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Broken by Padfoot_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Backdrops and Fake Models
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Before we begin this epic journey, I would like to point out one very vital fact: This was written nearly five years ago in 2006.  Please refrain from bashing and flaming in reviews because not only does it make me incredibly angry, it is entirely uncalled for.  This story was one of the first true novels I ever wrote for this site, and so I would appreciate it if you just took it for what it was and, if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all.  That said, I truly hope you enjoy this insane story, :)


- Mary

january twentythree, 2011


Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything Harry Potter or J.K. -related.  The only things I do own are the plot, Jayde Matthews, Daisy Hart, Kate Mercer, Emily, Chloe, Hailey, Molly, Mary, Victor Potter, Melville, Ashley, Niky Hart, and a few other minor characters that may pop in occasionally.  Thank you kindly.


Lost Series
Part One: Broken
Chapter One
Backdrops and Fake Models


-James’ POV-


“James, take over for me, darling, would you?” I look up at the sound of my mother’s voice and nod before going back into my former position. I have my elbow sitting comfortably upon the director’s chair with my chin resting in the palm of my open hand. I’m watching male Muggles of all sorts snapping photos of the models posing in front of a flower background. They are, at the time, dressed in summer clothes as they have already done winter and swimsuits. My father is currently at work, most likely doing something much better than what I am forced to do.

As school hasn’t started yet, I’ve had to go everywhere with my mother. And, when I say everywhere, I truly mean that. She has lugged me around to all of her various photo shoots and other Muggle jobs she does. Whenever she has to go do something for the Ministry, however, I can’t go. Of course, leave all the fun stuff for later and make it impossible for me to be able to go. “Excuse me, Mr. Potter, is your mother nearby?” one of the Muggles asks while holding a pile of papers. He is visibly shaking and obviously nervous about talking to me. One could only guess why, but I don’t have to as I’ve already explained it to my friends many times.

My mother is head of the most important designing industry in the country. Naturally, her employees would be nervous to talk to her because she’s so famous and, as is, they are quite afraid of me too. My father is a man that nobody dares mess with, but it doesn’t matter anyway because he never comes to my mother’s work. Not unless something drastic has happened and we have to leave right away. But me, well, let’s just say I’m here almost every day. “No,” I respond, lazily, yawning ever so slightly.

“Do you happen to know where she might be?” the man questions, making me roll my eyes.

“She went off somewhere and she told me to take charge. Is there something you wanted?” Now, I know I really sound like a stuck-up rich boy who thinks the world revolves around him, but, seriously, I’m not. My mother has yelled at me time and time again for letting her employees off too easily, so I’m forced to make it sound as if I don’t have a care in the world and these people bothering me are just gum on my shoe. Before she ever found out that I used to have at least a little fun at her work, I was always watching every photo be taken, helping with every single pose, and being more than nice to the workers. Ever since last year, I haven’t been able to do any of that for fear of my mother finding out.

“Well, yes, actually. I… umm… well, we just finished shooting for the summer clothes. Would you like to move on to the darker phase?”

My eyes immediately lit up at this proposition. For some reason, I always took a liking to the Goth girls that came in to model for the dark clothing. They just fascinated me with their differences from the normal people I see almost every day. “Do you know what time it is?”

“It’s three o’clock PM, sir.”

“Okay, look, my mother is supposed to be at a meeting right now and she told me she was leaving at two thirty which is when she left. I want every model in the dressing rooms ready for shooting the dark clothes. We’ve only got two hours.” The man smiles as a woman I used to know very well walks up to me.

“Mr. Potter, it’s good to have you back,” she says, smiling warming.

“Lisa, please. Call me James. Do you know where my camera might be?”

“Where it always has been,” she responds, gesturing towards the many boxes piled against the wall.

“Thank you. I’m going to get everything set up and, when I’m done, I want all the models lined up. Announce my big news for me.”

“I’ll have them ready before you are,” Lisa says before walking off towards the dressing room. It feels so good to be back.


“I need a new background! A red one! Let’s go, people!” I shout, lowering my camera.  We have gotten almost halfway through the models and the more dark and Goth-looking girls are starting to show up. During one of my many trips back to the dressing room, I managed to sneak a look at some of the outfits they will be using, but I was shooed out almost instantly every time.

“What’s so special about him?” I hear one of the models question as Lisa announces that it’s four o’clock.

“We have to hurry! We’ve only got an hour left!” I call out, bending down slightly to capture the sadness that has just entered the face of the model in front of me.

“Last year, he was the best photographer here. He’s the son of the boss of this company so, naturally, when she found out he was interacting with her employees and being way too nice to us, she banned him from talking to us anymore. He managed to get in that he was still allowed to come, but the only time he’s allowed to do anything is when his mom says he can. This is the first time he’s been this alive in a while,” another model says. I grin slightly as I recognize the voice to be one of my good friends.

“Jason, take over for me for a bit! Catch the down angle look!” I say before heading over to the models.

“James, we’ve already discussed that you aren’t allowed to go over there,” Lisa says, stepping in my way.

“Lisa, darling, I want to say hi to Jayde. Please.”

“Fine.” As I walk over to Jayde Matthews, a witch from Hogwarts and one of my best friends, she runs in my direction. I catch her in my outstretched arms as she jumps and wraps her legs around my waist. Thank God she’s wearing jeans or whatever skirt she might have been wearing would have been ripped terribly.

“It’s so good to see you!” she whispers, hugging me as I hold her up. When we are done, I let her drop to the floor and look down to find a huge smile stretching from ear to ear.

“I can’t believe I haven’t seen you until now.”

“Your mother would kill me if she saw me do what I just did.”

“No kidding. That was a dangerous move.”

“So, kiddo, what’re you doing disobeying her then?”

“I had to get some photography in before the school year.”

“Well, obviously. Let’s just hope you can get me in.”

“I’ve got a whole rocker thing ready for you.” Jayde claps her hands together like a little schoolgirl before jumping up and down.

“I want you to meet my friend,” Jayde says, taking my wrist and pulling me towards the end of the line.

“Oh, sure, you go and get in line way back here so it’s probably impossible for me to get you in a shoot.” Jayde just rolls her eyes as I hear the double doors opening. Who could that be?

“James, this I Eve. Eve, this is James.” A girl with long, straight, black hair and beautiful, emerald green eyes looks up at me and I’m caught slightly off guard. The girl immediately looks down again and whispers something to Jayde. “Sorry,” Jayde mutters, stepping next to Eve. “Looks like Lisa wants you. Go on, James. We’ll talk later,” she says, waving me away. I only nod and head off towards Lisa.

“Yes?” I question upon reaching Lisa. For some reason, she looks desperately worried. “What’s wrong?” I add.

“It’s quarter to five. Your mother just called and said she’s on her way.”

“Damn. We’ll make it. Don’t worry. Just… create a distraction,” I say, lowering my voice.

“You don’t mean…” Lisa starts, her gaze lingering over to her purse.

“Yes. A magical distraction. Can you do it?” Lisa looks warily towards the double doors, then back at her purse, and finally back at me. She nods before running off. Lisa is one of the few other witches in the room. It is Lisa, Jason, Jayde, Kyle, Kit, my mother, and myself. “10 minutes!” I suddenly yell out, running over to the photo shoot. We have to get this done by five.


“Sweet, Jayde, how did we get you so fast?” I say as Jayde steps into the spotlight. “Kyle, I need a stage background, a smoke machine, and lights,” I add, grinning. As soon as I have everything set up, I flick the smoke machine on and soon Jayde is rocking out. Once she is done, her friend, Eve, steps into the spotlight. “White backdrop. No lights or smoke.” I look at the girl in front of me and think as the photographers snap away. She looks a lot like one of those punk rock chicks you see hanging out outside concert arenas.

The girl is obviously shy as she is playing with her bracelets and offering a weak smile. The photographers don’t really take a liking to her as they don’t take as many pictures, but, for some reason, I can’t get enough of her. Sitting Indian style in front of her, I lean back, camera at my eye, and begin shooting. The first flash surprises her and she jumps slightly.

I stand up and put up a hand to stop the photography. “Why are you scared?” I ask once I’m close enough to her.

“I hate being in the spotlight,” she whispers, looking down.

“So why are you a model?” I laugh, lifting her head so she’s forced to look at me.

“Jayde said it would help pay the rent.”

“If you’re good. Seriously, though, I think you’re awesome. You just need… courage, I guess. And I’ve got an idea. What if it was just me and you?”

“Then I could do it.”

“Okay. One second.” I step back and turn around. “Jason!” Jason looks my way and I send him a look that he immediately understands. He eventually gets all the models to go change and all the photographers settled with sorting out their photos for the day. Soon, the room is cleared save for Eve and me. “Ready?” Eve nods and I leave my camera sitting on my mother’s desk. I pick up the video camera unnoticed and place it so that I can see Eve clearly. “Do you go to Hogwarts with Jayde?” Eve nods again and I sigh. “You’re gonna have to talk to me.”

“I’m sorry. Shouldn’t we start?”

“Exactly my thoughts. Okay, I want you to use me as your prop. I’m going to give you a situation and you’re going to put it to use. Ready? Good. Let’s go.” I close my eyes momentarily, thinking hard. “In a dark alley, you’re afraid of the lightning, and your boyfriend is holding you. It’s raining out and…” I stop as I feel her arms slip around my waist and her head rest against my chest. She steps back and I open my eyes. “Good. Pretend like your posing for Victoria’s Secret.” The pose she does almost sets me into an unbelievable height of horniness and I actually have to turn around and breathe deeply to calm my racing heart.

“Sorry,” she whispers, grinning.

“No, it’s not your fault. Now you hate everyone. Hold the pose,” I say as I reach for my camera. When I look back, I can actually feel the hatred radiating off her and I must say, I am impressed to an extent I have had yet to encounter. It’s amazing how I can fully see the sorrow in her eyes, the anger characterizing ever feature of her face, and the extreme dark side of her personality suddenly appearing. “Love.” The transformation that now takes place is so fast and so astonishing that I’m caught slightly off guard.

After only a few more poses and many pictures later, the double doors fly open and all I can hear is the hinges creaking and the wood splintering as it hits the brick walls. “James Potter!” my mother screams as she stalks my way. Eve steps back fearfully as my shoulders hunch and I prepare myself for anything that’s about to be thrown at me. “Get in the car! We’re leaving!” she yells again as Eve runs back to the dressing room unnoticed. I push my luck by gathering up all the rolls of film and my bag before running from the room and out of the building.

Once outside, I pack my things in the back seat and lean against the car. I slip down into a sitting position and close my eyes as I feel something wet drop down on my nose. Standing up, I let the now heavy falling rain beat down on my face as I slowly make my way towards the end of the car. Hopefully things will look up soon…


It is exactly one week since my interruption at the studio and my mother has since forgiven me for interacting once again with her employees. After much discussion and, after I showed her the wonderful pictures from the photo shoot, she has also finally allowed me to once again work with everyone at the studio.

We are currently at the King’s Cross Train Station after a long car ride and, the only thing I’m looking forward to right now is seeing my two great friends, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

After saying good-bye to my parents, I quickly walk over to the barrier between platforms nine and ten and carefully look around to make sure I’m not going to be found out. I lean against the barrier and try to look as if I’m just resting before I slip out of view and through the barrier. I walk around the corner and smile as I see the Hogwarts Express come into view. As I walk towards the train, I receive many waves and smiles from girls. I wave and smile back to all of them, but only one girl can truly capture my attention and I have yet to find her.

“Excuse me, kind sir, but I am looking for a Mr. James Potter. Might you know where I can find him?” I turn around, fully expecting to see an adult, but, instead, I come face to face with none other than Sirius Black himself. “Absolutely smashing to see you, my boy,” he says, tipping a black top hat that he has atop his mess of black hair. I grin and embrace my friend before turning to Remus to hug him.

“It was nice finally seeing you, Prongs, but I really must get going to the Prefect’s room.”

“Not Head this year?” I ask, simply astounded.

“Nope. I’m not surprised, though. I’m just curious as to who is.”

“You’re looking at him.”

“What?” Remus stops, turns, and looks over at me. Sirius does the same thing. “You? Head Boy?”

“I got the letter a couple weeks ago,” I explain, casually. Sirius and Remus look at me in shock, but I only shake my head and laugh. “C’mon, guys, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“You weren’t even a Prefect. How can you be Head?” Sirius questions, looking at me incredulously.

“I dunno. I guess life just happened to work out that way.”

“Interesting. So, you’ll have to come with me then,” Remus says suddenly, catching Sirius’ attention.

“What about me?” he complains, putting on a sad face that gets a few ‘awws’ from some passing girls. His expression immediately brightens as he turns and waves in their direction. But, when he turns back to us, the sadness is back.

“You have the attention span of a squirrel, Padfoot. Really, you do. Look, you can come with us. Right, Moony?”

“Yeah. Some of the other Prefects used to bring their friends all the time. Lily always brought in Jayde, December, and Emily.” As soon as Remus had said that, my eyes widen and a sudden dawning thought crosses my mind.

“Guys…” I begin, putting a hand to my head.

“Jeez, I can smell the wood burning from here,” a voice sneers from behind me. I quickly turn around to find Lucius Malfoy and his gang standing there, looking as smug as ever. “Potter.”

“Malfoy.” He nods as do I before he walks off and I have a slight vision of myself stabbing him through the back. “As I was thinking before I was so rudely interrupted. Guys... Lily is obviously gonna be Head Girl, right?”

“Well, duh. She’s practically perfect,” Sirius responds as Remus gasps.

“You get it, don’t you. I’m going to be in the same house as Lily.” Sirius’ eyes widen this time as Remus picks up his bag.

“She’s going to kill you within the first ten minutes. I’m giving you that long,” he says, walking towards the train.

“That’s not fair! I should get at least until the next morning!” I yell, running after Remus with Sirius closely behind me…


Okay, so that was the first chapter in the Lost Trilogy. In the following order: Broken, Abandoned, and Shattered will all be stories for James and Lily. I’m hoping this is good as I really wanted to start a new and as original as I could story and I came up with this idea. Seriously, though, I don’t think it’s that good and I’m going to try to make the next chapter twice as good. Criticism builds good character and helps an author improve up their stories. Review please !!! Thanx !!!

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