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Snape, Ticklish? by Collegegurl
Chapter 1 : Snape, Ticklish? 1/1
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“Draco, I’m not sure that this is such a good idea.” Harry whispered as Draco finished tying the last knot on their new captive’s bonds.

“Grow a spine, Potter.” Draco replied. “Do you want to spend the rest of the year in detention? Do you want to be expelled?”

“Well, no.” Harry replied sheepishly.

“Then shut it.” Draco whispered. “He’s starting to come around.”

They looked down at the form bound spread eagle to the bed. Messy dark hair surrounded a pale face with a prominent nose. Dark robes cloaked his body. Slowly Severus Snape was stirring.

“Just look cross.” Draco whispered to Harry, who was looking like he might flee at any moment.

Snape opened his eyes sleepily and then attempted to bolt upright in shock.

“What in the name of Merlin?” He became very aware of the fact that he was tied down. He glared up at his two very nervous captors. “Potter! Malfoy! Untie me at once. The two of you are in very serious trouble.”

Harry nuged Draco hard. “I told you he would be furious.”

Draco tried to appear to know what he was doing. “We would Professor. Really. But unfortunately, you caught us stealing potions from your office and well…we really cannot afford to be expelled. My father would kill me.”

Snape was incredulous. They had knocked him unconscious and tied him up to avoid expulsion!

“I will do far worse than expel the two of you if you do not free me this instant!” Snape yelled. “And what were you two idiots thinking you would do to keep me from having you banned from Hogwarts for life? Tie me up and bore me to death with your insipid prattle?”

“Well…we…uh…” Draco stammered. He really had not thought beyond this point at all. He fearfully made his way to the bed and was about to untie the Potions Master for fear of what more he would do to them once he was free.
“Really Malfoy. You were obviously the brains of this pathetic attempt at escaping the inevitable but this was a disgrace to Slytherin. Ill-conceived, recklessly planned, and…”

Draco snapped. Nobody spoke to him this way.

“Shut up, Snape! You are the one who let two students lay you out with a simple sleeping spell. You are the one who is tied to the bed! And you are the one who needs us to untie you!”

During this outburst, Draco had punctuated every “you” with a poke to Snape’s side. It took him only a second afterwards to realize that with every poke Snape had gasped and squirmed. He looked back at Harry, who had obviously noticed as his nervousness had been replaced with a mischievous gleam. Still, being less confident in his misbehavior than the Slytherin he asked, “Should we?”

Draco looked back at Snape, a wicked smirk on his face. “What was that Snape? You seemed a little touchy there.”

He let the realization of what he was referring to sink in and watched gleefully as Snape became the nervous one.

“See here, you two. Let me up his moment and I might not…Hey!”

Snape’s threat was cut short when Harry’s fingers experimentally pinched his side.

He tried to finish his sentence and then clamped his mouth shut tight when Draco gave a similar pinch to his hip.

“Oh Snape, I do believe that you have a ticklish secret here!”

The professor’s eyes widened as he realized that the two students intended to exploit his weakness.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. Let me go.”

Harry and Draco exchanged glances. “I want to go first.” Draco said decisively. “You go stand guard.”

Harry nodded and went to the door. Listening for anyone who might be coming. He kept his eyes, however, on the scene unfolding on the bed.

Draco first busied himself casting a spell to remove Snape’s robes. He smiled as the cloth dissipated until his professor was clad in just a black pair of boxers. Then he cast a similar spell on his captive’s shoes and socks. He delighted to see that Snape had very high arches and long toes. All the while, Snape was cursing and threatening him. Draco didn’t even hear him.

“I wonder where to start?” Draco mused. “Tell me Severus,” he said, daring to use the professor’s first name, “where should I begin?”

“Don’t you dare!” Snape growled, attempting to maintain his authoritative status through his growing fear. It had been ages since anyone had tickled him. He really didn’t think he could take it for very long. Pain, sensory depravation, all the things that he had encountered under the Dark Lord, he could take. Tickling was something else all together. He hated it and found it utterly humiliating. His mind raced back to a similar predicament he found himself in many years before. He shuddered. He came back to the present.

“I think I will dare Severus.” Draco replied, meeting his gaze confidently. “Unless you promise that you will overlook Harry and I taking potions from your office and agree to give us high marks for the rest of the year.”

“Outrageous!” Snape yelled. “Never!”

“Suit yourself, Severus.” Draco shrugged. “I think I should start down here, don’t you think?”

His fingers made contact with the sole of the Potions Master’s foot. He began scribbling his fingers along the high arch.

Snape began laughing instantly. He had no resistance. He was so rarely tickled that he was completely surprised by his own responses.

He found himself squirming as much as his bonds would allow. He howled when Draco found the extra sensitive spots along the undersides of his toes.

Draco would go back and forth between his arch and toes until he had Snape begging for him to stop.

”No!” Snape cried. “Stop!”

Harry watched in awe as Draco brought desperate pleas from the feared professor’s lips.

Draco reveled in his power.
He continued for a minute more and then stopped. He moved over to switch feet.

Snape, panting for air, shook his head in protest.

Draco experimentally ran his fingers on the top of Snape’s foot. He snickered at the giggles that came pouring from Snapes mouth.

“Gee, Severus. You really are ticklish aren’t you. This,” he continued fluttering his fingers on the top of the captive foot, “barely makes me squirm at all.”

Snape blushed furiously. The brat was taunting him.

“So how about it Snape? High marks all year?” Draco asked.

The professor’s anger took control. “When I am through with you Malfoy, you will wish that you had never been born. I am going to turn you into the most disgusting, foulest...”

“Harry! It’s your turn!” Draco called, ignoring Snape once more.

Harry didn’t wait a second before dashing over to the bed. Draco took his place at the door. Such cooperation between the two houses was unheard of. But torturing their least favorite professor was worth the effort.

“Potter…” Snape began.

“Save your breath Snape.” Harry said. “I’ve put up with your demeaning and bullying for years. Now that I have found a way to make you squirm…I’m not passing it up.”

He straddled the pale, lithe figure’s waist. He began running his fingers up and down Snape’s sides, sure that this would produce a reaction. He was not disappointed.

“Potter!!” Snape cried before falling into hysterical laughter. He bucked and twisted as much as possible as Harry’s fingers prodded and dug into his ribs. He let out a shrill scream as the fingers found his hipbones. This was torture.

“Not there!” Snape cried finally, broken and uncaring if he begged anymore.
Harry was only encouraged. Draco, watching from the door called out another marvelous idea. “His armpits! Don’t forget his armpits! I’ll betcha it makes him squeal!”

Harry caught the look of intense dread on Snape’s face before he began his taunting. “What do you think Snape? Ever had someone tickle you there? I know it makes me crazy. What if I started tickling you and didn’t stop. Would you let us go and give us high marks then?”

Snape shook his head, eyes pleading. “Please, no more. I’m…I’m…”

Harry knew he was close to hearing a confession of sorts, so he waited.

“You’re what Snape?” It was almost a hiss. Oh Merlin, he was picking up that Slytherin edge from Malfoy, wasn’t he? He might rather enjoy that.

“…I’m too ticklish. Potter, stop. Please I haven’t been tickled this much since…” and Snape’s eyes got wide in some shocking realization and he stopped cold.

Both Harry and Draco arched an eyebrow, looked at each other, and then back at Snape who shuddered visibly.

“Since when?” Draco asked, coming over from the door, sitting on the bed next to the professor’s bound form.

Snape was silent. Looking up at the ceiling, not meeting their curious eyes. He had said too much. It was too humiliating to speak of.

“Since when?” Draco asked again, this time positioning his fingers above Snape’s armpits threateningly.

Snape’s face broke into a panicky smile and began giggling before Draco touched him. Clearly, he was very ticklish there.

”No. Malfoy! Potter! Please don’t!” His eyes watching Draco’s fingers as they wiggled closer.

“We won’t if you answer the question.” Harry replied.

Draco attacked.

Snape squealed and then fell into silent laughter, bucking and writhing like crazy on the bed. It was far more than he could stand.

“Okay! Stop! Please stop!” He cried desperately. “I’ll tell! I’ll tell! Just stop!”

He was practically sobbing when Draco finally stopped. The Potions Master was completely broken.

“Whatever you want. High marks, no more detention, anything. Just let me go and do not speak of this to anyone.” Snape pleaded.

“Since when?” Draco repeated.

Snape flushed. “Don’t make me…” He begged, desperate to have the subject dropped.

Harry’s fingers came to rest on his hips, an area that he had discovered made Snape convulse and howl.

Draco let his fingers lightly drag over Snape’s outstretched armpits.

Snape sobbed, defeated.

“Allright! Allright! But you cannot…please don’t tell anyone. Please.”

“Get on with it.” Draco hissed.

“James Potter!” Snape cried.

Harry and Draco froze. Stunned.

“…James Potter, “Snape continued. “he…tickled me before. He told me that he wanted to apologize for being a bloody prat all year. He told me to meet him in the dungeons. I went and he said that he had found a new way to torture me. I fought him until he disarmed me and then he tied me up and tickled me until I passed out. He thought he had killed me when I didn’t wake up. So he ran away. From then on when he saw me alone he would threaten to tickle me in the Great Hall, in front of the entire school, if I ever told anyone. He told me that everyone would know of my weakness and I would never be taken seriously as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He said…”

Snape stopped to take a shaky breath.

“He said my students would know how weak I was and would take advantage to get what they wanted. I guess he was right afterall…”

Draco and Harry looked at each other then. Draco didn’t know if James Potter was his new hero or a bloody bastard Gryffindor who had managed to completely victimize a powerful Slytherin. Harry just felt sick. No wonder Snape hated him and his father. And he had just proved his father right. He had taken advantage of Snape’s greatest weakness and reminded him yet again that the Potter’s were just bullies afterall.

Harry and Draco left without a word. As they walked out the door, they cast a spell to remove the bonds on Snapes arms and legs. They didn’t feel so powerful anymore.

Snape, lay on the bed for several minutes, staring up at the ceiling in a daze. As he lay there, he saw the faces of James, Harry, and Draco passing overhead, taunting him. Two generations of Potter’s and one of his fellow Slytherin had made him beg with just a little tickling.

He was wallowing in his misery and self-pity so intensely that he didn’t notice at all as Lucius appeared from the shadows, as though he had been there all along.

“Dear Severus, my old friend.” His silver tone bring Snape back to reality. He immediately curled up and brought the covers to his chin in attempt to hide as much of himself as possible.

“Lucius?” Snape swallowed nervously and wiped his eyes. “How…how long have you been there?”

Lucius’ smirk was telling. Snape hung his head in shame.

“Get dressed, Severus. I’ll take you back to my home. We’ll get you cleaned up. Get some of that precious dignity back. And I will help you plot your revenge.”

Snape looked up shocked, and suspicious.

“Don’t look so stunned, Severus. Afterall, you are mine. Mine to pleasure and mine to torture. My son was out of line. His clever torment of you was…entertaining…but also not his to exact. You will have your revenge, my Severus.”

Snape smiled vengefully and was suddenly exceedingly thankful for his master’s presence.

“Of course, afterwards,” Lucius mused, “I will have to explore this newfound method of punishment fully. I wonder how it is that I never realized how delightfully effective a little tickle torture would be for you. You are so responsive to torture, my Severus. I intend to find out just how responsive you can be.”

Snape’s eyes teared up once more. He sighed miserably, got dressed, and followed his master back home.

The End.

Injury is its fame but I cannot reveal its name.
A bite to eat and straight to bed, it will surely render you dead.
If not in death then perhaps peace, will fall upon you as you sleep.
No guarantees which path you’ll find.
This competition is full of those who aren’t the friendly kind.

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