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Harry Potter and changing the course of the Future by Becca
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and changing the course of the Future
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15 year old Harry Potter sat up right.
“No, not again.” He said softly to himself.
It was the dream again.
Hermione, a brilliant witch was looking at him sadly.
“Harry, He’s coming.” She had said.
Then he saw her eyes go dull.
Then she went rigid, and she fell into darkness. There was nothing Harry could do.
She fell and it was his fault.
He looked at his clock.
1 a.m.
As if he took a cold shower he was now wide a wake.
Hedwig his beautiful snowy owl flew in a letter in her claws.
Dear Harry,
I have some great news!
I’m going to Paris for one half of the summer then I’m coming back and I’m staying with the Weasley’s!
Don’t worry though I’ll be back before you know it.
Anyways Happy Birthday.
P.S Don’t forget to study for our O.W.L.S!
Love from,
He smiled.
Ever since she kissed his cheek he felt his face burn every time her name was said.
Then he crossed to his desser and opened it up.
He was no longer a skinny boy but a tall muscular one of 15. He had also grown a foot and six inches. All his Quidditch training had paid off.
Even Vernon noticed the change and took him shopping for some different clothes.
‘I look good!’ he thought.
He ripped opened another letter.
Mum talked to Dumbledore and he said that you could come and stay here! Hermione would too but she’s going to Paris. Later! We’ll pick you up at 6 today.

His present turned out to be a Quidditch robe.
Sirius had written to him too.
A brightly coloured bird however delivered this.
Hopefully Lupin (one of his father’s best friends and professor to Harry) was somewhere in Costa Rica.
Harry looked thoughtfully at the bird.
Then he grinned.
Dudley and his parents hated Harry.
Voldemort, a powerful wizard murdered his parents and tired to kill Harry too but failed.
Last year Voldemort had returned. A body and all.
Wormtail another of the Potters friend had betrayed them and told Voldemort their location.
Harry set Hermione’s card of his shelves before he opened Sirius’s letter.
Then he took Ron’s card and set it beside Hermione’s.
He blushed at the thought of her kissing his cheek.
Slowly, Harry opened the letter.
It had emerald green ink written on very fine parchment and he began to read in his light,
Happy Birthday.
I got moony to get you a present too.
Hope those slimy muggles are treating you all right.

His present was a book that you could cruse people without a wand and the Ministry wouldn’t even know.
Remus got him a photo album full of James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus.
Harry smiled and looked at it grinning.
James waved at his son grinning. His hair standing up in all places.
Harry also got a letter from Hagrid the gameskeeper.
Hope you having a good time and those muggles are treating you all right.

His gift was a box full of sweets.
Hermione got him a Quidditch set that had a golden snitch. She won this in a essay contest.
“Wow, Hermione!” he breathed.
A beeping noise came from the window.
It was Mr Weasley and another flying car!
“Hello, Harry. Ready?” he asked kindly.
“Yeah, almost.” He relied. Quickly he dashed around and picked up everything and threw it into his trunk. Then he grabbed Hedwigs cage and gave to Fred who was helping him get ready. Then at last he was free.
Soon they arrived at the Burrow.
Mrs Weasley dashed out. By the look on her face Harry could tell she was crying.
“Arthur, I’ve gotten a letter. Arthur, she’s dead. Found her parents bodies but not hers!” she sobbed.
Mr Weasley looked pale.
“No!” he croaked.
“Who’s dead, mum?” Ron asked.
“Ron, Harry, come inside and I’ll tell you.” Mr Weasley said leading them inside.
“I’ve got bad news. Very bad news.” He croaked.
As they entered the kitchen Ron and Harry sat down puzzled.
“There’s been an accident,” He began.
“Hermione and her parents were on their way to Paris when You-Know-Who appeared.”
Both went pale.
Harry feared about what was next.
“Her plane went down in the airport. 13 passengers are alive but Hermione’s weren’t one of them.” Mr Weasley sniffed.
“We fear that they’re dead.” Mrs Weasley finished.
“No! Hermione’s not dead!” Harry shouted.
“Harry, if she’s alive then she will come forward.” Mr Weasley said.
Then he asked them both to go upstairs.
Ron sank to his bed dazed.
Harry looked lost.
His best friend was suppose to be dead!
The days sailed by and soon it was time to go back to Hogwarts.
As they sat on the train Harry looked out the window. The view pasted him like the wind.
“Potter, where’s the mudblood?”
Draco Malfoy had walked in.
“Dunno, she’s suppose to be dead.” He said coldly.
The cold gray eyes glinted.
“So she’s finally dead. I thought so. Father said that 10 witches who were mudbloods were dead.” Malfoy snarled.
“Get out before I hex you!” Ron roared.
“Temper, Weasley. You don’t want mummy dear to fuss do you?” Malfoy laughed.
“GET OUT, MALFOY!” Harry roared.
This time he cowered back.
“Come on.” He said to his cronies Crabbe and Goyle who were standing there flexing their muscles.
“Slimy git. Doesn’t know when to shut up.” Ron snapped.
Harry said nothing. He still felt dazed.
He looked out the window again.
A girl stood in the doorway.
She had long bushy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.
When he turned he saw nothing.
At last the Hogwarts Express slowed down and stopped.
Ron and Harry made their way through the crowd and to the waiting horseless carriages.
They sat in silence. As they climbed the stairs to the castle Dean Thomas a fellow Griffindor called,
“Harry, where’s Hermione?”
He turned to him and said in a dead voice,
“Ministry thinks that she’s dead.”
He gasped.
“She’s not dead! She’s a witch!” Seamus yelled.
Soon the Griffindor’s knew the story and the grim Griffindors made their way to their seats and sat down.
Nothing can be done to change it.
Or can it?

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