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Erin by HPsmartone32
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9: Letters and Love
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Chapter 9:Letters and Love
“—and you need to take this potion every morning.. it helps prevent morning sickness. Oh… and Hermione, I can not stress this enough… RELAX! Stress is bad. Relaxing is good.” Healer Thomas said handing Hermione a large bottle of potion and a thick pamphlet.

“Thanks so much.” Hermione replied.

“Yeah, I don’t know wh—"

“Parvati!” a voice squealed from the other side of the check out room. The yell was followed by to the clunk, clunk of what sounded like very uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. Hermione and Ron looked over and saw…

“Lavender!” Parvati exclaimed and hugged her friend.

Hermione cleared her throat, “Well get going.” She said and made to pick up Erin.

“Hermione! What did I just get through telling you? Not stress on that baby! You can’t pick up Erin!” Hermione sighed.

“I’ll get her, come here sweetie.” Ron said and picked Erin up.

“Thank you, Daddy!” Erin said and kissed Ron on the cheek.

“Thanks again, Healer Thomas,” Hermione said and turned to go after taking in Lavender’s look of disgust and anger. She could imagine how much angrier she looked when as they walked out, Ron put his arm around Hermione’s shoulders.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” Ron said as they reached the fireplace and were about to floo.

“I think so.. but I love the sound of it.”

“I love you, ‘Mione.”

“And I love you, Ronald.”

“Hey, what about me?”

“I love you, Erin.” Hermione and Ron said.

“And my sister!”

“Yes, we love your sister,” Hermione started.

“Or brother,” Ron interrupted.

“Too.” Hermione finished.

“Ron and Hermione Weasley’s House..” Hermione said when she stepped into the emerald flames.

The spinning stops and Hermione stepped out of the fire, brushing herself off.

“Are you okay?” Ron asked when he came out of the fireplace after Hermione, still holding Erin.

“Yeah,” Hermione and Erin replied at the same time.

“Good.” Ron replied.

“I’m going to start dinner, how does bangers and mash sound?” Hermione announced.

“’Mione, you sure that you can cook?” Ron asked worriedly.

“Ron, I’m pregnant, not dead. Of course.” Hermione scoffed.

“Daddy, will you play Quid-inch with me?” Erin asked.


“I’ll call you two when dinner is ready.” Hermione said walking towards the kitchen. Once she was in the kitchen and had the oven pre-heated, she was getting the potatoes out when a faint tap, tap made her look at the window. Her heart leapt, then she realized that it was not the eagle-owl but a ministry owl. She walked over and opened the window. The brown-owl was carrying two letters. Hermione took them and the owl flew into the sunset. With shaking hands, she opened the first letter and read:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Weasley,
Your request for a restraining order of three kilometers again Mr. and Mrs. Draco L. Malfoy has been received, reviewed and put into effect. The circumstance to this is that it will not be in effect if/when you are in court. To apply this restraint, please tap this parchment with your wand and recite the following spell:
Coercitio Applico.

Wendy Windell
Head of the Court and Justice Department

Hermione Let out the breath that she hadn’t known she was holding. “Coercitio Applico,” She said tapping the paper. A purple thin layer spread around her and continued through the house. It lingered for a minute and then was gone. Hermione knew that it had just gone invisible. Setting that letter in the counter, Hermione opened the second one.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Weasley,
Your filed report and file for the custody and adoptive rights of Erin Myra Malfoy has been received and reviewed. The date in which you are expected to arrive in Courthouse 12 located in the Ministry of Magic at precisely six a.m. is January 10 of this year. The defendants, Mr. and Mrs. Draco L. Malfoy have been sent a letter as to explain the charges and to notify them of the time, date and location. Please look presentable, as the Minister himself will be there to decide the case. Do not be late.

Wendy Windell
Head of the Court and Justice Department

Hermione read the letter through twice and felt a heavy weight settle on her chest. So much for no stress. She set the letter on top of the first one and waved her wand. The potatoes began to chop themselves. Hermione sunk down into one of the kitchen chairs and rested her head in her palms. 10 days, she thought miserably as the sounds of Erin and Ron’s Quidditch match reached her ears.

“Vrooooooom!!! And she shoots… she scores!!!! One- five- zero to two-zero!” Erin announced proudly. Hermione laughed silently. She needed that little girl. And so did Ron. Malfoy is going down, she decided and got up to finish cooking dinner.


“That was really good, Honey.” Ron complimented while chewing the last bite of his dinner.

“Thanks,” Hermione answered and made to stand up.

“Hey, not so fast! Your pregnant, you cooked dinner, I get to clean up.”

“Fine with me, thanks, Ron.”

“No problem.” Ron waved his wand and the dished gathered up, flew to the sink and began to wash themselves.

“That’s so cool!” Erin said and then yawned a big yawn.

“I know, now it’s time for bed.” Hermione told Erin.

“Ok,” Erin said and then a worried look crossed her face, “Can I maybe sleep in the bed with you and Daddy?” she asked shyly.

“Of course.” Ron and Hermione said in unison. Erin smiled a huge smile and hopped off her chair.

“I’m goin to put my ‘jamies on!” she called as she ran down the hall. Ron and Hermione smiled.

“I love her to death.” Ron sighed.

“Me too.” Hermione agreed, “There’s know way in hell Malfoy’s getting her on the 10th.”


“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. While I was cooking an owl brought two letters, one was the restraining order that I had to apply, and the other was the court date. They’re over there by the sink.” Hermione explained. Ron stood up and walked over the letters and picked them up. Hermione watched as his eyes went back and forth reading the letters.

“Did you—"

“Yes, I already applied the force field thing.”


“I’m ready!” a little voice called from upstairs.

:”Coming!” Ron and Hermione called back. Hermione stood up and walked over to Ron.

“I love you.” She said as she snaked her arms around him.

“As do I, you.” Ron answered and kissed his wife gently.

"'Jama PARTY!" ERin yelled sliding inot hte kitchen and making Ron and Hermione laugh.

A/N: Sorry it’s so short, more will defiantly come soon. Please review! I felt unloved when I posted the last chapter and hardly anyone reviewed! I figured that it was because I posted it during the holidays but still.. I love all of ya’ll who keep reading and reviewing my story and want to give you a big THANK YOU!! OH, and you should SO check out my friend, THe New DragonGirl's story 'Seceret Soul' its awesome! Please drop a review and tell me what you think!!

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