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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B by CrabPerson
Chapter 7 : Festival of Idiots
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Chapter 7
Festival of Dumbasses

If there was one thing Hermione absolutely hated, it was dressing up. Every time she wore a dress something bad happened, like fighting with her future exe-boyfriend. But, whenever her father told her to do something, she had no choice but to do it. Her father always got the best of her, one day he had even convinced her she wasn't a witch. He never liked the wizarding crowd, he thought everything for them was too easy. And in reality, he was right. But that isn't exactly the point!! The point is, Hermione will finally stand up to her father. (It's too bad he strikes her back down, only an hour and half after) In only "Get a move on!!" she would walking out in front of tons of people she didn't know without any experience in this field. As for Mr.Granger he was waiting for more people to join in the audience, when he saw something fishy. That little nogoodnick Ron Weasley and his sidekick, Harry Potter. Mr.Granger had forgotten about Ron's restraint from the mall.
"BRUCE!" He yelled. A large lumbering man stepped up.
"Escort that filthy carrot-top out out of the mall, please." Bruce made his lumbering steps toward Ron. And, while Harry had his back turned, he "escorted" Ron from the premises.
"Ok, you ready Ron?... Ron?" Harry looked around, Ron wasn't anywhere to be seen. Harry sighed as Luna crept up to him.
"So is Ron warning Hermione?" Luna asked looking over her shoulder.
"no.... He disappeared."
"Disappeared? How can he just disappear?"
"How can a damn broom lift over 100 pounds?"
"Good point... Well I guess you have to go warn her then."
"What! Last thing I need is to talk to her!"
"Well then find Ron or face your lover!!"
"Lover!? Your ins-"
"GO!!" she yelled. Harry didn't have to look around long, in a janitor's closet he heard the sound of someone being beaten.
"GAH!! My stomach!" Harry snuck in and saw a large (familiar looking) man beating the holy hell out of Ron. Harry did the first thing that came to his mind and Bruce was sent flying all the way to the other side of the closet (about 2/4 meter).
"You alright?" Harry asked helping Ron up while pocketing his wand.
"Tough, you need to talk to Hermione..."
"Ugh.. Alright." Ron said pulling out his wand.
"Thanks for helping me clean the crimson mask from my face!" Ron said getting rid of the blood from his nose. After that little interruption, they headed back to continue with their plan, in a maybe 10 minutes it would be "You're missing it!!!" so they got a move on.

Harry, for some reason, had never really spent time with Mr.Granger. But, it was now his time to disappear. After being mugged and dragged behind the runway's set Mr.Granger started interrogating him.
"So, what are you up too, and why was your capture process only two sentences."
"I'm not telling you, and what? Those are your damn answers!" Harry spat.
"What are you up too?!" Mr.Granger spat back as Bruce smacked Harry. Harry still had his glasses on halfway and saw that it was exactly "You're missing it" on a muggle clock.
"Well, it's far too late now!!"
"What are you doing!!!"
".............. I- I'm not doing anything. Neither is Ron, but his brother's and some other joker called Potzer is planning to sabotage it!"
"Fool! I knew you would crack?"
"Ah... But who is fool....." Harry could distinctly hear: "Take this you girly fashion show!! *SPLUT* Team Dumbass rules!!! *SPLUT*."
"now?" Harry finished. Mr.Granger turned pale.

6 minutes earlier

"Hermione, you have to understand. I already explained it to you!"
"No! I don't believe you, and I don't need to upset my father!"
"Do it for us..." Ron pleaded.
"There is no us..." without warning, Ron kissed Hermione.
"Your father lied... I never did, and I never will cheat on you.."
"..... You got me on that point." Hermione had to admit to herself that Ron was the right way to go, she had loved him the entire time. Why else would she have let him jump on her in an elevator.
"Now I just need proof.." She said. Ron pulled back the curtain separating the backstage of the set and the mall revealing Fred and George rolling 5 carts of pies into the audience. Hermione boggled at the twins as they waved at her, she waved back.
"Ok, got me on two points. Let me change.."
"All right I'll be out here..." Ron smiled.
"No.. You'll be coming with me." Hermione said grabbing Ron's hand leading him to her dressing room him as he pumped his arm behind her back.

Back on the other side of the runway's set.

Mr.Granger and Bruce ran into the crowd. Mr.Granger was flipping out over the chaos as Bruce began knocking out dumbasses left and right. The three pranksters, and one of the prankster's sisters, laughed as the entire event came apart. Ron and Hermione were currently in her dressing room, so they did not witness it. And one particular red-headed girl hid behind a pillar. She had ben in the crowd and was now keeping herself covered from the flying pies and occasional dumbasses. Harry soon found her.
"Ginny!!" He said as he came up behind her.
"Oh.. It's you.."
"Yeah.. What are you doing here?"
"Fred and George took me with them. They said they wanted me too see their 'master plan'...." she said. They were both very uncomfortable because they both actually loved each other (what is it, dumbass couple month?). Now, they waited for the opposite to try and heal up the wound.
"Listen I was wondering.." Ginny began saying.
"Oh god, yes." Harry blurted out. They both smiled. What a couple of dumbasses.
"So we're ok?" Harry asked, on tiptoes.
".......Yeah.. We're good." She came in for a kiss but stopped.
"Wait.. What's the deal on the autobiography?"
"Oh... I've decided to stop writing it.."
"Ok, good..." She kissed him finally. Harry thanked his lucky stars she would never find out about the elevator incident......... What a dumbass.

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Trilogy of Errors Part 1: Aint' that a B: Festival of Idiots


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