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Broken hearts and shattered dreams by hothits
Chapter 1 : tears of silence
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hope you enjoy my new fic----

In the old days at Hogworts there was no peace no love but there was certainly rivalry mainly because one student broke the barrier between good and evil. He hated the words “there is no good and evil only good” His main hobby was to plot who he should torture next. That was his life and the only life he knew. His name was………
Ron was silent for a good five minutes until he finally found his voice box. “I can’t believe it how long has this been going on for” Ginny looked at the ground blinking her tear filled eyes. “ 2 weeks” “2 WEEKS” Ron yelled showering her with spit. “I love him Ron” she said. Ron turned away “no Ginny you don’t know what love is” then he ran off leaving her in tears unable to stop.
Hermonie Granger headed to Hogworts to see her friends for their 6th year. “hey Hermonie” Harry said drawing her into a hug. Ron grinned and shook her hand. They had all changed completely. Harry lead the way to Hogworts express and boarded heading to their usual compartment.
“hey guess what I heard in the Daily Prophet?” Ron said. “What” Hermonie and Harry said at the same time. “well it said that Draco parents are not well his real ones” Ron said while laughing. Harry and Hermonie just stared at him blankly. “that isn’t funny Ron” Hermonie said while shaking her head.
“what why should I feel sorry for him” Ron said angrily. Hermonie rolled her eyes. “you could have a heart” Harry said angrily. “well he’s the one that always is horrible to us Harry he” but Ron was interrupted the compartment door swung open. Draco groaned when he saw the golden trio.
“Well if it isn’t weasel, mug blood and pothead” He said in a really irritated voice. “are you just everywhere these days” Harry glared at Draco “actually malfoy were here because this is where we usually go” “woteva saint potter” Draco said as he headed out the door “I don’t have time for this”
“was it just me or did he sound sad” Ginny said speaking up for the first time.

They all headed into the great hall. Once they were seated Dumbledor yelled quiet. Everyone fell silent. “now I have some really sad news the death eaters have killed again and this time they have attacked one of their own”
Everyone was shocked “Luicus malfoy and Natasha were both killed a week ago by He who shant be named” There was several gasps and a few first years burst into tears. “please” Dumbledor said “try and get on with your food and not worry about it” Everyone was to busy looking at Draco Malfoys empty seat no one noticed Ginny crying.

Draco left the common room in a hurry he had completely forgot about breakfast.
He quickly said a spell to get rid of his red eyes (from crying).

“that is so sad” Ginny said wiping her eyes before Ron and Harry could see. “yeah” Hermonie said. Just at that moment the hall door burst open and none other than Draco Malfoy walked through. Everyone (including the slytherins) gave him sympathetic looks. Draco ignored them and took his seat. He looked down at his food trying not to let his tears fall. Draco could feel someone watching him closely. He looked up and saw Virginia Weaselly.
“great a Weasel” He thought cruelly. Suddenly Ginny made her way over to the Slytherins table which surprised every one. “uh Draco, im really sorry to hear about your parents” Ginny said tenitivally. Draco glared at her “I don’t need your sympathy” with that he strode out of the hall.
Ginny sighed and headed back to her table.

“What was that Ginny” Her brother yelled at her. “nothing you stupid idiot” Ginny snapped. It was quiet after that.
When lunch was over Ginny ran so she wouldn’t have to face questions. Colin came over to her “not you too” Ginny said almost sobbing. “Uh Ginny I only came to say hi” Colin said looking at her weirdly. “sorry Colin” Ginny said “I was only u know saying I was sorry to Draco” It was silent for a good five minutes. “you just realise you said his first name” Colin said confused. Ginny burst into tears and ran off.

“HARRY” Colin yelled running up too him in the middle of care against magical creatures. “not now Colin I have classes” Harry said “and so should you” “now that you mention I don’t have a photo of you in care of magical creatures” Colin said dreamily “No I have come to talk to you about Ginny” WHAT ABOUT GINNY” Ron yelled causing everyone in the class to look at them. “uh I think something is going on between her and malfoy” Colin said backing away incase Ron choose him to take his anger out on. “WHAT” Ron yelled. “I’m only guessing its cause she called him by his first name, she should of told me first though cause im her best mate” Colin sighed “well better get to potions” Colin backed away then broke into a sprint. “He’s lucky Dumbledor let him miss classes today otherwise right now I would of cursed his ass” Hermonie and Harry looked at each other why Ron said that.

Ginny saw Colin enter potions his scared look replaced with the look of uttermost terror of what snape would do. He was lucky snape was sad because his friend had died he wouldn’t be taking points that day.
“ you are late master Creevy” “Sorry professor wont happen again” “see that it wont” Colin looked at Ginny confused she shrugged in return.

“GINNY” Ron yelled after classes before they had lunch. He was standing by her door banging trying to get her attention “Open this door NOW” “Go away Ron” Ginny said in response. “OPEN THE GODAMN DOOR” Ron screamed banging on the door with his fists.
Ginny opened the door “geez don’t have a cow” Ginny said dramatically. “what’s this I hear about you and Malfoy” Ron said backing her into the room. “I have no idea what you are going on about” Ginny said confused. “of course you don’t, you are trying to protect your precious Draco” Ron mocked with a lot of emphasis on the name Draco. “I cant believe it you think im dating him don’t you”
Ginny said her eyes welling with tears. “well if you are not dating him why did you call him by his first name” Ron said clenching his fists. “Because its his name” Ginny said if that was the most obvious thing in the world. “we hate him” Ron said “No correction Ron you hate him, I have never hated draco only you have and it’s a stupid rivalry gone wrong” Ron’s mouth dropped open. Ginny slammed the door in his face before he could say anything else.
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