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A Piece Of Parchment by Riddle Wood Lupin
Chapter 3 : Scowls and Smirks
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all things related © J.K. Rowling

Draco strutted into the Great Hall, taking great care to flaunt himself. Crabbe and Goyle followed him, as they normally did. He gave a smirk upon seeing a Ravenclaw's attention wander towards him, a seventh year, no less (unbeknownst to him, however, she rolled her eyes when he turned away). He found a seat against the wall of the Great Hall, down the long Slytherin table.

"Draco," Pansy grinned, hugging his arm, as he dragged his other leg over the bench. Draco gave a faint smile, though it disappeared at once.

"Parkinson," Draco replied, grabbing bits of food from the table. Pansy shrugged, dropping his arm and returning to her conversation with Blaise.

Draco gave another smirk, pulling out the parchment he'd nicked off Weasley (at least, that's what he preferred to think happened). He nearly ripped the worn parchment in half, as he opened it. He glanced at Crabbe and Goyle, who were, at the moment, trying to make something with their food. What they were trying to make, Draco had no idea, nor was he certain that they were indeed attempting to make something.

Shaking his head at the two great oafs, he read through the letter. Draco couldn't decide whether he should smirk or scowl, leaving his face in a very awkward sort of expression. He righted it immediately, putting on a scowl. Who would write a love letter to Weasley?

Or perhaps, he thought, he was writing it to someone. But who? He couldn't imagine any girl in their right mind going out with Weasel. Well, except maybe Mudblood Granger. Even so, he smirked here, finding it appropriate; this was the most pathetic thing he'd ever seen from Weasley. Oh, how he could taunt him.

Just the thought of it sent a gleam into his eyes, his face brightening with the widening of the smirk. His bangs shook ever so slightly as he stood up, Crabbe and Goyle following. As they made their way to the dungeons, Draco thought up plans to taunt his worst enemies' best friend.

Though he scowled upon the letter, thinking a love letter was a sign of weakness, and highly pathetic (a man should certainly stand up to the woman in question), somewhere deep inside of him, a flicker held an optimistic thought.

Maybe Weasley had simply come upon the dingy parchment. Maybe it wasn't his at all, but rather, was meant to go to someone else. Maybe it could evenÖno. He dismissed the idea with another scowl, turning into the Potions classroom.

But honestly, he thought as he sat down, who would give something like that to Weasley? There was no doubt in his mind that he hadnít written it himself, he wasn't bright enough to write something like that (although Draco felt certain he could write something that pathetic).

He watched with an icy glare as the golden trio of Hogwarts strode in, being forced to take a seat two rows up from Draco's own table. Pansy walked in but a moment later, sitting next to Draco, as Crabbe and Goyle had sat in front of him. Granger had waltzed to the table in the center of the room, where Longbottom soon joined her. Draco scowled once more, his most common expression.

Just as Pansy was about to say something to him, Snape walked in. Weasley somehow missed this, causing Snape to idly take ten points from Gryffindor. Draco gave a smirk (his second most common expression), raising his eyebrows as he caught Weasley's eyes.

After a long period of Snape droning on about a potion, he gave a flick of his wand. Ingredients began writing themselves on the board automatically, and Granger, Draco noticed, began to write them down furiously. He idly propped his feet upon the table in front of him, knowing he'd have to wait a few minutes before he could start. He didn't feel the need to copy the notes, however, and Snape simply wouldn't care. Half the Slytherins never took notes, but the Gryffindors had no choice, absolutely having to.

He gave a wicked grin as he was left to think. And deep inside his equally wicked mind, he did indeed happen upon a thought. He pulled out the slightly ripped, dirty paper. He also, being too bothered (or lazy, however you see it) to pull out his own, took Pansy's quill, which lay idle on the table between the two.

He dipped it in the ink, and drew a starting line for his manuscript upon the parchment. Noting it's red color, he rose his eyebrow at Pansy, glancing sideways at her. Shrugging, he continued his taunt, Missing something, Weasley? was sprawled messily across the front. With a grin, he folded the parchment even smaller, though not very neatly.

He resumed his laid back position while they continued to copy notes, waiting for Snape to finish his sweep in front of him. His wicked grin returning as Snape passed, he sat forward in his seat. He poised the parchment perfectly between his finger and the chipped wooden table (making sure to avoid groves
in said table). Closing his eye, he got even with the parchment, which threatened to bend underneath his finger's pressure. It had a clear path, straight through Crabbe and Goyle, and into Weasley's back.

He brought his hand up to fire, doing so after he had, once again, checked his aim. Sure enough, it went straight between Crabbe and Goyle, who didn't seem to notice, and hit square in Weasley's back. Draco leaned back, satisfied with his work as Ron turned around to glare at him. Draco gave a smirk in his direction before heading to the cabinet for ingredients.

Ron shrugged it off, not too long after heading for his own ingredients. The parchment, which was now folded the way it was when Draco first received it, lay forgotten on the floor. Soon the double Potions ended, and the next class began.

Ginny Weasley took her usual seat up in the front corner, next to Luna Lovegood (luckily for fifth year Gryffindors, they had Potions with the Ravenclaws). However, before she managed to properly sit down, she noticed a worn, faded piece of parchment, with red lettering, laying on the floor. She found her curiosity getting the best of her, and dropped it into her bag so she could examine it later.

Wow, long time. Hopefully I didnít do to horribly with Draco (as, I believe, this is the first time Iíve actually written something focusing on Draco) and heís not to terribly OOC. I hope you enjoyed it, too, and hopefully it wonít take me too long to do Ginnyís chapter. (Thereís quite a bit of hope in this AN, donít you think?)

Please Review!

-Riddle Wood Lupin

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A Piece Of Parchment: Scowls and Smirks


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