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Ignorance is Bliss by Bellus Qui
Chapter 1 : Ignorance is Bliss
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" Two households, alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes a pair of star cross'd lovers take they're life" - Romeo & Juliet ( chorus )

**~ Ignorance is Bliss~**

Ginny Weasley laid oddly still in her four poster bed. She could here her clock ticking away but it didn't annoy her, instead it calmed her unsteady heart enormously. Her roommates, like the enormous logs they were, were already fast asleep. Hell, most probably everyone in Gryffindor tower was already asleep; after all it was 3.30 in the morning.

While most people were dreaming of dragons and broomsticks or even their prince charmings, Ginny had something more complicated on her mind. Not only was she not asleep but her body was rigid and her wide glass eyes reflected the bare ceiling. Her hands were placed on her duvet which covered just above her chest. She let out a soft sigh as she pondered the dilemma in her head. Draco Malfoy. Who would have thought he would cause her even more trouble that she had planned? Everything happened like a whirlwind and she was swept off her feet by her unlikely white-horsed prince.

It all seemed like a fairytale, only she wasn't exactly princess material. Ginny never really thought much of herself; she never thought she was exceptionally beautiful or exceptionally outstanding. She would rather describe herself as very happily normal after the incident with Tom Riddle's diary and The Chamber of Secrets. Anyway, her so called 'normality' attracted more than less attention, particularly a very upper- classed Malfoy.

However, being romantically involved with this particular student inflicted on Ginny many unforeseen 'concerns'. No, her concerns weren't of whether or not, Draco was cheating on her or if the rest of the Slytherin girls were fawning over him, those things were...superficial, Ginny didn't really care much about that because she trusted Draco with all her life. It was only recently that Ginny has faced her reality.

She was in love with the most famous guy in the whole damn school.

He wasn't just Draco Malfoy, he was THE Draco Malfoy; the cool silvery- blonde hair, the chiselled features, piercing grey eyes, a really hot body, with star Quidditch skills and well, the list could just go on. The more Ginny thought of it, the more it dawned upon her. She wasn't good enough for him. She felt like she didn't deserve him at all, not a single bit. To her, Draco was perfection; he was like a piece of fine art work, so fragile and beautiful that she was afraid to touch him. For fear of contaminating his perfection or even shattering his perfect image. Yes, everything about Draco was perfect.

Ginny blamed herself for being so careless to fall into the arms of this Slytherin. She was in love with him, more than anything else she had ever known in her life. But it also disturbed her that someone like Draco would even look at her. She knew that Draco wasn't one to say 'I love yous' or do something romantic out of the blue. The common traits of a typical Virgo male. Ginny felt pressurized to perform, to live up to the 'standards' of being Draco Malfoy's girlfriend.

As soon as news got out of them being together, the whole school was shaken. Whispers in the hallway and rude finger pointing at Ginny were now a staple scene to her. There were occasions where the Slytherin sluts taunted her. Obviously they were jealous of Ginny and Draco because they constantly insulted her about how unfit she was for Draco and how unworthy she was. Ginny kept silent throughout the ordeals, she didn't tell Draco either and things just went along as normal.

Ginny wished that Draco could be there to hold her all the time, so she would feel safe, loved and secure but he was Draco Malfoy after all; he was a busy guy. So many problems they had to face, Ginny's brothers, Draco's father, minimal time they spend together sneaking out after school hours just to cuddle for a while. Every time Draco had to rush of somewhere, Ginny understood, she wanted to support him in everything he did because she knew that Draco would do the same for her.

She had no doubt Draco loved her to but she would've felt a lot better if he actually said it. She tried not to think about this too much because she knew her thoughts would wander and just bring her all the way back to square one - she wasn't good enough for him. Who in the world would've thought a Weasley and a Malfoy could be in love? It was like Romeo and Juliet, Montague and Capulet. Perhaps this could be the same story as Romeo and Juliet but Ginny was sure that Juliet wasn't feeling how she was feeling right now.

Ginny was still lying in the same position she had been in for a good 20 minutes and she made her first movement slowly, trying to avoid any cramps. She lifted her hand up to her face and looked at a ring on her finger. she gazed at it in a longing manner as her fingers danced across her eyes, displaying the simple ring in a mystical way. This ring always dazzled her and of course it reminded her of it's giver. It reminded her or Draco.


They were out after midnight again, it was one of those rare times where they could be alone and in love at the same time. It was a wonderful night, the wind was cool and the stars were bright. Moonlight reflected off the lake, illuminating the couple lying under a tree gazing at the clouds.

They were debating what the odd shaped cloud looked more like. Both of them were lying on a grassy patch under a tree with Ginny's head resting on Draco's chest and Draco stroked her hair affectionately while Ginny laughed and giggled at Draco's last comment.

" No way that looks like a Hungarian Horntail!" Draco protested.

" Well, it's some kind of Dragon!" Ginny said in the midst of her giggles.

" Of course it is! It's me catching the snitch and beating the crap out of Potter with a club." Draco replied smugly and Ginny whacked him playfully.

" You know, you should try to say something nice once in a while..." Ginny said, standing up and stretching a little, giving Draco a nice view up her skirt...alas, Ginny smacked him on the head - hard.

" HEY!"

" What?! I was just er...stretching my neck!"

" Right! Perv..." Ginny couldn't help but smile and Draco's cheekiness, it was cute.

Draco sprung to his feet and held Ginny at the waist from behind, holding her close and fixing his chin in the crook of her neck, kissing the delicate skin softly, whispering sorrys in between. This drove Ginny crazy until she felt obligated to pull away. Draco always knew how to reach her soft spot.

" Alright, alright, I forgive you, damn, I hate it when you do that"

" I wouldn't be too sure about that" Draco said with a grin. They were now both facing each other and Draco had her hands in his, swinging slowly, looking into each other's eyes. It was a moment. And then suddenly, Draco did something that would change the fate of both their lives forever. He got down on one knee in front of Ginny and drew out a round glass box.

" Virginia, I want you to have this" and he presented the box to her. Ginny was in utter shock but took the box and opened it gently. There it was, that odd ring. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever saw. It had a simple tarnished silver band with a small flower on it. In the center of the flower was a tiny gem, it's simplicity made the ring so beautiful to Ginny. She opened her mouth to say something, her eyes still wide in shock and astonishment but Draco quickly cut in.

" Before you say anything, I want you to hear me out first" Ginny simply nodded.

" This ring is from me to you, so that means you gotta keep it no matter what and you can never ever return it to me, alright?"

" Draco, I- "

" Wait, just say yes Ginny, please." And Ginny nodded again.

" Alright. Virginia, I think you know I've never been that great when it comes to romantic stuff but this time I'm gonna give it a shot so just try to along to, ok?"

" Ginny, I don't know why we're here now or why we're together but maybe this was all destined. Remember the time I told you that I didn't believe in fate? Well, now I do, ever since you walked into my life and showed me how wonderful life is. This ring in your hands now may not seem like much but I hope you will keep it close to you, wherever you go. That ring there, represents me and the stone in the center is you. It's a topaz gem in case you're wondering, something I got from the muggles. Anyway, I know that maybe sometimes I haven't been there when you wanted me to or when you really needed me. It's hard to explain but I hope that whenever you look at this ring you'll feel me there with and that it'll make you smile."

" Draco, I- " again Ginny tried to get Draco to stand up but he refused.

" No, wait, I'm almost done. I'm crazy about you Virginia Weasley and I hope you are about me too. I know that you're the one. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with, to have a family with, to be the one I see lying in bed next to me when I wake up in the morning. I want to be able to hold you when the sky comes crashing down and when forever is not enough." Ginny began to cry tears of happiness, never in her life had she thought that someone could love her so much.

" Don't cry, Gin, don't cry...please..." Ginny tried her best to hold back her tears and put on a smile.

"You light up my life Ginny, before, it was all darkness and without hope but now you give me the hope to carry on. I want you to be mine forever Ginny. Because I don't know how I can live without you - ever."

Ginny just broke down. She got on her knees as well and hugged Draco as though she would never let him go. She cried and cried but only tears or joy. She slipped the ring onto her ring finger. everything seemed so surreal at the time. Nothing else mattered. It was as it her life was already planned out for her. She was gonna marry Draco, have kids, settle down and be happy for the rest of her life.

" Everything's gonna be alright, just wait and see. I'm gonna marry you after we get of school and this war would've ended. We'll be happy forever, just you and I. "


Ginny smiled as she remembered the happiness she felt at that time. They were both so ignorant about everything else going on in the world. The war, their family feud, their differences, nothing mattered. After all, ignorance was bliss. A loud snore from her roommate snapped her back into reality as she sighed softly again. Ginny wondered if Draco was awake now as well, thinking about her as well. She missed him dearly, even if she was going to see him again in a few hours. Was this what love felt like? Ginny asked herself. Perhaps...I little voice replied at the back of her head. She was contented and slowly drifted off to sleep dreaming her prince charming.


A/n: how was that? Good? Bad? Ugly? Tell me if I should just leave it or continue. It would be nice if I could get suggestions if you do want me to continue. O, and if this story does not make sense to you at all, I am very very sorry! Please don't flame! *weak smile* o well, if you haven't already checked out my other fic Popular, pls do, I think it's my best work yet! Okok, I'm taking up too much of your time! Please review! *I am unworthy! Hail to all reviewers!* :P

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