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Heart Of Glass by Hermione
Chapter 1 : The Dream
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Off to Hogwarts. Boarding the train. It starts to move. Then it stops. Malfoy shows up, Then Harry, then Ron. I have been kissed by all three of them. They are kissing me again. Ron's is a short one. Harry's is a long romantic one. Malfoy's is fast and sloppy. Then, a strange figure comes. He kisses me. His is long and romantic, but he uses no tounge. And he's quite good. He breaks free of my lips and walks away. I realize now that the figure is Tom Riddle.

I woke up at that very moment. My heart was pounding. Sweat was running down my forehead. Tom Riddle. I know he's gone, but he's still wonderful. How do I know? Well I met him at Hogwarts. Just last year, in fact.

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Heart Of Glass: The Dream


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