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Taste of Revenge by Queen Sabreen
Chapter 5 : Conundrums
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Slight HBP Spoiler coming in the end of the chapter. It’s nothing important so if you haven’t read Book 6 (shame on you if you haven’t! You call yourselves HP fans?) then rest assured its nothing major.

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The Taste of Revenge
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Chapter Five: Conundrums

Lily Evans was on the verge of literally pulling out her hair. How did that happen? How did James take control of everything in just one second, one kiss? And the thing that stumped her twice as much as anything was the fact she actually let him!

She sighed and chewed the inside of her cheek, wondering what was going to happen now that he knew she kissed him willingly. Her plan had slipped out of her hands before it had even begun. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts all pertaining to James Potter—that damned boy.

She recalled the way her body flared up with his touch. His mouth was as hot as it was sweet and she could swear that she could still taste him on her teeth.

She groaned and slumped down to sit on a large pumpkin and slipped her head into her hands. She knew all along that she was too weak for this and now she had no way of rectifying the situation.

Even her plans for Black had gone down the drain when he talked to her about his feelings for Natalie. How could she have possibly said no to his puppy-dog eyes when he asked her if she would try to hook them up again? How could she possibly use him to hurt James when he gave her a look like that? Besides, he was smitten with Natalie to such a point that it was impossible for her to flirt with him because she knew he wouldn’t flirt back.

Now what was she to do?

Give up? Go back to hating James and Black and forget she ever wanted revenge? But what about the way Black dumped Natalie for Claire? What about the way James always picked on Snape and went as far and making out with his girlfriend in front of his face?

James had everything: good looks, charm, money, and status in the Wizarding World. Girls fawned over him, and just one wink from him would melt the hearts of hundreds. But he never liked any of those girls back. He never had a real girlfriend or kept anyone for more than a few days. The girls he was with were like toys to him. He played with them for a few days, got bored, and then found a new one. He never kept interest on any for longer than a week.

The only girl that he was constantly after was Lily.

She raised her head from her hands and looked back at the castle. The way the towers spiraled up and the lights twinkled in the dark made it the most magnificent scene in the world, at least to her knowledge. Lost in the beauty of it, she vaguely remembered; it was dark and awfully late, and she needed to get back inside.

She stood up, ready to leave, but her feet were stuck to the ground and she couldn’t keep her eyes off the topmost tower of the castle. She recognized it as the Astronomy Tower, her favorite spot to sit and ponder in during sleepless nights. She then raised her eyes higher, up towards the sky, where the moon shone brilliantly in the air. She could tell by the fullness and the radiance that only a few days remained until it would be a full moon and felt a shiver run up her spine and closed her eyes, immediately envisioning Remus under her lids.

She opened her eyes quickly and blinked, furrowing her eyes in confusion. She was thinking about the Marauders a bit too much, she concluded while shaking her head and erasing the image of Remus’s face. She didn’t know why, but every time she thought of a full moon, it evoked a memory of Remus’s sad face.

Finally she found herself able to move her legs and quickly ran back inside the castle, debating whether to go back to the Head Dormitories or to Gryffindor Tower. James might be in either place, and deciding it was better not to see him again that night, her feet led her up to the Astronomy Tower on its own. She figured she wouldn’t get any sleep with James kissing her earlier that night. She hated herself for thinking about him so much, but couldn’t seem to help it.

Dreams should banned, she thought passionately while she stealthily headed for the stairs. She smacked her head when she replayed James kissing her in her mind and found herself sighing dreamily. Seriously, they really should!

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James was highly pleased with himself when he walked back into the Head Dorms and headed up towards his bed. He didn’t want to go to the Gryffindor Common Room. For one, Remus and Peter were probably sleeping and he bothered Sirius enough as it was. He decided it was better for him to simply go to bed and celebrate his victory alone.

While he was walking past Lily’s desk, he noticed a small, almost dying candle. She must have been doing homework before Remus came to take her away. James began scanning over her stuff. A few blank bits of parchment, schoolbooks, an open inkbottle that was quickly drying up and a few quills were scattered over her desk.

He reached out to put the cap on the inkbottle and when he went closer, he noticed a piece of parchment that wasn’t actually empty. There was a small note beside it, and although he didn’t want to invade her privacy, he couldn’t help but unfold the note and look inside.

Lily, Lily, Lily. Tsk tsk tsk.

Just so you know, I wrote your essay for you. But next time you may want to be a bit discreet if you’re going to write James’s name a million times over. ;) We don’t want you falling in love, you know, so be careful and guard your heart. We depend on you.

Love, Risty.

James frowned and then folded the note back up again, putting it back on her desk. He walked back up to his room and pondered the message. Lily was writing his name over and over instead of her essay? He should’ve felt delighted, but it was the next sentence that dampened his mood. What did Risty mean when she wrote that she didn’t want Lily to fall in love with him and that they "depend" on her?

He furrowed his brows and scratched his head, his minor victory forgotten and a new question chewing up his brain.

There was something about Lily that he didn’t know.

But what?

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When she reached the door to the tower, Lily noticed that it was open. Curious, she stealthily crept inside to see who was in there before her.

"Lily," Remus said curtly, nearly making Lily trip over his cloak, which was lying on the floor. She whirled her head to face him and heaved a sigh.

"Not again," she groaned. "Why do you boys have to make my life difficult? Quit scaring me!"

Remus chuckled and patted the ground next to him. She chewed the inside of her lip and then plopped down beside him. He wasn’t looking at her, she noticed, and instead stared up at the sky. It was a brilliant, clear sky with stars twinkling down at them. The moon was mocking their silence.

"What brings you here?" he asked at last.

Lily sighed, closing her eyes and remembering the difficult position she was in. "Just for some quiet," she replied. She turned her head to look at him. "Why are you here?"

He shrugged. "Same thing."

Again there was silence.

"How was your meeting with Prongs?"

This time, she shrugged. "Okay."

"You know, James really likes you."

"Yeah, but who said I like him?"

Remus gave her a look. She thought her answer was sincere, but she also knew that Remus knew when people were lying. The look he gave her made her doubt her own words. Was she lying when she said she didn’t like Potter?

Of course she wasn’t, she told herself firmly. Of course not.

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She was lying to him. He knew it. He could feel it deep inside him, all the way down to the core of his bones. She was lying when she acted like she didn’t feel anything when he kissed her at the pumpkin patch last night, and she was lying to him when he confronted her in the morning, only to see her same indifferent attitude towards him.

He thought back to the letter that had disturbed his sleep the night before and suddenly felt as though he was being drawn up and down like a stringed puppet. One moment Lily was seducing him and the next she was acting as though he was an annoying bug on her shoulder.

He was stupid to keep on pursuing her, but he was fond of challenges. However, what he liked more was mysteries. And Lily Evans was a walking enigma.

However, James was awfully good at solving mysteries and getting what he wanted.

When he saw her that morning at the Great Hall, laughing and chatting with her friends, she completely flicked him off when he walked out of his way to greet her. It was like 5th year all over again: he went to say “Hi, babe,” while she rolled her eyes and told him to sod off.

But James was not mad at her reaction, or shocked in the very least. By now, he had begun to understand her mood swings, and thus mentally prepared himself for any sort of reaction that she would give him. Thus, when she told him to sod off, he chuckled silently and left her without a word, once again surprising her.

“What was that all about?” Sirius said, eyeing Lily and furrowing his brows.

James did not reply and simply smirked, silently following Sirius and Remus to their seats at the Gryffindor table.

“There’s no cheese this morning,” Peter muttered. “I hate it when there’s no cheese with my bread.”

“Use butter,” Remus replied lazily.

“I hate butter.”

“You hate the entire world,” Sirius snapped.

Peter shut his mouth and glared at his empty bread. Sirius ignored him and went back to his conversation with James.

“I thought you said you two worked things out,” Sirius continued without looking at James. When he gave no reply, Sirius looked up and noticed the smirk on his face. “You’re planning something, aren’t you,” Sirius said, suddenly very interested.

Remus turned his head to listen in as well while James cracked his knuckles and leaned forward across the table. “Slughorn’s party,” he said slowly, drawing out each syllable. He sat back straight and grinned devilishly. Sirius grinned back, for he knew, without words, that something was brewing in James’ mind and whatever it was, he was sure to like it. Even Remus raised his eyebrow in slight curiosity.

Whatever James was planning, might just work for once in his life… unless, of course, the plan backfired.

It usually did when pertaining to Lily Evans.

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Author’s Note: MAJOR delay or which I am absolutely, positively apologetic of! The last time I updated was before HBP and now it’s been months since. At any rate, if you are wondering why James is talking about Slughorn’s party when he really wasn’t in it himself, you all shall understand in the next chapter.

And I really am not fond of this chapter (my phrases and diction doesn’t really match as well as the rest since my style changed a lot). The next chapter will be deliciously yummy, though.

Why has James’s attitude suddenly changed? Why is he acting so mysterious? What does that smirk mean? Why doesn’t Lily think of anything productive? You’ll figure it out in the next chapter!

Also, I know I said I would incorporate one of your suggestions in my story, and I tried doing that which was why it took me so long to bring this chapter to you, but it was too difficult for me so I decided not to.

The next chapter will be up soon enough. Just keep on checking my website for sneak peaks and latest developments.

All Hail,
Queen of Serpents

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Taste of Revenge: Conundrums


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