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Willingly into Wickedness by Irisheyes
Chapter 19 : Ginny's Arrival
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The weekend passed by too quickly for Draco, for it seemed as though he had just arrived and it was already now time for him to depart back to London. He ached when he thought of leaving Hermione, for they had such a lovely time in one another’s company the past few days. He stared out the large bay window in the main sitting room looking towards the western sunset. He remembered the evening spent in the company of an old ruin church. The thought of her embrace and her kisses entranced him and he was completely lost in the memories of the last couple of days that he did not even hear the butler enter the room.

“Sir, Ms. Granger’s guest Mrs. Potter has arrived,” the short and stout man said quiet but sternly. Draco paid him no mind and only looked on to the western countryside.

“Ahem,” the butler cleared his throat. Draco sighed and turned around slowly.

“What was that,” he asked the neatly dressed man.

“Ms. Granger’s guest, Mrs. Potter has arrived,” the butler repeated.

“Ahh yes, Ginny; kindly inform Hermione please. I will greet Mrs. Potter,” Draco instructed. The butler bowed in manner and quickly left the large room. Draco shook his head and headed to the foyer.

Ginny stared in wonder at the large foyer she had been left in. She had never been in a house this large in her life. The naked roman statues stared at her and she felt uneasy from their nude gawking. Though she was afraid to even get close enough to even breathe on one for fear they looked so fragile a single breath could knock one over and shatter it into a million expensive pieces on the floor.

“Welcome to Malfoy Manner, Mrs Potter,” Draco said politely but slyly at the same time. It had felt weird to call her Mrs. Potter; he could not imagine Harry married. Ginny jumped and spun around at the sound of his voice. It was eerie in a sense how it echoed off the large foyers marble floors and walls.

“Thank you kindly for inviting me,” Ginny said respectfully.

“I did not invite you, Hermione did. But you are welcome here all the same.” He said in his Draco way only he was capable of, the way that made you feel both special and yet insignificant at the same time.

Ginny glared at him with a look of warning. “Hermione writes that she loves it here the stables especially are spectacular she claims. I can not wait to go riding.”

“Ah yes. Hermione is quite the rider herself. Funny though I would never have imagined a Weasley as a horse fan,” he boasted.

“Well I would have never imagined Hermione spending time with some one with the likes of you,” she paused and tilted her head causing a strand of red hair to brush her cheek,” but then again we are all shocked tremendously from time to time are we not?” She gave him a smug grin and turned again to the nude statue of some Roman God.

Draco did not have time for a come back for Hermione came running down the stairs. Her eyes caught his and she flashed him a huge smile.

“GIN,” she exclaimed as she reached the bottom and ran into her friends arms. Ginny shot Draco a quick sneer over Hermione’s shoulder and he sneered back just has hard.

“Oh I am so glad you came,” Hermione said pulling away from the embrace.

“I am much honored to have been invited and the time away from the burrow will be good for me,” Ginny said with a warm smile to her friend.

“Well I must be off,” Draco said softly. Hermione turned to him with sullen eyes at his words. She was going to deeply miss him. She walked over and hugged him.

“I will miss you she,” whispered very softly into his ear so only he could hear. He closed his eyes and breathed in the sent of her, lavender.

“I will return this weekend if you shall have me,” he said.

“I would like that very much,” she answered him with a tender smile. He bowed his head and departed quickly through the large front doors.

Hermione turned and saw Ginny’s lost facial expression.

“He has been a very good friend to me the past few weeks,” Hermione said in explanation.

“Just a friend?” Ginny questioned.

“Gin,” Hermione said embarrassed and they both giggled like school girls. They left the foyer arm and arm leaving Ginny’s luggage for the butler; who rolled his eyes at the two women has they exited.

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