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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 8 : Granger Get's the Last Word
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Chapter 8
Granger Gets the Last Word

It took almost 40 minutes to restore order. Even then the show had to be cancelled. All the baseball players were arrested and carted off.
Now, everyone was in the food court. They decided to make a toast to another brilliant scheme.
"To our huge success!" Fred said.
"To the renewed couples!" Luna said.
"To the dumbass couples.." Potzer muttered as he drank his coffee. Harry was relieved. Nothing had gone wrong, in fact everything went right. He and Ron had sex (with the same girl, but let's not think about that!!). He got back together with Ginny. And, he was witness to another glorious sabotage concocted by two young men who were like brothers. Life was good... For a short while.

At this point in time, there was only one man who knew practically everything that had gone on during the day. That man was Mr.Granger. He paced, furious, to the foodcourt. He had thrown away his expensive dress jacket after it had been soiled in what smelled like banana cream. He was in a very moment ruining type of mood. He smiled a devilish smile as he saw the group of friends. He couldn't wait to ruin their day, hopefully their friendship also. He walked up with Bruce and 4 muggle police officers behind him.
"Arrest those three men!! Bruce, help them out please..." He grinned. Bruce grabbed hold of Potzer. Fred, George and Potzer had their hands behind their backs. They were being shook very hard so they couldn't think. The rest were too shocked to think of a place to apparate to.
"Hermione!! We're leaving!!" He grabbed Hermione from her chair.
"Get your hands off of her!" Ron shouted.
"Oh why are you so concerned!! You two are over!! Why don't you date this Luna girl, she just loves you so much!" he yelled. Luna covered her face, embarrassed. Ron looked at her, he knew she had always liked him, but he gave up on the thought after he started dating Hermione.
"Wait!! Granger, you fiend!!" Potzer hissed.
"Yeah, see? I called you fiend, see? Nyah.... How did you know it was us?" Potzer asked. Everyone could tell he wasn't too worried since he began talking like a 40's gangter.
"Well you great puts, I'll-
"It's potzer!"
" As I was saying..... Your good friend Harry told me." Mr.Granger smiled still holding onto Hermione.
"......... Is this true, Harry?" Fred asked jokingly serious.
"Yes...." Harry shamefully admitted.
"You dirty rat!!!" Potzer yelled.
"Yes, Harry hasn't been so sincere.... In fact, Ronny, guess what Harry had the time to do in the elevator this morning?!" Mr.Granger said.

Oh my god!! How did he find out?!! was all Harry and Hermione could think.
"He and my daughter had sex!! That's right!! Fortunately, some nosy onlooker felt like telling me... Neville or someone like that.." Harry was shocked. As was everyone else.
".......... Bruce take us away." George said. The other two pranksters agreed. Nobody wanted to see any type of following carnage, so they were hauled away.
"Who's the fool now?... Have a great day!" Mr.Granger said dragging a sobbing Hermione away. Harry was left with Luna, Ron and Ginny. Luna wiped her face and left hanging her head in shame. Ginny quietly left after wiping her eyes. Ron abruptly turned towards Harry. He clenched his fist and his ears got bright red as Harry closed his eyes. Ron was too angry to do anything, even talk. He got up furiously knocking over the chair and headed in an opposite direction. Harry lay back his chair sighing..........


((Well thank you for reading this trifle of a story. And, if you'd like to know what happens, look for the sequel entitled Lies, Fabrication, and Defenestration... But, it probably wouldn't come up, so just look on my author's page.... It's got no reviews... Ah well. Adios Amigos, so long until sequel!.... Oh, and Ron bruised his elbow.))

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