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Everlasting love by cashie
Chapter 1 : Everlasting love
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Everlasting love: By Cashie.

Remus Lupin looked longingly out of the window in the staff room. He was thinking of a time, way back when, when he was happy and was happily in love with one of the most desirable people of his time at Hogwarts. Sighing as he stood up and leaned against the window frame, he noticed a shadow falling onto where he was standing. "Thinking about Lucifer?" a soft voice, asked.
"I asked if you where thing about Lucifer, you know the most handsomest person to step foot in Hogwarts. The one who disappeared on this day four years ago." Severus told him.
"I am well aware of who Lucifer was Snape." Remus snapped at him.
"Well where you?" Severus pressed on.
"What difference does it make if I was? He is gone Severus, you know, not coming back." Remus sobbed.
"What if I could tell you away to get him back?" Severus asked quietly.
"Nobody knows where he is Severus, so I don't know how you could tell me anyway of getting him back."
"And what if I could tell you where he is?"
"I would first extract the information from you then I would slowly and painfully kill you for withholding information for four years." Remus told Severus sharply.
"No, no you wouldn't Remmy." A deep but yet familiar voice, which Remus hadn't heard in four years, spoke from the doorway.
"Oh my god, Luce." Remus said and ran towards the deep voiced man. Throwing his arms around his neck Remus kissed the ruby red lips for what seemed like for eternity. "I missed you so much." Remus said sobbing on Lucifer's shoulder.
"There, there Remmy, no need to cry." Lucifer soothed Remus's back with a comforting hand.
"Where the hell where you?"
"Well that's a start." Lucifer said in a sorrowful tone. "But I think that Albus should hear what I have to say."
"Fine, lets go see Albus, just as long as you tell me where you where." Remus said finalizing the deal.

Severus poked Lucifer in the back and hissed, "See what I have had to put up with four years? He babbles constantly."
"Sev, he talks in his sleep, even if you gagged him he would still find a way to talk." Lucifer snickered.
"Luce I do not want to know about you little sex-games."
"He wishes." Remus snorted, tugging Lucifer along by the arm.
"Never know Sevvie one day you could come and play with us and our little 'toys'." Lucifer said laughing.
"Toys? Why you little bondage star. Had I known that the two of your where kinky little fuckers I would have joined up with you a long time ago." Severus said mockingly.
"Fine then Sev, you don't know what you're missing out on." Lucifer told Severus.
"Yes he does and you don't know either Luce, now hurry up." Remus told Lucifer as he pulled harder.
"Been back twenty minutes and already back around his little finger Luce?"
"That's right Sev, and I love it." Lucifer said while nuzzling Remus's neck.
"Would you two stop messing around and hurry the hell up?" Remus almost yelled at the two jokers.

"What is the problem here Professors?" Albus Dumbledore's voice stopped the three in their tracks. Not seeing Lucifer he continued, "Yelling down the hall Professor Lupin? Arguing with Professor Snape? The two of you are not students and I wish you would stop behaving like adults, and quit this childish nonsense of being enemies. Now."

Lucifer sniggered and then spoke up, "Sir they where not arguing because of a childish vendetta, but because Severus and I was walking to slow for Remus's liking."

"Captain Moloch. I trust that your mission in Australia was successful? You look like you need to sit down for a few minutes. Come and we can discuss your mission in my office." Albus said with a cheerful smile and an all-knowing twinkle in his eye.

For the first time Remus and Severus got to see Lucifer for the first time. His usually long black hair that used to come down to the base of his neck was now no longer than an inch all over and had some gray flecks in it. His green eyes still their mysterious gleam to them but had wrinkles in the corners. There was a small scar running from his lip to his chin. He wore a navy uniform with his trousers going into his knee length black leather boots. The trousers had a red stripe down each leg. On his side there was two holsters, one with his wand in it and the other a sword. His jacket had no collar, and had red buttonholes with gold buttons. With red shoulder braids and captain bars on the part where the collar should be, he looked everything like the Captain of the Merlin Guards that he is. At twenty-four years of age Lucifer Moloch was the highest-ranking active officer of the Merlin Guards, which is the magical intelligence agency. Lucifer was often taken for a evil or bad man as soon as they heard his name or that he was the Slytherin head-boy of his year, people automatically jumped to the conclusion that he is an agent of Satan or Voldemort.

(Authors Notes: Luicfer means Devil, Prince of darkness, as does Moloch.)

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Everlasting love: Everlasting love


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