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My Notebook Will Explain by Radcliffe_PotterFan319
Chapter 3 : Summer Begins
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Chapter Three
Summer Begins


I stepped off the train, alone as usual, dragging my trunk behind me. This was, of course, going to be the worst summer in my life. Petunia will be so annoying because of her stupid wedding.

I headed towards the barrier because I have no one to say good bye to. Walking by a kissing couple, I tried to keep my cool. At least I had friends at home, it wasn’t like I was going to be all alone with no one to hang with all summer. Not only that, during the last week of school, my pen pal and I were actually continuously writing back and forth. I would either be writing a letter or reading one. For once, things went my way. I was very pleased with Hazel Stag. He wasn’t the idiot I thought he was. He gave me a laugh and always had good advice.

“ Lily!” I heard my mother’s familiar voice. I turned with a smile and saw her standing there with my dad. I headed towards them.

“ Mum! Dad!” I said hugging each of them in turn. My dad planted a kiss on my forehead while he gave me his famous back breaking bear hug.

“ How was your year?” Mum asked taking my owl, Tib for me. My dad took my trunk and put it on the trolley he had gotten. I adjusted my small bookbag on my shoulders.

“ It was okay. You know, it’s school!” I laughed, “ I can’t wait to get home though. I’ve missed it so much!”

“ WAIT, LILY FLOWER, WAIT !!” I cringed at that annoyingly familiar voice. All I ever wanted us my mum and dad to know that Potter had a crush on me and I always turned him down. I couldn’t let my parents know I hate him either, because then my mum would be ‘disappointed’ in me. I turned to see James Potter hurrying over to me followed by Sirius Black.

“ Yes?” I asked when he made it to me.

“ I wanted to say good bye,” Potter said looking a bit embarrassed. I raised my eyebrows.

“ Uh, bye,” I said simply. Potter flashed me his smile.

“ That’s not how you say bye to James Potter, Evans,” Potter said with a laugh.

“ Oh god,” I muttered as James pulled me into a tight hug and squeezed me tighter then my dad. I hugged him back only because my mom and dad were eyeing me. What could I do? Just stand there.

“ Hey!” Black pouted, “ I want one, too!”

With a sigh, Black hugged me, too. Potter looked at his friend angrily and I realized that he was jealous that I was hugging Black to. I couldn’t help but feel like that was a bit sweet. When I pulled away from Black I flushed. I don’t know if it was because some girls at school who were with their parents were glaring at me, if it was because my mother was smirking, or because my insides were squriming. Whatever the reason, I pushed it aside.

“ Well, bye then,” I said with a lame wave of my hand. Potter smiled again.

“ See you, my lovely Flower,” he said. Then he and Sirius headed towards a man who looked very much like Potter, a woman who hazel eyes and brown hair, and a little girl with black hair and blue eyes like her father’s. That was Potter’s family, obviously. Sirius was receiving a hug from Mrs. Potter just as Potter had.

“ Who were they, Lily?” Mum asked a few minuets later when we were cursing down the rode back home.

“ James Potter was the one with the glasses and
the other was his best friend Sirius Black,” I sighed knowing that my mother was going to start on them now.

“ They were very attractive weren’t they?” Mum asked making me gag, “ You never mentioned them before. Are they new friends?”

“ NO!” I shouted making my parents jump, “ I mean, no. Po–uh, James has had a little crush on me for a long time and you never see him with out Sirius. They’re the pranksters of the school. And the most popular and supposedly hottest, but I never had much of an interest in them. I only talk with them to tell them to behave themselves. You know, with my prefect duties? They hang out with Remus Lupin. Remember I told you about him?”

“ James--you said he was the one with the glasses right?–seemed to glow after you hugged him,” Dad said with a smile, “ I don’t think his crush on you is the little, Lils. What was he calling you?”

“ Lily Flower. That’s a sweet nickname. When did he ask you out, Lily? Obviously you said no because of Jake, but I want to know what it was like,” My mother said.

She always loved talking about guys when it was just her, me, and Petunia. Yet, I’m to shy for many guys to like and I’m always at school so I can’t have a conversation with my mother. Then Petunia was never very good looking and she was always uncomfortable to talk with my mother about boys. Since things were different between my parents and me, I just decided to give them the pleasure of talking about something as normal as boys.

“ Well, he first asked me out in my 3rd year, but I said no because James was so popular and always had a different girlfriend even though he was 13. Then in my 4th year he asked me out a few more times and by 5th year he was asking me out more then once every single day,” I said, then I got carried away. My voice got angry as I said, “It’s still like that, too, except now he’s an obnoxious Quidditch player, who hexes people in the corridors just because he can, doesn’t leave me alone, has a head the size of Jupiter, and every single girl in the school wants besides Sirius Black,”

“ He seemed sweet just now,” Mum said turning around to face me.

“ Please, mum, if you saw him in school you would forbid me to talk to him,” I said shaking my head. Then I felt bad because my mum was so pleased in meeting someone from my school, so I swallowed hard and lied, “ He isn’t all to bad I guess. Sometimes he sits with me in the library and just watches me study or does homework with me. He’s even helped me sometimes,”

My mum just nodded but I don’t think she or my dad bought it. The rest of the car ride was silent. I was relived when my dad pulled to a stop in the driveway. I jumped out of the car and pulled my trunk out of the, er, trunk of the car. I pulled it inside and then levitated it up to my room very pleased that I could use magic without having to worry about getting into trouble.

My room was a boring square shape. There was a large window that overlooked the front lawn and a street lamp that kept me awake at night. The walls were painted lime green with little lilies painted along the walls from when I was at the age where I loved being named after a flower. The sheets on my neatly made bed were a darker green with some blue giving it a plaid pattern. My walls were covered with posters from Twisted Sister(a/n: i never heard them, but my sister says they’re pretty good. Old punk before it got ruined), the Blondie(a/n: hehe, I listen to her sometimes), and the Blue Oyster Cult(a/n: totally awesome even today). My three most favorite bands/singer. My floor was an off white just like the rest of the house. My desk was in one corner opposite of my closet that was partially open. My vanity was near by my closet and dresser. I loved my room.

I laid old newspaper on one corner of my desk and set Tib on top of it. Then I put my trunk at the end of my bed and took my back pack off my back and hung it on the back of my chair. I opened my window allowing the warm summer breeze to flow through my room. It was good to be home.

“ Lily! Jake and Courtney are here!” my mum called from the end of the stairs. I didn’t even hear the door bell ring or see anyone come up the drive. I put my wand in my jeans knowing the warnings that Dumbledore gives the students each year at the end of the year feast. With Voldemort growing stronger, it’s best to keep wands with you.

I went downstairs longing to see my boyfriend and best friend. It skipped the last two stairs and hurried into the living room. A girl with white-blond hair stood in the middle of the room. She had blue eyes and a pretty face that was sort of squished onto her small face. Her eyes were small and narrow and her mouth full. Next to her stood a boy with hair just as blond. His eyes were a sky blue and he was very attractive. He could give Potter and Black a run for their money. Not that I’m comparing.

“ Oh my God!” Courtney shouted when she saw me, “ You look so different!”

She ran towards me and gave me a hug. I’ve missed her. When I pulled away I smiled at Jake. He was eyeing me a bit strangely for someone as serious as him. I hugged him tightly and he kissed me lightly on the lips. I loved his warm mouth against mine. It was such a wonderful feeling.

“ You have changed,” Jake said in his smooth silky voice that make my breath catch in my chest. I lead the two up to my room. I sat on the floor next to Jake as Courtney plopped on my bed.

“ You’ve so grown up, Lily!” Courtney said happily as I felt a blush raising to my cheeks, “ You look great though. You make Dana Williams look like a toad! Ha! I would love for her to meet you. Can you say jealous?”

“ Ignore her, Lily,” Jake said, “ Apparently Dana Williams made it to the top at school and everyone wants to be with her. She’s all Courtney talks about. She’s mad she ditched her,”

“ Dana and you aren’t friends anymore? You two were so close!” I said flabbergasted(a/n: I love that word...hehe). It was true. I remember how I would be mad that Dana and Courtney were so close and I had no friends of my own.

Courtney was about to reply when an owl came flying through my open window. She screamed and fell off the bed. Jake stared at the bird in shock as it dropped a letter in my lap and then flew out. Courtney and Jake both had thought it was weird that I had Tib and now I am worried about what they would think now. I’m good at keeping her school stuff hidden, especially the books I am always reading.

“ What the hell was that?!” she asked crawling over the side of the bed.

“ I have no idea,” I lied. Jake took the letter from me and started to open it, but I freaked and pulled it from him.

“ What?” Jake asked.

“ I don’t know who it’s from! It could be from a pen pal or something!” I snapped and continued to open the letter.

“ Delivered by an owl? Yeah right,” Jake muttered.

Dear Lily Flower,

If you are reading this then my owl, George(good name, huh? Sirius and I thought of it together!), is fantastic and deserves a treat. Unless he flies home the second he gets the letter to you, then he gets a wack on the head. He never stays even when I give him instruction.

Anyway, I wanted to write to you because, uh, Sirius and Remus said it was a good way to make you realize I am NOT a prat or any other of those really mean names you call me many times a week.
A lot of paragraphs scribbled out So how have you been in the short time you’ve last been in my presence? You probably won’t reply for a while, so you can tell me all about scribbles your summer so far. Oh, Sirius would like to speak with you....

Lils!! Don’t pay attention to anything James blabs on about. He just doesn’t know what to say unfortunately. Just PLEASE write back to him or I’ll go crazy. He has a habit but to talk about you quiet often. Everything is somehow related to you! He buys lilies at the Muggle stores and leaves them in his room! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write him back....just one letter and he’ll shut up!–Sirius
a few lines that looked like someone was trying to cross the paragraph out were thrown across the page. A pretty good picture of Sirius was drawn with rude note strung out around the head. Then a badly drawn one of James was next to it with even ruder notes.

Sirius is stupid. NONE of that is true, I swear. But yes, do write back, it would make my day a lovely one. Oh, I would like to hear about your life as a muggle, too. As a report for my Muggle studies class. I am very curious to know more about that new invention...a microwave I believe it was called.

Yours Truly
P.S. Don’t stub your eye!! Haha!!

I crumbled the letter up angrily. Jake and Courtney looked at me strangely. I tossed the letter into the rubbish bin and sat on my bed.

“ It was from a guy from school. He doesn’t leave me alone!” I shouted and Courtney and Jake exchanged looks.

Jake looked at his girlfriend. She was glaring at the ceiling and muttering about some guy at school she hated. Jake slowly leaned over to the rubbish bin and pulled out a the piece of parchment. He stuck it in his pocket to read for himself later.


I hugged Lily. Yes, I did! And I sent her a letter which she should be getting any minuet now. Godric’s Hollow isn’t to far from where Lily lives. I don’t exactly remember how I got to know Lily’s address, but I remember it was very hard. The black eye was worth it. Sirius joked that the black eye was like a kiss from Lily. In a way, it was.....I think.

Anyway, Sirius and I live in a muggle neighborhood. With my parents of course. We have to act like muggles as we sit in out front lawn in front of the closed gates that block out house out from others. The stupid muggle kid from next door was trying to climb the gate to talk to us, but wasn’t having much luck. You had to open the gates with magic, which he can’t do! Muhaha! Sirius and I were having fun watching him. Sirius was sending a curse or two towards the boy so the bars would get really slippery or a shock was sent towards him. Sirius was very careful to make sure his wand was hidden though.

That was when the sprinklers went off in our yard. The outside of our house was like that. Almost normal looking to the muggles around us in smaller houses.

“ My hair!” Sirius shouted covering his head with his arms.

“ Mud!” I shouted as we both raced towards the house slipping in the dirt and getting all muddy and gross.

“ Ha! Ha!” the stupid muggle from next store shouted before running off.

Once we were inside Sirius dried us off and got all the mud off. I wish it was September. Then I would be 17 and can do magic by then. Except I would also be back in school so that would be pointless. I wish my birthday was in May like Sirius’s. Or February like Remus’s. Or March like Peter’s. Now I’m depressed.

“ Now you boys know what will happen every time you use magic on Muggles,” my dad said looking smudge. I glared and Sirius put on his puppy face to be forgiven.

“ Come on, Padfoot, this is a no fun house,” I muttered as we marched up the stairs.

“ James,” Dad said. We turned around.

“ Yes dad,” I asked.

“ You’ll be of age soon. You have to start following the rules. Like not using magic on Muggles. I don’t want my only son to have his wand snapped for thinking he can do things like that,” my dad said. He looked so serious and I nodded. Sirius and I then went up to my room.

It was very large. I had the everyday furniture in it. And because my favorite color is red the sheets on my bed were red and my rug on the word floor and my walls were red, well, my room was mostly red, okay? My owl, George( oh, I love that name) was sitting on my windowsill with no reply from Lily.

“ George!” I snapped, “ Did you leave again?”

“ Hoo, Hoo,” Sirius said. I looked at him and he started to bark his laugh. I kicked him in the shins, “ Ow! James!”

That is how we ended up on the floor fighting very violently. I felt blows from Sirius hitting my side and my face while my own hit Sirius.

“ JAMES!” a voice shouted making me and Sirius back up.

“ Mother Dear,” I said innocently, “ How are you doing this fine day?”

“ James,” mum said warily, “ You’ve been home three hours, don’t start. At almost 17, you need to grow up,”

“ I have grown up!” I said shocked. My mum shook her head and left the doorway. My little sister, Amy filled it. She would be starting Hogwarts next year.

“ Please, James, I act more mature then you do,” she snapped and then she turned and walked away. I stood there a bit depressed. Then Sirius punched me again and we continued to wrestle.

A/N: Just showing everyone exactly what James and Lily do when they get home. The plot actually starts from here. PleaseREVIEW

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