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Dare or Confessions by Ginny
Chapter 1 : Dare or Confessions
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Disclaimer: I own no charcters of HP?!I only have Rain and Raven.

It was a saturday afternoon and rainning. Everyone was sitting around the girls (Lavender, Raven, and Ginny's) flat. The girls on one side all giggling the boys on the other. Until Lavender had an idea.
"Let's play Confession or Dare." Lavender and Ginny began to sit down on the floor and smiled over to the boys.
"Who's playing?" Hermione said sitting next to Ginny.
"Rain come over and play?! It will be fun." Ginny gave her best friend the biggest puppy dog eye's and Rain gave in and sat down. Rain and Raven had come Ginny's 5th year and they along with Hermione were all best friends. Raven soon follwed. The girls sat down and Raven looked at the boys with a evil gleam in her eye's. "Come on boy's," she call out.
"Katie you come play too." Katie was Freds wife of 4 years. They got married directly after Hogwarts.
"O.K sure come on guy's." Katie said with the same look Raven had as she sat down.
Fred, George, Harry, Ron, Draco, and Seamus were all looking at the girls with mixed looks on their faces.
"Should we?" Draco asked.
"Why not." Said Ron and they took thier seats next to the girls. Lavender grabbed a bottle and placed it in the middle of the circle.
Lavender looked around. "O.K here are the rules...Ginny tell them the rules."
"Me, why me?" She asked narrowing her eyes at Lavender.
"B/C you are a sweetheart." Ginny rolled her eye's and just gave in.
1)Whoever the bottle lands on has 2 choices:confession or dare.
2) If you choose dare you must do it orelse we put you under the confession charm. The confession charm allows the person who was spinning to ask you three questions. You answer truthfully wether you like it or not. O.k that takes care of it."
"Good since you said the rules you can spin first." Lavender replide.
Ginny spun the bottle and smiled eivily on who it landed on.

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