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LEGACIES: The Halo Of Life by The Dark Lord Nedved
Chapter 8 : Bathroom Encounters of the Ravenclaw Kind
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**CHAPTER 8: Bathroom Encounters of the Ravenclaw Kind**

No one slept easily that night , seeing Harry and Dumbledore carried through the dinner meal was a sight no one would forget. Ginny was lying wide-awake in her bed, her pillow clutched tightly to her chest. She had horrible visions of Harry broken and bleeding, being rushed up the stairs to the hospital wing. She had frozen solid, and couldn’t even follow her brother upstairs, she just sat there, and stared. She clutched the pillow even tighter, Harry’s agonizing scream was running over and over in her head like a stuck record. She couldn’t sleep, and as the moonlight filtered through the dorm room she shared with her fellow year five girls, she began to cry silently. Would it ever end?

“Ginny..?” a soft voice called out.

She stayed quiet, Mariana Shacklebolt, the auror’s niece and one of her good friends, called out to her. She had noticed Ginny was no longer talking, and was very traumatized. “You okay?”

She nodded her head, but Mariana knew her friend better than that. “You can talk to me y’know..”

“Do you believe in fate? Like your life is predetermined ?” she asked hesitantly.

Marianna thought for a second. “No, I can’t say I do…” she replied doubtfully.

“Hermione told me something this summer, something that I would never forget,” Ginny said.


“That Harry’s life is based on a dire prophecy, and I have seen with my own eyes that it’s coming to pass.” She paused, taking a deep breath. “I couldn’t live like that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That-boy-who-lived nonsense, is not nonsense at all. Harry was prophesized to be the only one who could kill Vo- Vol- Voldemort, and now that he’s finally dead, it seems that Harry has to be fighting for his life every day, …. And I can’t bear for anything to happen to him, I don’t know, he just can’t die, I’m really scared for him..” she whispered, and sniffed.

“… you still have feelings for him don’t you,” she asked.

“Of course I do, he’s my friend!” she answered irritably.

“No, not that, you know what I mean,” Mariana said.

“I.. I don’t know..”

“Okay...” Marianna watched her for a second, propping herself on her elbow. “Harry is going to be okay- I’m sure of it,” Mariana said cheerfully, trying to brighten her friend’s spirits.

Ginny said nothing, and rolled unto her side, basically putting an end to this conversation. I wish I had your optimism, she thought to herself.


Kenna was still awake, sitting on a bed in the other hospital room. Draco said she could sleep in the Slytherin dorm but she wanted to stay here for awhile. Draco had stayed with her but when it was a bit after midnight he left to go to his bedroom. He was walking down the hall when he saw Ron coming up his way from the prefect’s bathrooms. Draco looked at him from top to bottom, noticing that he had outgrown his robes and almost burst into laughter. He stared at Ron, who automatically hardened his expression.

“What are you looking at?” Ron threatened.

“Weasel king, what’s that you wearing, your sister’s spare robe? When is Barney going to ask back for his socks?” Malfoy sneered, and Ron reddened, realizing he was wearing the homemade purple socks that even he hated.

“Shut it Malfoy, I’m not I the mood.” Ron retorted, subconsciously trying to hide the god-awful socks.

“Don’t try to hide it , maybe you could make some money if you got a sickle for every laugh,” he added, watching them with scorn.

Ron stepped forward slapped him like a bitch across the face. After five years he had enough. “You and Me. No wands.”

Draco smiled evilly. “Hope you can back that up..”

Ron charged at him, and Draco sidestepped easily. “Come on, Weasel King, can’t you even hit me-“

BAMM! Ron’s right hand connected solidly to the right of Draco’s face, and Draco fell hard. He was up in a flash, his head ringing. “ Now it’s on!” he snarled, and rushed in.

Ron was ready, his fists up in front of him, Draco swung his left in a wild swipe, and Ron shrugged it off on his shoulder, getting a bit inside of him. He sunk his left in Draco’s side, and Draco, wheezed, doubling over a bit. Ron was about to swing his right in the classic one-two but Draco gutted him his shoulder, tackling him to the ground. Draco was on top of Ron, and bashed his head with his left fist. Ron’s head was ringing, and he tasted blood on his lip. Draco tried to beat him senseless with his right, but Ron blocked with his left forearm and grabbed a handful of hair and a bit of his ear, pulling at him painfully.

Draco growled and pulled his head away from Ron’s longer reach. Ron used the opportunity to shove Malfoy partially off of him, rolling over on to his feet. Draco also stumbled to his feet, but Ron was already on top of him, pushing him back into the wall, his strong grip on Draco’s neck. Draco reddened, and tried to wrench his arm away from his throat. Ron let fly with his left, connecting solidly on the second attempt. It hit hard on Malfoy’s eyebrow, and Draco’s head snapped back. Draco kicked out and his shin connected with the side or Ron’s thigh, temporarily unbalancing him. He gripped Ron’s fingers that were clamped around his neck, and twisted his wrist so Ron had to let go of him. He swung at Draco with his free hand, but Draco easily dodged it.

“Too slow Weasley,” Draco snarled, and sent a straight jab right into Ron’s cheek, connecting with a solid thwack!

“Fuckin- shit ass sick- “ Ron was swearing, his face read with anger. He wrenched his hand from Draco’s grip and pushed Draco to the wall, jacking him up with his long lanky arms. Draco was a bit surprised. Ron was stronger than he looked. Ron swung with his right again, but Draco had his elbows up and tucked around his head, blocking Ron’s wildly swinging arms. His eyes flared alive, and the bottom of Ron’s robes ignited. Ron glanced down at his feet, and realizing that he was on fire, immediately let go of Draco, frantically kicking out his legs to out himself.

Capitalizing on the opening, Draco took a step forward and spun on his heel, connecting with a roundhouse kick right on Ron’s chest, sending him skidding along the floor. He blow felt like a brick on his chest, and his teeth jarred with the impact.

“Get up, loser,” Draco goaded, standing proudly over Ron. Ron scrambled up to his feet; nearly six inches taller than his opponent. Draco’s face had a nicely swelling black eye and a big red mark on his cheek. Ron did not look much better, his lip was bleeding a lot and his clothes were all messed up, a large boot print on his chest.

They brought up their knuckles, both of them stepping in a tight circle, inching closer to each other. Draco smiled, and Ron returned his evil grin. The silver moonlight streamed across the two combatants, the smoke from Ron’s robes creating a fog of war in the deserted corridor. Their breathing was audible and coming in fast pants, sweat pouring down their faces.

“My sister hits harder than you, you bitch,” Ron taunted him.

“Yeah? Well Granger hits three times harder than you, no wonder she chose Potter...”

That re-ignited Ron’s temper and he rushed in with a big lunging stamp. Draco tried to dodge, but Ron’s long legs were deceptive under his too-short robes, and Draco caught half of it on his hip. He stumbled and Ron tackled him again, his head low. Draco improvised, and grabbed Ron around the armpits, trying to bodily lift him over in a german suplex. Draco grunted loudly, and partially managed to lift Ron’s heavier weight off the ground. They both toppled, and Ron’s knee connected painfully on Draco’s thigh. Draco got over him and grabbed him a sort of head lock, Ron was pummeling his sides and back with punishing lefts and rights, not even seeing where he was hitting. Draco tightened his headlock grip on him, coming up on one knee to get more leverage. Ron, was breathing shallowly, his face as red as his hair.

“What you got now?” Draco goaded him, locking his fingers together as he held Ron in a firm headlock. Ron was still hitting him from behind, his fists connecting with Draco’s ribs. Draco grunted, and tightened his hold on Ron, cutting off his air passage.

I can’t let this bugger beat me, Ron thought, as his vision going a bit dizzy. He circled his hands around Draco’s middle, and heaved. With a massive grunt of effort he lifted him high in the air, Draco’s arms still wrapped around his neck. He saw the ceiling zoom past him as Ron manhandled him, and his eyes blazed alive in alarm. The door to the room he just left Kenna in blew apart in a burst of flame, and she shrieked, seeing the fight between her brother and the red haired boy.

Ron leant backwards and twisted sideways, bringing Draco down from orbit in a heavy body slam.

WHAMM! Ron slammed him down hard, and Draco saw stars. Kenna ran out of the room, and pushed Ron forcefully off of her brother.

“< Stop it!! What the fuck is wrong with you? >” she swore, Ron not understanding a thing. Her eyes were shining a bright green and Ron slowly got up, panting heavily.

“HAHAHAH!! Lucky your little sister was here to save your ass, be-yatch!! See you around Malfoy!” Draco reddened, embarrassed beyond belief. Ron swaggered off, laughing loudly.

“ggrrr..” he growled, trying not to be angry with her. She tried to help him up, but Draco angrily pushed away her hand.


Kenna was trying to tend to him, but he stormed off in the other direction, too furious to talk to her now. He couldn’t believe Weasley got in the last good blow, and right in front of his sister to boot. Tomorrow was going to be the worst. No doubt Weasley would spread all over the school that his ‘ickle’ sister had to save his ass. ARRGGHH.. Why me?


The early morning light filtered through the emergency room, and Remus Lupin was beyond tired. Gonzales and Pompfrey were doing the initial spell work to induce the healing process, closely monitoring how his body responded to their charms. Remus was doing everything the prep healers would do, from making potions to changing the multiple cauldrons, assisting in any way he could. Roger Granger and Richardson, the only Wizard healer to have experience with Hunter wounds, was progressing nicely with Albus Dumbledore. Granger was brilliant, no wonder his daughter was also so gifted. Harry’s bones were on the mend, the only real problem areas was that he was still in a deep coma, and the Reductor Spell and physical damage to the ribs on his right side was proving to be a bit tricky. The white blood cells were not multiplying fast enough due to the curse’s aftereffects, and his ribs’ bone marrow was seriously lacking calcium-inducing elements in his blood. That ugly black mark over his right side was the result: and it may take a good few days to heal properly. All of his other areas were going to be okay, Roger Granger needed to pop back in his dislocated shoulder and have a look at his knee.

The good news was that once Harry’s body was no longer in mortal danger his legendary power was actually helping them, and the cracks in his shoulder blade were knitting itself at nearly three times the rate that the Bone mending charm usually worked at. His vertebrae were also easing back into place nicely, that was a fine line where he could have easily snapped his spinal cord and would have been permanently paralyzed. Considering the severe beating he took, it was more than a miracle that he was still alive, far less on the road to recovery. Thank god for Draco and Hermione, even Remus knew how close he was to death at the Transit station in Italy. Draco was an Elemental? When did this happen? That could spell bad news for all of them if he turned, but he had a gut feeling that Draco wasn’t like his father in all aspects. He had saved all them didn’t he?

Pompfrey’s team was packing up for the night, they would allow Roger to check out Harry after he had finished bandaging up the professor. The surgery was successful, and the professor should be able to go to his own bedroom in a couple of days where he could get some proper rest. He was still out cold, the Sleeping Draught keeping him blissfully ignorant of the work going on his side. There would be a huge scar though, but the Professor would find a way to remove it when he saw fit. The main thing was that he was now safe, and he should heal fully in a few weeks. Remus was dead tired, the fight, the trip back, trying to keep Harry alive, it was overwhelming. They had agreed on taking small naps around the clock, at least one of them had to be monitoring the patients at all times. He thre away his surgery gloves and coveralls, and walked into the adjoining room.

Hermione was still sleeping in her full Hogwarts uniform, Kenna was sleeping next her in a very exquisite blue dress, and on the furthest bunk he saw Nymphadora Tonks curled up in a ball, apparently she morphed into a pretty pink nightgown. He snuck past the sleeping women, hoping not to wake them. It was only when he reached the doorway he realized that there was no longer a door, and shards of scorched wood was scattered about. He paused, What the hell happened here?

“Remus,” a husky voice called him. He flinched, a bit startled by the familiar voice. He turned, and Tonks was sitting up, sleepily rubbing her eyes. “How’s Harry?..” she asked sleepily, looking at him through her incredibly long eyelashes. Remus paused, this was the first time he ever saw her without any sort of added alteration to her appearance, and her natural black hair was tussled in a sexy way about her face. He really noticed her for the first time, her slender arms and neck were very graceful, and her dark brown eyes were very exotic.

“Hello? You alright?”

He cleared his throat. “Yeah. Just tired. Harry’s still banged up, but he’s gonna be okay in probably a week. Still be in some pain though, and that won’t go away until even some more weeks.” She sat up straight, the sheet falling away from her. The nightgown draped her beautifully, and he could see the fullness of her breasts. He blinked, and walked off, not saying another word before he gave himself away.

“Hey, wait!” she called behind him. He stopped and turned to her.


“Where are you going?”

“To get some shut eye,” he replied. “It’s been a long day.”

“Yeah I know that. But what I meant to say is where are you going to sleep? Amos is in the Defense room. You don’t plan on bunking with him or the students are you?” she teased, eyeing him with a satirical expression. He chuckled at the look she was giving him.

“You’re right- I did not think of that.” He looked around, “Guess I would just have to cap out here then.” He went to the last bed; between Kenna and Tonks, and sat on the edge to take off his boots. Sitting felt wonderful, he was standing up whole of Thursday night into Friday looking out for Harry, and then he was working alongside the doctors until now, just before dawn on Saturday morning. His old robe was still smeared all over with lard, and he needed to take a shower, dammit.

“I’ll be back,” he said, glancing at her. Tonks was at that moment yawning widely, stretching her hands up to the ceiling. The dainty straps of her nightgown were itching to be pulled down her shoulders, and the motion of her arms momentarily highlighted the soft curve of her breast. Remus shook his head in mild annoyance; it was like he was back at school again. As he said it he caught himself, he was back at school again, but this time it was different. He had seen Nymphadora once or twice before when he was still at school, and that was only because one of his prefect mates from Ravenclaw was her older brother, and she used to come with them to Platform 9 ¾ at the start of the term. She was so adorable back then, she had pigtails and cute bows in her hair, the whole works. She had entered school the year after he had left, so she was eight years behind him. Well she’s all grown up now, she was twenty-something and he was thirty-seven. Trying to push out the different train of thoughts in his head, he got up and padded off to the Staff washrooms and showers.


Many miles away, the Dark Lord's followers were having another meeting.

“AGAIN YOU FAIL? INCOMPETENCE!!” Antolin Doholov bellowed. “ Where’s Avery?”

“He has been killed by Potter.”

‘He WHAT?!!

“He has died honourably in combat.” Sojiro lied. The coward was blown apart and rightfully so. If his illusions were more potent things would have been different. The fool.

“What is the situation,” Doholov sighed.

“Potter was rescued by an unknown wizard who has elemental powers. We barely escaped.”

“Elemental? Who?!” Doholov asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Blonde. Young. We do not know his name.”

Could that be young Malfoy? “Where is the boy now?”

“He is not at the wizard hospital in Italy neither England. We believe he is in Dumbledore’s school.”

“Shit. No way we could get in there easily. Can you two infiltrate?’

“No. The grounds are protected against our kind and the wraiths; known enemies to wizardkind.”

Antolin sat back down in his chair, picking up some reading material. He scanned the pages not even looking up at the warriors. “You have not delivered on your word. My patience wears thin, I want him dead.”

The hunters bowed, their dignity damaged beyond repair. The only way to redeem themselves was to finish the task. They left the hideout and disappeared into the muggle crowd.


“Are you talking to me? I said, are you- talking to me?”

Ron Weasley was up hours later, feeling mightily pleased with himself. That fight with Malfoy was a release of five years of shit he had put up with. Now he felt like a new man. He was standing in the prefect’s bathroom, looking at his reflection in the huge mirror. Continuing his monologue, he turned around, looking behind him.

“Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?” He demanded, dramatically returning his reflection's piercing gaze.

“Huh? I don’t see anyone else, so you must be talking to me.” He nodded as he agreed with himself, trying to keep a straight face. He turned around almost reluctantly, folding his arms. “Okay..”

Suddenly, he spun back around to face the mirror, whipping out his wand from inside his long-sleeved sweater (the purple one his mom had knitted for him). He pointed it like a gun at the mirror. “ BANG! You’re dead mutherfucker!”

Just at that moment a girly laugh came from the doorway, and Ron spun around, really embarrassed that he was caught. “OH MY GOD!! THAT WAS HILARIOUS!! I saw that movie, ‘Taxi Driver’ wasn’t it?” Cho Chang laughed.

Wha- Cho knew about that De Niro? “Yeah, how do you know about that?”

“Some of my cousins were muggles, and sneaked in to watch it at the cinema, they were having a “top ten guy movies’ marathon so we dressed up like boys and saw it. It was really strange though, do muggles really live like that?”

“Look who you’re asking," he shrugged. "Bill took me to see that movie when we went to visit him before my third year. I thought it kicked ass.” Ron grinned. He paused and looked at her closely, "You.. you saw..everything?” he asked, somewhat embarrassed.

She laughed, “Yeah, but I thought it was cool. You may need to lose the sweater though,” she added, giggling.

Ron flushed, at least she wasn’t laughing at him. “How come I didn’t see you in the mirror?” he asked, quite puzzled.

“Oh you’ve never read ‘Hogwarts, A History’ then?”

What is this, ‘Let’s-be-like-Hermione-day?’ he thought to himself.

“No, you’re the second person I know who’s ever read it.” Ron replied.

“Oh well, in the prefects’ bathroom the girls are invisible to the boys, unless they want to be seen,” she added, smiling wickedly.

Ron looked around anxiously, “Wait, you mean this place could be full of girls and I won’t even know it?”

She nodded, clamping her moth shut, trying to keep from cracking up.

“Are there any more of lot inside, er...right now?” he asked warily, glancing around.

“Hahaah! No, once one girl decides to be seen, the whole spell is broken and all of us inside would be exposed.”

“Exposed? Now that’s interesting,” Ron commented, pulling his faint red beard thoughtfully. Cho laughed heartily.

“ No dummy, not that kind of ‘exposed’! You know what I mean!” She was really cracking up: Ron was a real joker.

“You mean to tell me, that any girl could come in here and peek on us guys, but we can’t do the same? I thought you chicks were all into this ‘equal rights’ drama. That isn’t fair!” Ron exaggerated in a childish voice.

Cho smiled at him, she couldn’t stop laughing. “Tell that to Gryffindor and the other house wizards, I’m sure they would take a new stance on things when they realize they are really ‘square’, and not keeping up with the times. Y’know, they ain’t being ‘hip’, like us modern folk,” Cho added, taking some more lines from Taxi Driver.

“Yeah, I’ll do that when next they're in town...” Ron girnned, his red hair had a classic messy look, and Cho found it cute.

“C’mon, let’s go down for breakfast,” she said, smiling brightly. Ron was hungry, and he was heading down there anyway. He nodded, and they made their way downstairs.


Remus had just finished taken a shower in the Staff’s luxurious bathrooms, and was sitting down on the porcelain benches, just taking a minute to let himself ease off his tension-knotted muscles. He was naked, and his towel was draped over his shoulders. He felt some pain in his shoulder, and roughly massaged it to get out the kinks. He felt the faint scars of teeth marks in his back, and once again remember the fight he and Sirius had in their canine forms the year Sirius broke out of Azkaban. He could barely remember anything when he transformed, but he had perfect memory of that dogfight. He never used a charm to heal the scars, it was a constant reminder of who he was, and his time wit the marauders. The two ridges that marked the fangs of Sirius on his back would stay with him until he died, just as how the memories of all their adventures would be forever etched in his brain. He sighed, he really missed the both of them, and James’ only son was nearly taken away from him, but it was not his time. He smiled grimly, Harry Potter would live to be old and grey if he had a say in things. He closed his eyes, lost in his own musings when he felt a slight draft enter the room.

Tonks was walking inside the bathroom, wrapped up in a long bathrobe. She did not initially see Remus sitting at the far corner of the multi-chambered bathroom. She spotted him sitting in the corner, but the corner of a privacy wall was blocking, so she could not get a clear view of the "goods". She knew he couldn’t see her, the Staff bathrooms also had an invisibility charm for women. She smiled wickedly, it would be thrilling to take a shower right in his line of sight, knowing full well he couldn’t see her.

Little did she know that the original Order of the phoenix knew a counter spell for invisibility charms and cloaks. Dumbledore was quite capable of seeing Harry and Ron in Hagrid’s hut in their second year and they had no problems escorting Harry to his court hearing this summer; even though he was under the motorbike’s cloaking device. Unfortunately for her, Remus knew exactly what was going on.

Tonks was playing the fool, inching down the white fluffy robe off her shoulder, making exaggerated sexy faces as she bared slowly the smoothness of her back. She rubbed the soft material in a waxing manner over her butt-cheeks, wiggling her bottom tantalizingly from left to right. Remus nonchalantly kept his eyes partially closed, and dumped his towel on his lap. He was enjoying this immensely, and the fact that she thought that she was playing a joke on him made it even more comical.

She inched her robes a bit lower, revealing the panty line of her very brief underwear. It was pink and had little frills on it, very sexy in its girliness. She wiggled her bottom, outrageously licking the edges of her teeth. Remus’ eyes opened a bit wider in amusement, but he otherwise showed no outward reaction. Well none other than an involuntary action, but that what the strategically placed towel was for. Tonks puckered her lips at him, smiling wickedly at her little game she was playing in front of him. She swooped the garment away from her, clutching the side of her breast, flambouyantly flinging away the thick white robe. Remus remained cool, his eyes taking in every detail. He felt particularly wicked doing this, it reminded him of his younger days with James and Sirius, which (as he deduced instantaneously) was a good thing.

She posed for him, cupping both breasts in her palms. She held the stance for a second, before stifling a giggle and turning her back to him. She covered her mouth with both hands, trying to keep her laughter in. Covering her nipples with her right arm, she sauntered across to him in an exaggerated model walk, her bare feet padding silently across the smooth marble tile. She struck a pose, sticking out her hip to the side, both hands planted firmly (and arrogantly) on her waist. She stared directly at him as if he were a photographer, almost daring him to grab what was bared directly in front of him . Remus smiled faintly in his approval, but not enough for her to think that he wasn’t just lost in his musings. The steam of his shower still hung in the air, and beads of moisture began to pearl on her smooth skin. She shifted weight unto the next leg as she struck another pose, smiling impishly. Remus' good side was trying to persuade him to put an end to this charade, btu he fought it off , swatting the little angel above his head mentally.

Dammit Remus. You know you’re taking advantage of the situation, but what the hell, we’re adults. And this is fun.

Tonks raised her chin a fraction, haugtily regarding him down the length of her nose. With a grace she wish she had when people were actually around her- she pivoted one hundred and eighty degrees and strode down the 'catwalk' her hips swaying suggestively as she paraded her panty-clad buttocks down the length of the bathroom.

Wait until I tell my Rebecca and Josephine that I was parading almost naked in front of ‘The Wolf” (as they used to call him) and Remus oblivious to it all! They would be sooo envious! She would have a good laugh at his expression when she would eventually tell him -she had to remember to walk with her magic camera, that would be classic! Just for good measure, she wiggled her chest at him outrageously, trying to keep in the next bout of laughter that was attempting to escape her. She couldn’t believe she just jiggled her tits at him, but it felt invigorating. In fact, she felt on top of the world! She wanted to laugh out loud, but the fact that she had to stay quiet is what made it so much fun!!

She heard his footsteps on the smooth tile, and she spun around, backing up against the wall. She held her breath in suspense, inching as close to the cool tiles as possible. His proximity was making her heart race,she splayed her palms against the wall and sucked in her breath, inadvertently pushing up her breasts. Remus paused as he walked passed her.

And gave her the faintest of winks.

Her body froze as if she was doused by a whole tub of icy cold water. Her mouth dropped wide open, heat flushing her entire body. Remus continued to the magical laundry hamper that had his clothes . He took his time dressing, putting on his items of clothing one by one. Tonks stood stock still, too petrified to move. Did she imagine that wink? Or was it for real? Remus was not looking at her now, he was busy putting on his pants. Her gaze dropped, and she blushed even more furiously. After a few minutes of agonizing stillness he was finished, and exited the bathroom without any other indication that he saw her. She let out the breath she did not realize she was holding for so long, and numbly went to take her shower, still not completely sure what had happened.

Then it really hit her.

“Oh fuck!”


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