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Harry Potter and the Wrath of Voldemort by ronweasleysgrl4eva_11
Chapter 1 : The Dream of Death
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A/N- please read and review...hope you enjoy first fanfic ever!
disclaimer: I own nothing in any relation to Harry Potter which means I am no JK Rowling or WB so...without further ado...
Chapter 1: The Dream of Death
It was a silent night at Number Four privet Drive as Harry Potter slept restlessly in his bed. Harry’s room wasn’t like any other average teenager’s room. Instead of comic books, C.D.’s, and books gathering mouthfuls of dust; there were books on magic, a game called Quidditch, and lots of empty ink bottles and splintered quills. There was also an empty cage on a dusty desk full of stray white feathers and bird droppings, but no bird in sight. Hedwig, Harry’s snowy owl, just happened to be out hunting at the moment and the window in Harry’s room was wide open for her return. As the moonlight splashed through the window and onto his lightning-bolt scar, his mind was not focused on Hedwig’s return, a newfound spell, or even the Chudley Cannon’s new record in Quidditch! But instead, on a dream he was currently indulged in.

Harry ran down the corridor, blood streaming in his wake. His broken nose throbbed painfully as blood flowed steadily through it. He stopped out front of a strangely familiar large, black door. It was his only means of escape from Bellatrix Lestrange…one hell of a powerful Death Eater. In the distance, Harry heard yelling…he needed to hurry. Panting heavily, Harry pushed open the door to reveal a dim room lit by only small clusters of candlelight. Their flames seemed to dance on the dark walls. There were also eleven or so doors that were closed. Hearing the yelling getting gradually louder, Harry shut the door he’d entered through. Instantly, the room, no, the doors, spun around him in a mix of black and blue. When the spinning finally subsided, he moved towards the door closest to him. For some reason, it felt right. He pushed the door open and walked through an antechamber full of clocks, time-turners, and other interesting things he didn’t know the names of. Harry would’ve liked to investigate further, but his feet moved on as if they had their own separate mind controlling them. They led him to another door…the place was simply crawling with them. "Not another door!" Harry thought to himself, "I’ve had enough of these stupid doors already. Just STOP!" Harry wrenched the door open with so much force, that he fell backwards in the process. It would’ve opened to the lightest touch. Harry quickly got up and wiped a dribble of blood from his lip onto his sleeve. He continues on through the doorway, when Sirius appeared in front of him and said, “Harry, your mother and father would’ve been so proud of you. I just know it! Look where you are now. I just want you to know that I’m with you wherever you go, whenever you need me, I’ll be there for you.” Harry didn’t understand what he meant. He looked into his godfather’s grief-stricken face full of fear and worry. He ran into his godfather’s arms, wanting to cry upon his shoulder and for him to tell him everything would be all right and it was all just a dream, but when he reached Sirius, he was gone with a flash of light as quickly as he appeared. Bellatrix Lestrange came looming out of the darkness laughing maniacally with her wand in hand. Harry yelled “NOOOOOOOOO!!” and woke up screaming.

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