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Forever is in your eyes by mione
Chapter 1 : Forever is in your eyes
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*I own none of these characters but I really wish I did. Too bad for me :(*

Chapter one: Thoughts, secret agents, and really lame cart wheels.

Stop thinking about him. You have to stop thinking about him. Hermione Granger’s thoughts raced as she ran throughout the corridors to her dormitory. But I can’t stop thinking about him. Have I seen his muscles? Duh I have...I only see him every day. Did I know that’s what Quidditch has done to him? All that? Duh I did... How could I not? I have ot stop thinking about him. I also have to stop talking to myself. No one knew this prefect all that well. No one really knew.
Stop thinking about her. She’s beautiful, my point? I have to stop thinking about her. But I can’t. It’s impossible. Harry Potter thought as he made his way outside to meet one of his best friends, Ron Weasley.What do you do when you’re on the brink of insanity? Harry rolled his eyes and began to stare at the ceiling. While Harry was busy staring at the ceiling, Hermione made a sharp right and collided with him.
“Oh, err, sorry about that Harry.” Hermione said shakily. It was one thing to bump into someone unintentionally, but to bump into the boy, well man, who filled your dreams 24/7 was another. Now he’s going to think I’m stupid. Oh- wait, he knows I’m not, we’re best friends. Why can’t I nail that into my thick skull?! “I should have been paying more attention to where I was walking.” she mumbled.
“No Hermione, I should have been paying more attention to where I chose to goggle at the ceiling.” Harry replied trying to reinforce that she shouldn’t be all shaky talking to him.
Hermione smiled a bit and walked off saying nothing but, “Goodbye!”
I’m sure that made me sound like a complete idiot! Harry thought as he turned the bend and walked out the castle doors. I almost completely forgot about something! What if...
...he doesn’t like me back! The horror! Hermione thought. It was almost as if they shared brains. It was a bit odd that they both had the capability to think the same thing at the same time as the other. Weird, totally. Wicked, oh yeah!
I cringe at the thought! Harry winced at the thought as well. He really hadn’t taken that into consideration. What if she didn’t like him back? If she doesn’t, it may as well be the end of me. I could spend the rest of the year in the boys dormitory and hide my embarrassment. Good plan.
Harry walked straight ahead to find Ron sitting on a bench, kicking his feet aimlessly back and forth staring up at a dark gray sky. Harry went over and joined him.
“Ron, what are we doing this for?” Harry asked confused.
“We’re being depressed.” Ron replied.
“Because the girl I have a crush on likes someone else. A guy’s worst night mare. I feel almost sick. The key word there is ALMOST.” Ron answered.
“Oh.” Harry said tonelessly. “Ron, who do you like? Err, did you like, err, d’you still like her?”
“I still like her. We’re still friends, I’m just depressed. And c’mere and I’ll whisper who I like to you.” Ron leaned over. “I like Hermione.”
Oh my gosh, he likes Hermione. But he can’t like Hermione ‘cause I like Hermione! I’m confused! He just can’t like Hermione. It doesn’t work that way! Harry’s mind raced beyond belief. Things were going through it without being processed.
At that moment Hermione came walking out to greet them. She stopped in her tracks to see the two boys sitting all by themselves staring up at a dark gray sky. I feel changed. “Hi guys. You look down in the dumps. Ron, I’m really sorry. I can’t change my feelings for Ha- someone. If I could, I would take the opportunity, but I can’t. I’m sorry.” Hermione looked up at Ron whose attention was now focused completely on Hermione with no side distractions. Unbelievable but true. Scary thought...
“It’s- err, ok Hermione. I’ll live.” Ron didn’t look as thought it was ok, despite the remark he had just made.
He looks awful. Oh I feel absolutley terrible. This is all my fault! But I can’t help it if I like- more like love Harry! I have decided I’ll never fall in love again! Hermione couldn’t stop thinking and glancing at the look on Ron’s face. It was as if he had gotten a sunburn in the middle of winter. He was red, practically steaming with embarrassment.
“Erm, I think I’ll be going now. I can’t stand the, err, cold. It’s too, err, cold. Hehe. Err, see ya guys later. Feel better Ron!” Hermione stumbled over her own words. She walked away back into the castle.
“Ron, I should tell you something. I like- err, love Hermione too. I’m really sorry, but I just realized it this year and I know you’ve liked her since third year.” Harry said suddenly pouring all of his deepest feelings for Hermione out to Ron.
“You do? Well, I dunno who she likes, but she sure does act funny around you. Maybe you should go talk to her.” Ron commented sounding much happier that his best friend loved the girl he only liked. I only suppose that if I kissed Hermione it’d be just like kissing Ginny on the cheek.Oh well. Now I can scheme with Harry on how to get her to like him back. But I’ve got a hunch she already does...
“You’re not mad?” Harry asked in surprise and relief mixed together. “Well, then I’ll go talk to her. D’you want to come, or d’you want to stay here?” Harry asked thoughtfully. He really didn’t want Ron to get upset if he heard parts of the conversation no matter if it was Harry crying, Hermione crying or them both extremely happy.
“Yeh. I think I’ll come. Besides, I need eavsdropping practice. I can never get anything good out of mum, dad, or the twins when I try to be persuasive. I may as well try the whole eavsdropping technique.” Ron replied pretending to be a secret agent from an American movie.
“Where’d you go to see an American movie?” Harry asked in surprise as Dudley often rented them.
“Went to America over the summer of course. I forgot to tell you!” Ron exclaimed. “It was REALLY cool, and fun, and cool, and cool, and did I mention cool?”
“Ron, I get it. Now, come on, off to see the wizard! Well, it’s more like off to talk to the witch, but oh well. Ron, are you comming?” Harry said as Ron continued to act like a spy and break his back attempting a cart wheel.
“Ouch- yes I’m comming Harry, hold on, lemme get this cart thingy down pat.” Ron called after Harry. At that moment, he flipped over into what was really a forward roll, making Ron believe he had just done a cart wheel. Ron sat up grinned as Harry turned around with a raised eyebrow and bolted after him.
"Oh hurry up already!"

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Forever is in your eyes: Forever is in your eyes


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