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Hogwarts Sanitarium by HollyH
Chapter 17 : Interrogations
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Has harry been to the court before? - Yes, when Rita tried to publish that article.
Is Lupin going to make another appearance? - Definately.
Will Rita get custady? - Yes, she has custody. Will she keep it? Not telling you just yet!
Does Percy Weatherby actually look like Percy from Harry's fantasy world? - Indeedly!
Will we see Hagrid in the story? - You might, he was quite influencial in the books, wasn't he?
Did you get your idea from Buffy or Charmed? - No, and I've been ask this a lot. I haven't watched either when I began this story, but I did see the Charmed on not too long ago for the first time. And I agree, they are similar, but I got this idea by a long mental list of the "what-if" game. :P
What are the pairings in here? - You wont find too much romantic-likw parts in here, but there are HP/GW, past references to DM/LL, and a one-sided HP/HG. Meaning, Hermione loves Harry but Harry thinks of her as a sister.
Will any other Weasleys' show up in here? - Hmm, well we have Molly, Ron, Ginny, and Percy. Maybe one - or two. ;)
Why would you make Ronald Weasley the antagonist towards Harry? - Ron's just a hot-headed guy, I just exaggerated him. Trust me, they are still, er, friends in a way, you just can't see it.
Will McGonagall or Flitwick be in here? - McGonagall might, but Flitwick is negative, sorry.
Where did Aragog come from in Harry's imgagination? - They were near trees in a forest and it reminded him of the forbidden forest so he automatically saw Aragog. :P
Where did the TriWizard Tournament come from in Harry's imagination? - Um... trials... in his... er... life. Lol, I don't know. I'll have to get back to you on that. *Is innocent*
Did the idea of "Azkaban" come from "Alcatraz" in San Fransisco? Or is it just a random name that he came up with to represent the prison that Sirius/Simon was in? - The first one. Thanks for letting me steal - um, I mean... yes, it was Alcatraz. 0:)
Any Fred or George? - Look six questions above you. ;)
Author Question:
What do you think about the *censoredmagicalobjects* in HBP? What do you think is going to happen with them? - I think I know what you are talking about - it starts with 'H' right? Well I think Harry'll spend most of his time on a mission dealing with them in "Harry Potter and the Seventh Installment at Last." :D

Hey, everybody! Thanks for checking back, I know I haven’t updated in a while. I had originally planned to add 2 chapters up for a Christmas/New Years present, but when the submissions closed, I just kind of… gave up on the idea. So, sorry about that and I want to thank you for all your reviews! That’s one thousand one hundred and seventy eight in all! That’s two hundred and thirteen new ones! Thank you so much!

What’s gone on before…
“Harry, you’re up next,” Lily looked at him straight in the eyes.
“W-What?” Harry blurted out.
“Cornelius is going to call you up next. Harry, do you remember the techniques I showed you?”
But Harry wasn’t paying attention. He knew he wasn’t ready. In just a second, all the techniques she had shown him throughout the week were gone.
“I can’t do it!” Harry rasped. “I can’t! I can’t!”

“Harry – would you say that you like your doctors?” Rita’s lawyer questioned. Harry recently learned his name was Randolf Bozo.

“Y-Yes…” Harry’s hands were clenched together and he was shaking a bit.

“You seem hesitant to answer that one, why is that?” He bent down slightly so their eyes were at the same level. “Hmm?”

“I’m… I’m just a little n-nervous, sir…”

“Don’t scare him! He’s only a child, Randolf!” Percy Weatherby, the judge of the court, warned.

“Yes, yes, of course, your honor,” He stood straight once again. “So, you’re saying that you do like your doctors?” Anger flashed through Harry’s eyes for a moment.

“Yes,” He said, his voice growing stronger than it was before.

“Have they done their best – in your outmost opinion please, Harry – to help you through this terrible illness?” he asked Harry in a tone that classified him as a mere five-year-old.

“Do I look like I’m having a fit to you, Bozo?” Harry grumbled, glaring at him and putting much emphasis on ‘Bozo.’

“Just answer the question, child,” his determination flickered.

“Yes, they have been!” He hissed. The guards on either side of him moved forward. Kinglsey put a hand on his shoulder to calm him. “And don’t talk to me like I’m a stupid little infant! I’m sixteen bloody years old, for Merlin’s sake!”

“Harry, I’m going to have to ask you to calm down,” Weatherby serenely warned.

“I am calm!” Harry insisted, but folded his arms and sat back in his chair.

“Has your mother ever hurt you?”

“Oh, yeah, loads of times.” Harry rolled his eyes.

“Is that the truth?”

“Is that the truth? Of course it’s not! She never cared to visit me ever to get the chance. So no, she hasn’t.”

“We need straightforward answers here!” Bozo snapped and lost his composure.

“What? ‘She hasn’t’ isn’t straightforward enough for you?” Harry grinned sweetly when the pencil Bozo held in his hand snapped in two.

“What kind of things describe your mother in this abstract world you periodically see?”

“And hear.”


“I don’t just see them, sir, I hear things in it too,” Harry’s grin widened.

Fine!” Randolf snapped out, with much constraint. “How would you describe your mother when you have a fit?”

“Nosey… Uncaring… Buggy…” Harry said the last on more to himself.

“I’m sorry… did you just say… buggy?


“How would you see her as buggy?”

“She could turn into an animal that could best describe her personality. In her case, a nosey little beetle,” he grinned evilly. “Would you like to delve deeper into my subconscious, or is that good enough for you?”

“It’s fine,” Harry could tell this guy was itching to yell at him. “Next question. What was your aunt’s metaphorical animal in your world?”

“She doesn’t…” Harry stopped, and quickly lied, “A sheep. A nice, fluffy sheep.”

“She doesn’t what?” he inquired. Harry mentally cursed.

“Well… er… she doesn’t shift often, is what I meant,” he nervously twitched, hoping the situation wouldn’t get worse.

“What about Dr. Porter? I hear you’re rather close with her?”

“She’s kind of…er… dead,” Harry mumbled, blushing.

“So all in all, you can’t really like her if you killed her off, can you?” His smirk was back. Bloody lawyers.

“I DIDN’T KILL HER OFF!” Harry yelled out, defensively. The guards held him in his seat, but he hadn’t even moved to attack anyone at all.

“Harry, I didn’t mean to provoke you; I know how unstable your illness is, I’m sorry. Dr. Lily Porter must have been doing something wrong to invoke her fate, though, and we mustn’t let something like this slip by us, now can we?”

“Yes-we-can,” Harry said through gritted teeth. “She died saving my life! We mustn’t let that slip by us, now can we?!”

His lip curled to give Harry the impact that he hadn’t appreciated that.

“Enough questions,” he shook with built up rage. Harry felt proud of himself as he was allowed to move back to her seat.

“Miss Potter?” the judge asked once Harry was back in his seat next to his doctor, as both Rita and Petunia stood from their seats. “I’m sorry, Rita Potter, I meant. Thank you, Petunia.” He said as more of an apology.

Rita confidently rose to the stand, making sure to show up her sister in the confidence department. She straightened her ruby red skirt in a professional manner and placed herself delicately on the stand, adjusting her jewel encrusted red glasses.

“Rita Potter…” Fudge held his hands firmly behind his back and refused to look at her as he spoke in a very McGonagall-like approach.

“Skeeter,” she said firmly, but then added, “Please,” to make herself look more kind.

“Ms. Skeeter… how long has your only child been under your care?”

“I’d say a year,” she said, not faltering, but instead plastering a sickly sweet expression on her face. “I was young and foolish.”

“Why did you give up young Mr. Potter?” he asked, just as calm.

“I wasn’t married… I didn’t have enough income then, and I knew my dear sister had enough of it to stabilize her and her husband. I also knew she wanted a child of her own, I thought it was the best decision at the time,” she stared unwavering at him, but he still wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“So you think it was still the best decision so far?”

“If I had known I would be in court trying to give him his rightful motherly love, then I’d have to say no,” she said.

“How do you think you sister is dealing with your decision?”

“Is this question necessary?” Rita’s eyes shot towards Judge Percy. “This isn’t a matter between my sister and I.”

“Please just answer the question, Ms. Skeeter,” Percy looked at her over the top of his rectangle-shaped spectacles.

“I feel she’s jealous that I have a son and she doesn’t,” she clearly didn’t appreciate this question being asked and she showed her discontent as she stuck her nose in the air.

“Don’t you feel any empathy with your sister? You’ve allowed her a child she’s always wanted – and I’m sure she thanks you for it, no matter what your excuse was – but you’ve also decided to, out of the blue, take him back. She’s wanted a child for so long, don’t you feel bad you are trying to take him away? You’ve never cared for him but with the exception of a year, you didn’t know the slightest thing about him, whereas she’s raised him since he was young.”

“I’m sure she can get over it, after all, I got over letting him go,” she stiffly said.

“But you never knew him!”

“I gave birth to him, of course I know him!” she snapped. “But, of course, I couldn’t get to know him more for reasons than I have already stated.”

“When did you finally reach a point in your career with which you were happy?”

“What does that have anything to do with-”

“Just answer.”

She huffed, but this time forgot to question this to the judge and replied with haste, “Around…. Hmm, I would have to say… 1982.”

“How old was Harry about that time?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Five?”

“What year was he born again?”

“July, 1980. Is there a point to this?”

“Your son was two years old at that time, it was a year after you had left him with your sister, more or less. You clearly had reached a point where you were able to financially care for your son. Why didn’t you take him back then and saved your sister years of emotional attachment to – what seemed to her – a son?”

“Well… I was… I was busy, you see. How could I have taken care of him when I was so involved with my work?”

“What about James Faust?

“What about him?”

“Where was he when all this took place?” he asked.

“We had broken up at this point, even before Harold was born.”

“Didn’t you tell him about your pregnancy?”

“Why would I? We didn’t exactly leave off on the best of terms, how could I just stroll up to him and tell him he’s going to be a father?”

“Quite. But you see, he could have helped financially support Harry,” he said.

“Don’t you think I hadn’t thought about that?! I was afraid he’d reject me! But it doesn’t matter now – we can be a family! I can have my son – no, will have my son, Mr. Fudge. Because now, I’m engaged and once we’re married, we can have the perfect future – together!”

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