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Change*~ by MuggleLover14
Chapter 1 : Silent Cries
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Hermione looked over the sparkling lawn. The fresh morning’s dew was still present, and it made the grass glow with life. Tears ran down her cheeks slowly, every time she blinked. She was still in the dress she had worn to Ron’s bachelor party. She still didn’t know why she had accepted the invitation. That didn’t matter right now, all that mattered was that nothing was going to be the same. Ever.

“Hey Herm!” She heard a familiar voice call, although it had a bit of wooziness in it. Harry sat down beside her where she was seated gently on the porch steps. “It’s early, what are you doing up?” he asked taking a sip of beer. He had the same clothes on that he had the night before. “Couldn’t sleep.” she said quietly, turning her face so he couldn’t see her tears.

“Me either, I was sick all night. That was some fucked up party!” Harry said smiling like a goof. “So, why couldn’t you sleep? You didn’t drink anything last night.” he added, starting to sense her un-easiness. “I don’t know, just thinking.” she said. He rolled his eyes. “Your always thinking, hell, that’s all you ever do!” he said sounding annoyed. “Because there is important things to think about.” she said sadly. “Let me guess! You read a nice book? Fuck that. Thinking about every sentence that you want to remember? So when Ron get’s married, you can make a toast BY QUOTING YOUR FAVORITE BOOK OF SPELLS??!!” he asked standing up. She looked at him with a surprised expression.

He smashed his beer on the ground and stormed off. At first she didn’t know what to think, but remembering last night, and how all the guys had acted, she didn’t think much about Harry’s behavior right now.

Last night, Ron had begged her to come, because his new friend Sean wasn’t going to come unless his girlfriend could, but he also didn’t want her to be all alone. So of course Ron had said Hermione would come, although she didn’t even know about it.

When she got to the club, she wasn’t sure if she had come to the right place. The name had been, “Legs”. She didn’t think it would be much, maybe a nice dance club. But when she went inside, it was a whole different story. Women with barely anything on, and some with no clothes at all, a few dancing around one particular table, but she didn’t see who was there. She went to a man dressed in a very nice suit if her group of friends were here. He pointed her in the direction of the group of women around the big table.

She began to walk over there slowly, incase they were not her friends. She saw a women seated on a man, moving awkwardly. She recognized him as Harry. Her eyes showed the shock she was feeling inside.

The guys were hooting and howling. One women tried to dance with Hermione, but she shoved her off as polite as she could. She found a seat next to another girl. “Hey, I am Hermione. You must be Anna!” she said trying to sound like she knew this place. “Yea, I am. This is so sick.” She said pointing at the table. “Yeah, Ron made me come.” Hermione said trying to get away from all of the mess by the table. She managed to stay invisible until the women left to the next table, and the guys noticed her.

“Hey Herm!” Ron said, obviously drunk. Harry’s eyes were half open, but he still managed to drink from his beer. Hermione tried to look away, and pretend that she didn’t know them, but they came near her. Ron pulled her up by the waist, and made suggestive comments to her.

"Look at this guys! Why didn't I marry this?" She blushed, but he was to heavy to shove off. Then Harry decided he wanted to dance with her, only he really wasn’t very conscious, more drunk then not. She had tried to sit back down, but then one more guy came up, and so on and so forth.

She was getting annoyed, she liked the attention, but she was embarrassed. For fifteen minutes this continued, until Ron had suggested they get a room. "Come on baby, this is my last time as a single guy. You know you want to." She had almost slapped him, but she knew it really wasn’t Ron asking, it was the alcohol.

Did he even know it was her? Who did he think she was? So she told him to go into the back room while she went to the bathroom to get ready. Then she slipped out the bathroom window quite gracefully, into the back alleyway, and headed straight home.

Now here she was, crying and all alone. Why was she crying? Because reality sank in. Ron was getting married. Everything was going to change. He would move away, spend all his time with his new family, then the same thing would happen with Harry. She could barely stand Ron getting married, what would she do if Harry did? Harry was the one she loved, but could never be with. And now, thoughts of losing him completely flooded her mind.

No, that wasn’t the first crazy party she had ever been to, where Ron and Harry had gotten a bit too drunk, but that was the last one. Ron would never be a free man again, that was his last party being an un-married man. Now everything would change. And that is one of few things that Hermione was afraid of, change.

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