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James's Sketch Book by Houlestar
Chapter 17 : Chapter Seventeen: The Problem with Friends
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“Lily,” said Rae as she watched Lily put on her shoes the next morning. “I’m sorry.”

Lily flicked her long red hair over her shoulder. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it Rachel,” she snapped. “Honestly, you call me a mudblood and expect me to forgive you.”

“I didn’t mean for you to take it that way,” said Rae. “Come on, I was just really out of it.”

“Well how do I know when you are going to be out of it or not? Maybe you inadvertently hate me because I’m a muggleborn, maybe you want me to die like Voldemort wants.”

Rae’s eyes flashed at the name. “Look I really don’t hate you Lils, it doesn’t matter to me whether or not your are one or not-”

“Well then why did you say it?”

Rae fished around in her mind for a reason.

“You don’t really care for my company anymore,” continued Lily. “You choose to sit with other people over me, you lie to me, you act like a total bitch to me, and now, well... You and Snape ought to make a ‘lets back-stab Lily Evans’ club. That’s what you do. Why do all of my friends back stab me and call me mudblood?”

“I’m sorry Lily-” began Rae.

“And I really want to know how you can be so thick? Rae, your my best friend, going back home for holiday you sat with some of your other friends.” Lily was starting to cry now.

“Lils, it’s not my fault that there wasn’t anymore room,” said Rae harshly. “Why the hell are you crying, it’s only a seat.”

“You’re so thick,” said Lily. “You chose them over me, you left me to be with Snape. I’ve been your friend since first year, before you had those friends.”

“Hey,” said Rae. “Without me you’re nothing. The only reason why they hang out with you is because of me. If we aren’t friends then you have no one.”

“I am something,” retorted Lily. “I’m Lily Evans, and I’m also head girl.”

“Well what good will that do,” said Rae. “You’re as unpopular as Snape without me.”

“No,” said Lily. “I have James.”

“Boyfriends don’t count, ass-wipe.”

Lily looked at Rae, taken aback. “He isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Then stop sleeping with him.”

“I never-”

“Look, it doesn’t matter. I know who my real friends are. And they don’t get all upset when I use the phrase mudblood.”

“Then I guess that the seven years of our friendship mean absolutely nothing to you,” said Lily. “Because that is what it sounds like.”

Lily ran out of the dorm, leaving Rae standing there, staring at the floor.


The irony of the whole situation was that for some unbelievably odd reason Lily got down to breakfast before Rae. She didn’t know how it happened. Rae gathered that Lily must have been crying since her eyes were all red and puffy, but she didn’t know exactly where Lily had been. Rae had checked most of the bathrooms from the Gryffindor tower to the Great Hall. Lily hadn’t been in any of them.

She looked over at the Gryffindor table and saw Lily sitting close to James, but at least a seat or two in-between them. She began to stride over, not looking exactly at where she was going.

“Woah,” said someone as they both collided, and fell to the floor. “You ought to be more careful, Rae.”

Rae looked up at Adam offering her his hand. Getting up herself, she dusted herself off and got her books from the floor.

“You should watch where you’re going,” she snapped.

“Incase you didn’t notice, Rae,” said Adam. “I was watching where I was going, you were plowing ahead. Just like you to do that.”

Rae threw him a look. “I have more important things to do than to talk to you.”

“How was your break?” he asked.

“Fine,” she snapped.

“Mine was great,” said Adam.

“I bet you enjoyed yourself at the brothels,” sneered Rae.

“Actually, Rae, I’m a virgin,” he said.

“And you wanted to do it with me,” said Rae.

“Yeah, because you mean that much to me,” said Adam.

“yeah, well i don’t want to do it with you,” said Rae. She stalked off to the Gryffindor table. Over her shoulder she called back to him. “Oh yeah, by the way, I’m not anymore.”

What a whore, thought Adam bitterly.

“So what’s up?” asked Rae cheerfully as she sat down in-between James and Lily.

“A lot of things,” whispered James. “What the hell is up with Lily? I mean, you should know, you’re her best friend.”

“She’s still pissed because I called her mudblood,” answered Rae. “Overreacting.”

“Actually,” said James, looking at Lily. “I don’t think she is.”

Rae would have come up with a response to James, but she was interrupted by the sound of the mail coming in. Rae watched a barn owl swoop down as it did everyday, and give her the newspaper.

“What’s in the headlines today?” asked Sirius, leaning in closer to her from across the table.

“That’s so sad,” said Rae as she finished reading the obituaries, which were the only part that she really ever read.

“What?” asked Lily. She seemed to have temporarily forgotten her fight with Rae, instead replaced by interest.

“This poor little girl, Livia Prince, died today,” said Rae. She looked back down at the paper. “It says here that she was only, what, um...” she scanned the two paragraphs. “Nine. She had been attacked by werewolves in late December, um... the 23. That was the day that we got out for holiday.”

Lupin leaned in and seemed to blanch. “She was attacked by werewolves, poor girl. That must be so horrible. Do they say who? I mean which?”

“rumor has it Greyback, but they think that another werewolf is more likely, um... what’s his name.” She looked back down. “Hawthorne.”

“Oh,” said Lupin, looking down. It seemed to James that something had connected in Lupin’s mind.

No wonder, he thought. After all, he wasn’t too far away from her age when he was attacked. We feel sympathy, but he’s the one who has empathy. He actually understands this. Wise boy Moony is.

“Well,” continued Rae. “The healers didn’t expect her to live this long, but she lived until two days ago. Hey, it says she has an older brother at Hogwarts, do you know any Princes?” she asked.

Sirius shrugged. “No, I’ve heard of them from my mum, but I didn’t think that the family had any kids of our age. I know that there is one in London who is nearly twenty-five, because he is what, a third cousin twice removed, but i dunno...”

“My dad mentioned someone by that name once,” said James. “Can’t remember who, but I got the impression that people in pureblood families don’t talk about them much.”

“Well any ways the mother is devastated-”

“What about the father?” asked Lupin.

“It doesn’t say,” said Rae. She slammed her hand down on the table loudly enough so that the fourth years from down the table looked at them. “Damn! It pisses me off that they allow this to happen.”

“The Ministry has their hands filled with other things, the werewolves are the least of their concerns,” said Lily.

“But they can’t just let children die like that,” said Rae. “They could at least try to-”

“Rachel,” began Lupin. “There is no cure for the werewolf bite. It is hard to make the wounds heal by magic, it is possible, but the worse the bite is the less likely the person will survive, let alone have the wounds heal by magic. The attack must have been brutal, otherwise she wouldn’t have lasted this long.”

“I guess you have to be lucky to survive it then,” said Rae.

“On the contrary, the ones that die are the lucky ones,” said Lupin. “It is a cursed life to be a werewolf. Wizards are afraid of them, therefore werewolves aren’t able to find work, rarely can go to school, and hardly ever are able to find love. That’s why they live together in colonies, hating the rest of the world that rejects them, so they are violent. Death is much easier than this fate.”

“And what do you know about it?” asked Rae. “Are you one then? Is that why you know so much about it?”

Lupin blinked slowly. “Don’t be ridicules, Rachel. I’m not a werewolf, why would you ask?”

“I dunno...”

“Changing the subject from Livia Prince and werewolves, am I the only one who has noticed that Snape isn’t back here?” said Lily.

“I noticed that too,” said James.

“Wonder where he-”

“Oh put it all together, Evans,” said a voice from behind her. Lily spun around and saw Narcissa black standing there. “You’re not that dumb.”

“And what does that mean?” asked Lily.

Narcissa shrugged and walked away.

“She knows and I think she isn’t telling you,” said Wormtail turning up out of no where.

Rae got up. She wasn’t feeling very hungry, and decided that she could use this time to think. Standing up, she walked out of the Great Hall. Once she was in the hall, she could tell that she wasn’t the only one who had left. She spun around.

“Hi Sirius,” she said.

“Hi,” he said nervously. “I um... I was worried about you. I mean, you broke up with Adam and now you’re in a fight with Lily.”

“It’s nothing I can’t handle,” said Rae smoothly.

“I’m worried about you.”

“You don’t have to be,” she said smoothly.

“Well,” said Sirius. “It’s not just that. I um... love you...”

The words hung out in the open. Leaving both of them feeling awkward.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I shouldn’t have, you’re not over Adam, I’m too bold-”

“You’re too hot for your own good,” said Rae interrupting. “And I love you too.” She kissed him softly on his lips, standing on her tiptoes.

Sirius pulled her in closer, kissing her deeper. He ran her fingers through her hair.

“If you don’t mind,” said a voice interrupting them, “There are first years in the school. You should find a room.”

“Moony,” said Sirius breaking away from Rae. “What the-”

“look,” said Adam, who had followed them too. “I’ve proved my point. You, Rae are a whore.”

“I am not.”

Lupin and Sirius both looked at Adam.

“That’s out of line, Adam,” said Lupin. He and Adam had been on first name terms since third year when they both worked on a project together.

“If it is the truth then it isn’t,” said Adam. “Rae, you won’t sleep with me, but you’ll kiss him. How much is he paying you?”

“He’s not,” insisted Rae.

“Come, on,” laughed Adam.

“Look,” said Lupin. “She’s not. And if you say it one more time then you’ll have me and Sirius to deal with. Now move along.”

“Maybe it is because you think that just ‘cuz he’s a pureblood, you can have better sex with him than you would with me because I’m a muggle-born.”

Rae sank to the ground, bursting into tears.

“Now look what you’ve done,” said Lupin. “Just go, or I’ll have to give you a detention.”

Adam ran off.

“How can you stand there and just let that happen?” asked Lupin, turning to Sirius. “I can’t believe you made me have to stand him down. You’re the one that kissed her.”

“look Moony-”

“Just shut up both of you!” shouted Rae as she ran away.

Lupin looked at Sirius. “I just can’t believe you.”


“look you just- urgh!” Lupin threw his hands up into the air. “I don’t get why you can be such a jerk.”

“How am I a jerk?” asked Sirius.

“Adam was insulting you and her. I stood up for both of you. Why didn’t you just say something.”


“Let me guess, because you think it’s true,” sneered Lupin. “What is she really your whore and you pay her to sleep with you? Does she really hate muggleborns? Is that why she’ll only do you?”

“Look Moony-”

“You’re not the only one who cares about her,” shouted Lupin.

“What do you mean?” asked Sirius as Lupin began to walk away.

Lupin raised an eyebrow as he turned back to look at Sirius. “We have potions. Don’t be late.”

A/n: Don’t own harry Potter.

sorry for it being a little short. the next few chapters I do plan to make longer. Well, the one after that one.
I’m branching off now. It’s not just James and Lily. There’s Snape, and this whole love triangle that is beginning to develop between Sirius, Rae and Remus. But there is also a conflict between Lily and Rae. I like being able to as a writer switch povs, so that I can tell the whole tale.

Please leave a review. I really want to know what I need to work on and what people like. All it can be is just ‘i liked it.’ I just want to hear from my readers.

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