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You Don't Know My Parents by WeasleyGirl
Chapter 1 : You Don't Know My Parents
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Draco wanted to know how his parents met. He was only six. He wanted some idea as to how the world of romance worked. So he asked his mum, Narcissa.

"Mummy," he said, "How did you and daddy meet?"

Narcissa looked surprised. "Well, er, we met at Hogwarts, Draco," she replied.

"Were you in the same year?" asked the small Draco.

"No, Lucius was a year ahead of me," she explained.

"How exactly did you two meet and fall in love?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, please!"

"All right. But don't tell your father I told you this. He doesn't like to remember his Hogwarts years. Though I don't know why. He got the girl of his dreams.

"It was back in my first year, his second, when we met. I had just tried on the Sorting Hat that had made me a new Slytherin. Your father was there, and I ended up sitting next to him. He was a darling boy of 12, with blonde hair, like yours and mine, and he had a pale, pointed face. I, on the other hand, had a more rounded face, as you can see, and my hair was curly even then.

"He congratulated me on becoming a new Slytherin. I asked him exactly how Hogwarts was. He responded by saying the only class worth even going to was Potions. I soon learned that he was quite right. Although it was fun turning things into other things in Transfiguration.

"Some other new students that year were Harry Potter's parents, Lily Evans, and James Potter, both Gryffindors. Also, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, and the little sidekick, Peter Pettigrew. Severus Snape, who now teaches Potions at Hogwarts, was a new Slytherin that year as well.

"I began to hang around with Severus and Lucius every day. Severus more, as I didn't have classes with Lucius. He did help me with my homework though, not that I really needed it.

"Over the years, we grew into quite good friends. It wasn't until my 5th year, Lucius' 6th, that our feelings for each other began to change.

"Severus, though he tried, had never had a girlfriend. They all thought he was too greasy. It wasn't his fault it was genetic. A lot of girls however, were looking at Sirius Black, who had turned into quite the good looking fellow. Little did I know, he was interested in me. But he wasn't the only one.

"I started to get anonymous love notes at breakfast. Then also at dinner. They were very sweet. I had assumed they were from Sirius, as all the girls were telling me how much he liked me.

"I even got brave enough to walk up to him and ask him. He looked surprised at first, but I figured it was just because he wouldn't have thought that I would find out so quickly.

"He told me that indeed, they were from him. I thanked him and then he asked me out."

"Did you say yes?" asked Draco.

"Yes, I did. And that was how I got my first kiss."

Draco giggled.

Narcissa continued, "Lucius, on the other hand, went into a rage when he found out about Sirius and I. I figured it was because Sirius was a Gryffindor.

"Lucius would not speak to me for ages! He glared at me, completely ignored me, started eating alone, wouldn't even acknowledge my presence. He really took it badly.

"It wasn't until the following year at Christmas time did I find out why Lucius was so mad.

"I had wanted him to forgive me. So, I had saved up all my money and bought him the racing broom he had been looking at. I knew that he had plenty of money to buy it himself, but I knew he wouldn't. He always told himself, work first, play later. The broom was a 'play item.' Not to be bought unless he absolutely needed it.

"He was so shocked when he opened it on Christmas morning and it rolled into his lap. He had quickly glanced around the common room to see if any of the few of us in there were giving any clues as to who sent it. I was hiding behind a Potions book Severus had given me, so he couldn't see my face.

"I had included a note and he gasped when he read it."

"What did you say mummy?" asked Draco.

"I had written, 'Lucius-- I know this past year we have not gotten along as well as I would have liked. I am sorry for this. I missed your friendship. One day I was with Sirius, and I realized why you were so angry. I thought long and hard about it. And I realized, I felt the same way about you. The only thing that had kept Sirius and I together as long as we were was physical lust. But Lucius, I realize now, and I wish to tell you this. . . I love you. I always have. Forever yours, Narcissa.'"

"Wow," gasped Draco.

"Or something like that," said Narcissa, blushing.

"What happened next?" asked Draco.

"Well, he set down the broom and note, and walked over to me.

"'Narcissa,' he said. I had set my book down and looked up at him. 'Narcissa,' he said again. 'How did you figure it out?'

"'I'm not entirely sure,' I responded. 'I just know it's true.' And then, he leaned down and kissed me. All 7th year wonderful him. It was truly passionate, and indeed it showed how we really felt about each other.

"We were married a few months after I had graduated from Hogwarts. Then we had you about a year and a half later. We've been happy ever since."

"Indeed we have," said Lucius, entering the room and sweeping Narcissa up into his arms. "My dear, you are still beautiful, and always will be. My love for you is eternal."

"As is mine, Lucius, my dear."

They kissed as Draco giggled and blushed at his parents.

"Your parents don't love each other Malfoy," Potter was saying. "Lucius proabably put your mother under a curse or spell to get her to marry him."

"Yeah, no way would anyone ever love your father," chimed in Weasley.

"Shut up," Draco murmured in response. "You don't know my parents."

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You Don't Know My Parents: You Don't Know My Parents


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