first. Then a groan escaped from under the covers followed by a head of tousled pale blonde hair.

“I hate you, Viv.” The girl groaned again while rubbing out the sleep from her eyes.

“I know.” Vivian’s smile grew into a grin. “I’ll be waiting in the great hall and if you don’t come down in half an hour, I’m sending you-know-who up.” With that, she turned and sauntered out the door.

Dollie Kent rolled her eyes and crawled out of bed, the thick blanket trailing behind her as she dragged her feet to the dorm mirror. She was naturally a night person and hated mornings with a passion. She snuck a glance at the dorm grandfather clock and let out an irritated groan. It wasn't THAT late! Why Vivian had to get her knickers into a twist was beyond Dollie. Resisting the urge to fall back into her warm four-poster bed, she ran her fingers through her hair to let loose the tangles formed by sleep, threw on her school robes and walked out her room, all while still half-asleep.

The dorm room was completely deserted as was the common room when she left. Since first-year, she had never been able to be on time, smiling ruefully to herself. Not that anyone ever noticed anyway. She wasn’t teacher’s pet, sweeter than a mouthful of honey Lily Evans. Nor was she the vivacious, flamboyantly flirty Vivian Costa. She was just ‘that girl’ or ‘Lily/Vivian’s friend’. Not that she minded much. She never cared too much about the other girls’ frivolous chatters or raging gossip. Vivian was more than enough for her. She gave a small chuckle at the thought but quickened her pace when some girls gave her odd stares.

As she manoeuvred herself through the thick sea of students in the hall, this fact presented itself as more apparent than ever. Whenever she was by herself, it was infrequent for anyone to notice her except for a handful of prefects here and there reprimanding her for being late for something or being ‘sloppy’. First-glances were tossed at times but other than that, she was more or less a phantom walking through existence at Hogwarts.

When she arrived at the great hall, she sat at the Gryffindor table next to Vivian and Lily. Lily had been scrutinizing “The Daily Prophet”, her shoulder-length auburn hair hanging loosely over her face as she munched on a crumpet. Noticing Dollie, she looked up as her startlingly green eyes sparkled.

“Only you, Dollie, can just roll out of bed and still look oh-so-fine,” Lily teased her sullen friend.

Dollie rolled her eyes good-naturedly but her voice was still hard and cranky from her interrupted sleep, “Good morning to you too, Lily. Potter been around to ask you out yet?” she retorted, a smirk spread across her face.

“No! Surprisingly, none of the Marauders have made their grand entrance yet. Suppose because it’s the beginning of the year so they want to make it more absurd than it usually is. Socrates is here though,” Lily patted the feathers of a rather small, grey, Barren owl. It turned its dazed blue eyes towards Dollie and lightly hopped onto her wrist.

Dollie wasn’t actually very fond of animals but in third-year, Lily and Vivian wanted to give her a pet as a birthday present so before their third-year begun, they took her to Diagon Alley. It had been a frustrating day to say the least. She was allergic to cats (Vivian’s cats were more than she could handle at times), toads seemed useless to her and fish were just dead boring. She briefly thought of a rat but Vivian’s begging wore her out and she changed her mind. When they arrived at Eyelops Owl Emporium, she decided that Owls were the least useless of the pets they had seen. She searched vehemently but none of the owls seemed right. They were either too big, too small, too noisy, too quiet, too showy, too dull… The list seemed endless. They were about to give it a day when Dollie found Socrates at the very end of the store. Vivian and Lily concluded it was too lacklustre and dreary but she took a liking to it and had it ever since.

“Hello Sock, any mail?” Dollie tossed it a piece of fruit as it rested its claws on her wrist.

Sock gave a slight shake of its head as it munched quietly on its apple.

“Out of all the names you could have chosen, why a bizarre name like Socrates? Why not Greyer or Snowy or Sunshine or---”

“Vivian, Socrates was a famous Greek Philosopher who believed that true knowledge emerges through questioning and argument. He devised a method of teaching by systematic questioning. I think it’s a perfectly lovely name,” said Lily.

“Sheesh, Professor Evans, what book did you swallow?” Vivian took a loud gulp of milk.

Dollie ignored Vivian’s comment and flicked Socrates into the air. It flapped its wings lazily and flew back to the owl tower. She was about to dig into her cereal when screams, squeals and giggles erupted from the entrance.

“Wonder who that could be?” Lily said sarcastically but even though they knew what they would find, the three girls turned towards the direction of the noise.

They, and the rest of the Great Hall, were greeted with confetti of countless colours continuously tossing itself into the air so that it didn’t litter the floor while long streams of neon twirled and danced in the air, twist itself into all sorts of shapes. Flower petals jumped on the floor to keep in step of the four boys behind it as four Gryffindors strutted their way to the table. Well, two of them were strutting. One attempted a strut but was really scurrying after the two while the other just looked embarrassed. The Marauders of Hogwarts. The most popular guys in school. The leaders, James Potter and Sirius Black, were the most sought after boys in fifth year if not the whole school.

When they arrived at the Gryffindor table, shooing away their fans, James not surprisingly immediately jumped to Lily’s side and unceremoniously nudged Dollie aside while Sirius slid in beside James’ other side and beside Dollie. The other girls at the table furiously glared at her, all thinking the same thing, ‘I spent hours on my hair and make-up, yet SHE gets Sirius Black to sit next to her?!’ Remus Lupin sat opposite her and Peter Pettigrew sat beside Remus.

“Hey Evans, it’s fifth-year and with it being a new year, it could be a brand new start for us. You can start the fire-works by going out with me. It doesn’t matter where we go as long as I’m with you.” James gave her his charming smile while putting his arm around her shoulders.

“Please Potter, there is no ‘us’ and there never will be ‘us’. Don’t make me throw up my breakfast. It’s far too early and I don’t want to upset the school elves.” Lily shrugged off his arm off her shoulders.

Dollie tuned out James and Lily’s fight like she did every morning. Beside her, Sirius gave a rich laugh that made some passing second-years sigh.

“Never give up, do you James? Why, you could be Minister for Magic with that kind of persistent dedication,” he said followed by another bark-like laugh.

“Hey, umm, excuse me? Kent?”

She looked up at the sound of her name and her heart sank when she saw who called her. Remus. The bloke she had been hopelessly pining for since the first time she saw him. A bloke she could never dream of actually being with. Summer hadn’t seemed to change him much though he was taller and if possible, so much better-looking….

“Yeah, that’s me,” she said, hoping her face wasn’t as pink as she felt it. He gave a small smile that made her heart skip a beat and her hands shook slightly as she gripped her spoon.

“I was just wondering, weren’t you supposed to be the female Gryffindor prefect for this year? Because you’re not wearing the badge.” His voice wasn’t much different either. It had always been deep and mature; seeming to possess a secret she couldn’t figure out.

Because I had a feeling Dumbledore would make you the other prefect and I’d make a fool of myself when I’m near you. I don’t deserve it anyway, she thought to herself.

“I sent the badge back. I’m not exactly a model student and with this being O.W.L year, I can’t afford any… distractions.” That distraction being you, Remus, the sweetest, cutest, kindest, smartest guy in Hogwarts who was talking to me at this very moment and making my stomach do flip-flops that acrobats couldn’t possibly hope to do….

He nodded. “Oh okay, sorry.”

“You should be sorry, Remus. Not everyone can multitask like you,” piped up Sirius good naturedly. He then turned to her. “Hello there,” He gave her his patented charming smile. “What was it you said your name was? Kent?”

“Yes, that’s right,” she replied, slightly annoyed that she couldn’t talk to Remus now and even repulsed by the way he was leering at her. Was that supposed to be attractive? They'd been going to most of the same classes for four bleeding years, did it really take up so much brain capacity to remember a housemate?

“Well, I’m Black.”

She quirked up an eyebrow. “Really? I’d say you were more tanned than black,” she remarked sarcastically whilst trying to edge a bit farther from him. Of course she knew who he was, at least she bothered to take notice of fellow Gryffindors.

Vivian, Lily, James and Remus burst out laughing when they heard this remark while Peter, not knowing whose side to take, just continued nibbling on his toast. Sirius looked completely taken aback. Probably because no girl had ever talked to him like that, she was sure of it. They were all the same, producing enough drool to make a second lake, swooning at his feet if he even glanced at them. Why should she inflate anymore of his gargantuan ego? Her bluntness got her few friends and lots of enemies but she knew most of them deserved it anyway.

“Ouch, burn much?” James lightly punched Sirius in the arm.

Sirius rolled his eyes and poured syrup on his pancakes. “Hey, Remus,” he quickly changed the subject. “What do we have after breakfast?”

Remus consulted his timetable. “Potions with Professor Slughorn.”

“Old Sluggy, huh? That should be a barrel of jolly fun,” James remarked sarcastically.

“You just don’t like Professor Slughorn because he didn’t pick you to be in his club,” Lily retorted.

“Well… who said I wanted to be in his stupid club anyway?” James shot back.

“I’m in his ‘stupid’ club, Potter,” Lily said coldly.

Dollie rolled her eyes but as she was about to say that maybe they should leave, she realised something and begun to mentally kick herself. She knew she forgot something. “Hey, this is fun and all but I’m going back to the tower for a while. In my hurry to get to breakfast,” she shot Vivian a look, “I left my bag in my room so I’m going to go get it before potions start.”

“I’ll walk you if you like,” said Sirius suddenly.

Everyone turned and stared at him. Damn, I was hoping Remus would ask me that, she thought frustratingly. Of course he had no obligation to but a girl could hope right?

“No worries, Black. I know the way. Besides, it looks like I’m going to be late. I don’t want to make you late too,” she reassured him, hoping he would catch the hint.

“I don’t care. Slug is quite fond of me so he’ll let me off the hook. Come on, it’s just a walk,” he said with a small pinch of pleading for cuteness. He hadn't got the hint. Git.

“Ermm…” She snuck a peek at Vivian who violently nodded her highlighted shocking pink black hair, encouraging her to accept the offer while Lily was too preoccupied with James. Remus was putting his books in his bags, as if purposely not wanting to look at the scene unfold.

“No harm, I suppose,” she shrugged grudgingly.

Sirius smiled and when he got off his seat, he held out his hand to help her off hers. She snorted and ignored his extended hand and slid off her seat by herself. She and Sirius, side by side and watched with envy by the other girls, walked out the great hall.

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