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only fools fall in love by hothits
Chapter 1 : bleeding hearts
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well here it is the sequal to Harry Potter and the love charm
hope you enjoy

"who was that" Draco asked. "who cares.I dont" Pansy said giggling.

Hermione burst into the common room crying uncontolably. She saw Ron and Clarissa kising it made her cry harder. She raced up the stairs.
Hermione fell on her bed sobbing. She never was going to give her heart to someone again, if it meant killing her soul.

"hey did you hear someone" Ron asked Clarrisa. "yes it sounded like Hermione crying" Clarrisa said worried. "maybe i should you go talk to her, you know girl stuff" "yep" Ron said kissing her on the lips.

"Hermione" Clarrisa said as she came in the room. "Clarissa" she said sitting up on her bed and wipping her eyes. "whats wrong ?" Clarissa asked. "its.. its.. Draco" Hermione wailed. "oh my gosh what did he do to you" Clarissa asked, fearing the answer. "he..he cheated on me" Hermione wailed breaking down into more tears. "that son of bitch, forget him Hermione, he dosnt deserve you" Clarissa said. Hermione started to cry harder she jumped up and rushed out of the room.

Ron looked up as Hermione rushed down the stairs crying, then slammed out of the Griffindor common room. Clarissa came down the stairs bitting her nails. "Ron dont blow your top when i tell you why shes upset" Clarissa said tentively. Ron sighed. "ok" he promised. "Malfoy cheated on her" Clarissa told him. it took alot of strength for Ron to stop himself from blowing up. "he did" Ron managed to say. "im going to kill " he countinued carmly. "dont, you promised not to blow your top" Clarissa pleaded. "yes but i didnt promise not to kill the son of a bitch" Ron said, he then turned on his heel and slammed out of the common room.

Pansy snuggled up to Draco on his bed. Draco kissed the top of her head. "pansy you are really pretty" he murmmered. Pansy grinned. Slowly the potion started to wear off. Draco jumped up pushing Pansy off of him "what the hell, Parkinson, you posioned me" He scremaed. He grabbed his jeans and started puling them on. "but you were meant to be with me" she screamed grabbing his top as he tryed to put it on. "let go of my top slut" Draco hissed. He grabbed his other clothes and stomped down stairs, Pansy quickly threw on a robe and followed him.
"wait Draco" she yelled at the top of the stairs. He ignored her and ran off.
was it good
please review and let me no

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only fools fall in love: bleeding hearts


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